Everyday hundreds of students, faculty and staff scroll the halls of Fanshawe.

Some are eager to get to class. Some simply want to socialize. And then there are those individuals who just stand there staring aimlessly at anyone who happens to be walking by.

Shifty eyes of those who may feel like no one is watching can now clearly understand they are indeed mistaken. Ladies, do you ever find yourself wandering the halls to hear the occasional whisper? A whistle perhaps? And all this attention aimed strictly in your direction.

Well, very bluntly put, gentlemen we can in fact hear and see you, and no, you are not invisible to us in any way, shape or form. See fellas, the truth is, females have this fantastic ability to be able to read between the lines and yes, we do happen to hear everything you mutter to your buddies even with out seeming like we do.

I can understand the occasional glance that screams, “I am just too shy to say hello but thought I would look in your direction regardless” is not common enough. The boys at Fanshawe however deem it appropriate to glare and comment at anything in a skirt.

The other day I was out at my favourite coffee shop right here on campus when I over heard a few young men commenting on a number of girls that were simply walking by.

I have, in a brief moment, learned what they would like to do to each girl, how her ass just fit her pants so perfectly and let's not leave the girls hanging shall we?

No comment necessary on the twins.

Truth is, some comments are really not all that called for. Women want to be able to know they have what it takes to turn any man's head; but not be continually glared at as sexual objects and nothing more meaningful.

So boys, the next time you wish to make a comment about a woman's ass, chest or any other sexual female part, try to be more discreet voicing your opinions and act like gentlemen should act.

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