It's interesting yet somewhat surprising to be a witness to someone who claims to be one person yet with time proves your way of thinking otherwise, as bang on.

It is only with time people start to show their true colours and once that happens what should an individual do with the surprising news?

They can either do one of two things. Depending on the individual, one can easily walk away from the situation all together or they can choose to deal with it depending on the circumstances.

No matter how bad the situation, every person is unique and depending how the actions affect them, they decide which way is most suitable for them.

Without hesitation of any sort this type of individual will not need to feel the need to talk, or discuss or perhaps contemplate what exactly went wrong.

Whereas the second type of individual may want an explanation of some sort, an apology, or perhaps to have that person show them that they do in fact care about their feelings. Whether it will provide a sense of relief or close a chapter in both lives involved, one will never know the outcome unless they are willing to provide an explanation for their chosen actions.

Despite the circumstance, not every individual will handle the aftermath in the same manner.

People can sometimes take an unexpected turn when they are faced with uncertain scenarios and may not know how to act appropriately.

If that's the case than who knows how a person is going to tackle the problem presented. Is it with an attitude that was not prevalent prior or what if the situation is dealt with in a hostile manner?

Whichever the case, individuals deal with different scenarios in a different manner. Who are we to judge which way is the right way?

Truth be told, people deal with situations in a variety of ways for different reasons. What may be suitable for one person can prove otherwise for another.

Regardless, if there is ever going to be a time of disagreement between two parties, find a way to work it out in a way that is going to get the problem resolved and don't add to it.

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