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10 Things I Know About You...Abigirl goes with the flow

| January 11th, 2010

Abigirl Chakabveyo is a second year Business Human Resources student. Abigirl is old enough to get into the bar, loves bowling, playing tennis, and having a good time with friends. She is also a member of the newly formed Human Resources Community at Fanshawe College.

1. Why are you here?
To get educated and get a good paying job.

Abigirl Chakabveyo2. What was your life changing moment?
When I moved from Africa coming to America.

3. What music are you currently listening to?
Whatcha you say - Jason Derulo.

4. What is the best piece of advice you've ever received?
Go with the flow, and what goes around comes around.

5. Who is your role model?
My mom and BF James.

6. Where in the world have you traveled?
Zimbabwe, Germany, South Africa, U.S.A.

7. What was your first job?
Quality Control at Yazaki North America in Cambridge.

8. What would your last meal be?
Chicken stir fry.

9. What makes you uneasy?
Miserable people.

10. What is your passion?
Me, my self.... Just kidding. The simplest one is music. also life, happiness and freedom!

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