London roads congested with carelessness

Every morning I face the same problem on my way to work.

Careless drivers.

Why is it that there is so many Londoners who cannot operate a vehicle?

They swerve repeatedly into other lanes, don't signal and still chat away on their cell phone despite recent changes to the law. Drivers seem to think it is their right to hold a license yet don't know how to occupy the roads that we all must share.

The roads in London have become so overpopulated it is extremely difficult to get from point A to point B in a matter of minutes leaving drivers with nothing but a short fuse.

We all have somewhere we need to be at specific times throughout our busy days, but have we ever stopped to think how extremely important it is to drive with caution?

I am not referring to those drivers who believe driving 10km lower than the suggested speed (that's a problem all in itself). I'm talking about the bad drivers that are evident every morning, noon and night while I am driving. When is the common sense going to kick in? It is really not all that complicated. You have after all been given a license for a reason. Correct?

It's funny how drivers see what's in front of them (most of the time) yet lack to see who might just be beside them or even approaching from behind. Some drivers in the city have become so concerned with getting wherever it is they need to go only on their clocks. I guess they're alone on the roads. Who knew?

The truth is, we have all at one time or another screwed up. Made a wrong turn. Didn't signal to let other drivers know where we would like to go. But what about repeat offenders who do as they wish, simply because they feel they can. I don't think that's right. Let's not kid ourselves.

And those drivers know exactly who they are without me having to point any fingers. So the drivers who swerve, don't signal, and simply think they are the only ones present on the road-should honestly think long and hard about all the families, children and innocent people who are simply trying to get home in one piece.

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