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Celebrity Candy: Celebrity buzz

Brianna Gare | Interrobang | Lifestyles | January 18th, 2010

Almost a cliché, the majority of New Year's resolutions include weight loss. For inspiration and diet secrets, many turn to the stars for quick fixes or magic pill ideas.

True, stars often lose weight rapidly due to an upcoming film role or awards show. Being fit and thin is the reality of Hollywood, but many celebrities state that consistent diet and exercise, is the most effective and healthy way to stay in sexy form.

Ask any girl and most will say they have tried one or more of the “secrets” revealed in such magazines as Star or In Touch. Who isn't inspired after seeing Penelope Cruz or Kristin Cavallari on the cover in their bikinis? Yet, readers beware before embarking on any new diet craze. Beyoncé, who has yo-yoed with her size, claims that her weight consistency over the past couple years is because she has ditched her drastic diets. For her 2006 role in Dreamgirls, she did the “Lemonade Diet,” consisting of water, lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. That's it…yikes. This is a starvation diet, and one that cannot be sustained over a long period. Your body will shut down, resulting in foggy concentration, with little energy or metabolism. Once you go back to eating real food again, you will put the weight back on, perhaps even more. I know, I too have balked at dieticians saying I cannot sustain this weight loss, making me want to prove them wrong. However, I have yet to do that. Beyoncé now focuses on eating a well-balanced diet and regular workouts, resulting in a body that happily satisfies her.

According to reports, rapid weight loss through these starvation diets depletes a person's muscle mass before burning stored fat. That is why there is often a flabby or crepe-like appearance to a person's stomach and other Yes, celebrities do have the luxury of personal chefs and trainers, but like everyone, they have to put in the work to see results. The important thing to remember while trying to lose weight this year is that celebrities are humans too, suffering from cellulite and underarm flap.

My suggestion is to focus on a personal goal instead of obsessing over calories burned. I signed up with a friend to complete a 10km run in May...we'll see how that goes. However, nutritional experts claim that concentrating on your own health and progress, instead of comparing to airbrushed illusions will not only increase self-confidence, but the success of sticking to your resolution with results.
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