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The keys to relaxation

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | Opinion | February 16th, 2010

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1. Change your way of thinking. Negative thinking has never helped anyone with anything they were trying to accomplish. It is only natural, and many presume as normal, to obsess to the last little detail about all things going on in our life, and the trick is to learn how to suppress the things that don't really matter. Think positively and you might even surprise yourself.

2. We see our glass as half full. There are so many worries and obstacles that may in fact stand in our way at times, yet it is how we choose to overcome that negativity that will ultimately decide our fate. We have many wonderful things in our lives for which to be thankful for, yet at times problems creep into our regular routine. Look at every problem that stands in your way as a lesson learned and don't stress over the small stuff.

3. Keep your focus only on the important things. Your personal priorities, whatever they may be, may need some tweaking from time to time in order to stay on track. Remember life happens and can throw even the most of organized people off track causing you to re-evaluate your priorities. Give yourself permission to fall every now and then and don't stress if things don't go accordingly at all times.

4. Let you be heard. It is never healthy to keep things bottled up inside. Give yourself permission to express your feelings to those people most important in your life. Truth of the matter is, bottled up feelings have a funny way of creeping up on you at the worst of times, so it is never a good idea to hold things off. Talk about how you feel, keep a journal...just find a way that works best for you.

5. Women want to be able to do it all. Women have a tendency to want to do everything, try anything and be the best at everything. Truth is, taking on too much at once will eventually catch up to you and stress will sneak in. Remember that wanting to accomplish all the great things that life has to offer is one thing, but thinking you will be absolutely 100 per cent the greatest at everything you tackle will surprise you.

6. Start every day with a purpose. Funny how when people awake in the mornings, it can ultimately set you up for the rest of your day. Start each day with a purpose and always try to make it better than the last.

7. Relationship obligations. Always try to make time for the people you love in your life. Exactly like work we schedule our time around the things that matter...relationships are the same with respect to prioritizing your time.

8. Have a clean house. Cleaning your pad can be a sure way to help eliminate some stress or worries you may have in your life. We all feel pretty good after some chores are tackled which will leave us in a more worry-free state.

9. Positive outlook on life. You cannot go through life always complaining and bitching about everything. If something isn't making you 100 per cent happy, change it. If your career is suddenly lacking any real gratification, then by all means venture out and try something new. There is nothing that bad in life that should cause people to give up and not want to continue moving forward.
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