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F.A.T.S. Knows!

News | November 28th, 2005

Now that you've settled into life at Fanshawe, you may be getting unsettled where you live. If you decide to move, get a different phone, change your email address, or acquire a new name, please let us know!

F.A.T.SAn email I check often?
We send lots of information by email. Pretty soon, you'll want to know if you get tax credits from going to school. Down the road, you'll want to know when to come to graduation, or if the Alumni Office has benefits that save you big money. If your email address is no longer good, or if you've set your junk mail filter to exclude us, you won't hear news that can benefit you.

Current phone number?
We also need a current phone number. We call you when we have urgent information that needs a quick response. If you've lost your campus card and bus pass, and somebody's turned it in, we'll phone. If your phone number is out of date, you won't get the call. You might end up paying for things you don't need to.

Updated address?
We always need an updated address. Particularly when you're starting a new term or a new program, we'll mail you information. Sometimes, it's to say that you can't get into the program until you've given us some kind of document, or to tell you to pay fees to confirm you are registered. If you've changed your address and you didn't tell us, important mail won't get to you. Your place in your program might be cancelled. If the program is full, you might not be able to get back in, and if you can, you'll be charged additional fees.

New name?
If you change your name while you're at Fanshawe, you must let us know by providing official government documents. Otherwise, your diploma or certificate will be in your old name, and it could make problems for your OSAP. Even if you only want to change Macdonald to MacDonald, let us know.

Important Dates
December 6 - Fee payments for the Winter 2006 term are due
December 9 - Classes end
December 12-16 - Exams
December 22 - Marks are available on WebAdvisor
December 25-January 1 - Fanshawe is closed
January 9 - Classes start again

Office of the Registrarů We're working for you.

This column is a Student Success Initiative sponsored by Counselling and Student Life Services, Financial Aid and the Office of the Registrar.
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