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The best music festival in Canada?

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | February 22nd, 2010

CBC Radio 3 has launched a contest to determine exactly what is Canada's Best Music Festival.

The Searchlight Contest is a yearly CBC Radio 3 initiative in order to seek out exactly what Canada has to offer musically.

Thus far, CBC has been able to declare the Best Independent Record Store in Canada (Meow Records, Prince George B.C., 2008), and also the Best Live Venue in Canada (the Phog Lounge, Windsor On, 2009).

However, this year the CBC is asking Canadians to vote for something a little different. They want Canadians to vote for their Best Live Music Festival in Canada.

Over the next several weeks, Canadians are being asked to offer their input on who they believe to be the absolute best musical act in Canada. Listeners are being reminded to put forth their favourite music festivals by simply commenting on CBC's blog or by sending an email to

Be sure to have “searchlight” as the main headline for proper response.

For proper consideration, the music festivals had to have been in operation for at least the past two years and are primarily music oriented.

Top prizes include international bragging rights and a live CBC Radio 3 broadcast from the winning festival. The voting period consists of four various rounds, each lasting one week in duration in order to find the appropriate winner.

Listeners can vote once per day. For more information regarding the contest please visit
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