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Top albums of 2009

Maggie McGee | Interrobang | Lifestyles | January 11th, 2010

Another year is upon us, and with 2009's closing an entire new year of music awaits. The examination of ones past can allow insight into the future and there should always be a soundtrack to both.

10. KiD CuDi — Man on the Moon: The End of Day
The debut album of young artist Scott Mescudi and a concept album of epic proportions, produced by Kanye West and Ratatat amongst others. An eccentric, spacey piece and one of the most unique hip-hop oriented albums out there.

9. Phoenix — Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
If you went essentially anywhere into the outside world this year, you have heard Phoenix. The catchy, French pop band's hit Lisztomania was everywhere from stores to clubs. The upbeat and fun pop sensibilities make this a good album to look into if you're in a bad mood.

8. Girls — Album
San Francisco based band Girls have a 60's vibe. The poppy exterior and the dark undertones are reason enough to get into this album. YouTube the video for Lust for Life — it's summer encompassed.

7. Dinosaur Jr. — Farm
Dino Jr. are musical veterans. In Farm, their ninth studio album, they appear courtesy of Jagjaguar Records for the first time. Farm is a traditional Dino Jr. Album, J. Mascis and Lou Barlow have once again teamed up to create some grungy noise, and it feels so good.

6. Atlas Sound — Logos
Deerhunter's Bradford Cox is a mad scientist of lyricism. Stream of consciousness in combination with fun and energetic psych pop.

5. The Antlers — Hospice
The 3rd release from The Antlers, Hospice is a tragic concept album from the mind of vocalist Peter Silberman. A melancholy but amazing listen.

4. Grizzly Bear — Veckitimest
The group's most recognizable release (topping Billboard) is dreamy and harmonious and electric. The songs have a timeless quality; on tracks like Two Weeks it's almost impossible to tell this is a band from our era.

3. Sonic Youth — The Eternal
As great live as it is in your room blaring out of the stereo. The no longer youthful Sonic Youth are still churning out experimental madness after all these years. Check out Sacred Trickster and be hooked.

2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs — It's Blitz
Only one of the most creative bands out there, It's Blitz is a danceable record with indie sensibility. The formerly avante garde band are still weird, but in a way that is more palatable for the masses.

1. Animal Collective — Merriweather Post Pavillion
This has been the most accessible album from the experimental group. A combination of fun, open songs. Animal Collective hasn't compromised their chorus- free style, but they have arranged some addictive melodies.

As for this coming year there is a lot to be excited about; Experimental group XiuXiu are releasing Dear God, I Hate Myself, Vampire Weekend's Contra, French songstress Charlotte Gainsbourg's Irm — a much awaited collaboration with Beck, Dillinger Escape Plan and Magnetic Fields.
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