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New student oriented website launched

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | February 1st, 2010

College and university students now have it easier than ever with the launch of a new website, designed with student needs in mind.

February 1 will mark the launch of's website that the creators claim will be all students' number one stop to finding everything they are looking for in and around the London area.

“The website has everything that students will need,” said Adam Armit, one of two marketing executes for the studentGIANT website.

“There will be constant newsfeeds, updates on what is happening in and around the city…basically we will offer everything that students will need.”

StudentGIANT claims students from both Fanshawe College and the University of Western Ontario can benefit from their web service that is catered to each student group.

The studentGIANT Fanshawe homepage offers easy, one-click access to student housing, food directories, business listings, the Fanshawe College homepage, other popular school links and more.

“Our input was used to help create the site and tailor it to a student's needs,” said Joel Popoff, another studentGIANT marketing executive.

“We have aided in the development process to ensure that everything a student needs is there,” he added.

Armit said that finding suitable student housing has always been a problem and always a “tedious process for students.”

On the studentGIANT website, landlords are encouraged to remove listings that have been rented; which is at times not the case with other websites.

Four colleges and universities are already enjoying services provided by

In the coming months studentGIANT will continually add a broader variety of services for all students to take advantage of. Students will then be able to access a free classified service in which they will be able to sell textbooks, furniture along with many other items.

Plans to add more food finder options and a more extensive nightlife directory will also be added to the website.

“This website is going to give the students the opportunity to find everything they are looking for,” said Popoff.

Are you interested in having your feature on the website? studentGIANT would love to hear all of your great ideas. Send along any comments or reviews to either or or visit the website directly at
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