Time and time again we witness mediocre looking males cheating on their gorgeous, sophisticated women.

These men cheat for reasons I am not even going to attempt to understand. But why does it seem the norm these days to screw around on your wife or significant other?

Tiger Woods with wife Elin was the master of cheating until his multiple indiscretions with other women became public.The point of being in a grown-up, mature and satisfying relationship is to understand what it means to respect your partner.

To love and honour the person you have vowed to be faithful to appears to have been thrown out the window in many relationships today. Watching friends, co-workers and even family members constantly be in turmoil with their loved ones is quite upsetting to watch, considering once-upon-a-time ago they seemed to be so in love.

Through time it is inevitable that things are going to change. They may change for the better or the worse. They should not however involve a third party.

So why do people do it? I mean not all cases involve a bottle of tequila followed by several unknown shots. Maybe they do; I just don't know.

Whatever the case may be there is absolutely no reason as to why a person has to sink so low and hurt the one person whom they supposedly love and respect.

So, truth be told, we might never know what drives a person to be intimate with a complete stranger, but what we can presume is that it doesn't generate out of thin air.

Or is it really all that simple? Let's see. You happen to be out one evening, there may even be drinks involved, and then what. You wake up in someone else's bed not having one single clue as to how you ended up there?

What do you do next? Do you hide it from your partner or fess up your infidelity?

I can't even imagine what a talk like that might go like but I can be assured it wouldn't be too easy on the ears.

I wonder what goes through a cheater's mind before and after he commits adultery. Does he even think about the heartache it will cause for the person who is most likely assuming this will never happen to me?

Many individuals enter a new relationship with high hopes that it may one day, actually go where it is supposed to go. Right?

You probably begin your relationship like any other couple would. You're all over each other. You spend every ounce of your being getting to know each other better. Whatever the case may be, I find that sometimes, if need be, couples may want to think about re-visiting those good-old-days and remember what it was like to one day be as in love as they first were; when they were first introduced to the idea of true love and fidelity without a third wheel.

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