Triplight's debut simply Sophisticated

Triplight's debut album Sophisticated is making big waves for three young men out of Forest Lambton Secondary School.

The trio wrote their first single while in grade 10. Fast forward a few short years later, numerous practices in the basement, and they have released their first full-length debut album.

“We played a ton of shows to promote it (CD) and basically tried to make us go viral over the web and basically anywhere we could,” said Gavin Van Wolde, band member and child youth worker student at Fanshawe College.

Coming out of the small town of Forest, Ontario, the trio has already had their fair share of appearances to promote their talents.

Triplight's Van Wolde (bass/backing vocals) and Dalton Pettit (drums) have been playing together since they were in grade seven. They met Luke Teeple (guitar/vocals) while in their first year of high school.

Their songs portray a mature, symbolic feel relevant for a broad audience.

“I think our lyrics are really clever. Luke also always puts his input in and by then the song is complete. Having our songs labeled as mature for our age is a great title to have but I don't strive for that. I strive for those clever lyrics that people take interest in and think about and find comfort in,” said Van Wolde.

Being really great friends with your band mates can have its bad days but there are also perks to the job, admitted Van Wolde.

“You're bound to run into some conflicts, you just can't let it get in the way of what's really important and we've done a great job at doing that. I feel really lucky to be able to have that,” said Van Wolde.

Sophisticated is a 12-song, all original album and was released June 30, 2009.

Triplight played The Spoke at the University of Western Ontario Friday March 26.

If you want to know more about the band feel free to check them out at

Sophisticated by Triplight was recorded and produced by Glen Teeple at The Music Room near Arkona, Ontario.