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Album Review: System doesn't Mesmerize with this album

Lifestyles | November 28th, 2005

Before I start with the deliciousness this week, I must say that any fan of Korn's should really be looking all over the net for the three B-Sides that are now out that Korn is using for the Twisted Transistor singles in different countries. “Too Late, I'm Dead” isn't that great, but “Appears” and “Eaten Up Inside” are effin awesome. If this is a taste of what's to come from their upcoming album then I'm totally excited. The song, “Liar,” is also quite easy to find but will be available on the new CD. On to the review!

System of A Down — Mezmerize
I know this disc has been out for a few months now, but I figure that because Hypnotize will be out soon, and I never got around to writing a review of Mezmerize, I would do a back-to-back System of A Down review.

I just have to state that before I express my thoughts on the following disc that I've been a fan of this band from the beginning since that quiet debut of “War?” on the Power 30 (when MuchMusic used to be half decent, and played the odd metal show). I saw the video once but it took them the longest time to play it again. One day I was in the local CD store starring at the new releases section and the name came back to me. I picked up their self-titled debut, cranked it and never turned back.

Up to this point, I find that the band has really never gone wrong on an album (except “Boom!” from Steal This Album) so I was so pumped to pick up Mezmerize on release day. Imagine my shock after listening to this one.

Yes, the lead single, “BYOB,” was pretty good, but I thought after a few good listens that Mezmerize was probably the weakest album these guys have ever released. A few of my buddies that are hardcore metal and hard rock fans also expressed the same opinions.

One thing that just doesn't do it for me is the comedy aspect of this disc. They may not have been intentional with it, and I know they've had a lighter side on some of their songs, but this one just bothered me. I'm not that big of a lyrics guy, but the lyrics for “Cigaro” are just completely stupid and ruin a hard hitting song. “Radio/Video” is also an example of mindless lyrics combined with a song that I just can't take seriously at all — even if it's supposed to be fun. I'll say the same about “Violent Pornography.”

Daron Malakian's involvement with the vocals on this disc is hit and miss for me as well. The tunes “BYOB” and “REVENGA” nail it while “Radio/Video” (again) and “Old School Hollywood” make me cringe.

I have to say that “Question,” “Sad Statue,” “BYOB,” “Revenga” and “This Cocaine…” are worth spending the $11 on this CD. Just skip the stuff that I mentioned and you'll be fine. I hope more of you enjoyed this than me, but I'll still be there next week to buy and review the next CD by these great rockers. (6 out of 10).

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