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Question of the Week

| March 15th, 2010

Do you plan on voting for this years upcoming FSU election?

Alyssa Tatasciore   "Nope I don’t plan on voting, all they have to say is vote for me and that isn’t enough to get me to vote for them."
- Alyssa Tatasciore
Christian Zandbelt   "Maybe I just saw one of the posters up today just saying “I’m with Jojo” that isn’t telling me a lot about who that is or what they’re running for."
- Christian Zandbelt
Jessie Tazzman   "Sure I’d put my vote in but I actually don’t know when or where to vote. Same thing happened last year, I didn’t know where or when to vote so I ended up not voting at all."
- Jessie Tazzman
Shelly Thompson   "No I’m not going to vote because they aren’t telling us enough about who they are and what they plan on doing, maybe if they put on a speech or gave us more information about what they plan on doing if they win. Until then I’m not just going to vote for someone just because their face is on a poster."
- Shelly Thompson
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