Local Business Profile: One cool tan

Now that we are in the dead of winter that gorgeous tan you had back in the summer has long faded away.

Luckily Cool Rays Tanning Salon is just across the street from the college, at the corner of Oxford and Second Street, to help you beat those winter blues or build up that base tan for that upcoming spring break trip you're planning.

Owned by Susanne Nash since 2006, the salon offers clean, air-conditioned beds equipped with personal stereo systems. Imagine just walking over after class and relaxing in a warm bed while listening to your favourite music you can close your eyes and imagine you're at the beach.

The staff at Cool Rays is Smart Tan certified; this means that they are fully knowledgeable in skin types, tanning processes and a full range of products used to achieve a natural looking, flawless tan.

Cool Rays carries a huge assortment of indoor tanning lotions at fantastic prices; if there's a particular lotion you are looking for, they will order it for you!

Cool Rays has both lay down beds and standing stalls, allowing customers to select the process that works best for their needs.

There are a range of packages and prices to suit every budget from $39.99 for 100 minutes in the beds, to $75.95 for 100 minutes in a stand-up. The staff at Cool Rays can help you find the one that's right for you.

Not sure about the light exposure? Then you MUST try out the new exciting treatment of Instant Spray Tanning! This process is hugely popular with celebrities who need to maintain a warm glow year round.

The results are smooth with no mess to clean up! The treatment involves an exclusive air brushing technique, hand sprayed for a natural, even look. The level of colour is controlled based on each individual's desired results.

Spray Tan prices; Full body $42.95, Upper body $22.95 and Lower Body $22.95

Be sure to bring a friend once you've checked out Cool Rays for yourself. Referring a friend who purchases a package will earn you both 20 FREE minutes of free tanning! With a deal like that, you should tell a lot of friends!

Walk-ins are always welcome for either lay down or standing minutes, but spray tan appointments must be booked in advance.