McKeachnie an inspirational student

An inspiration to many second year general arts and science students, Dustin McKeachnie is a hardworking and determined individual whom many look up to. Moving to London and attending Fanshawe College from Tilbury, Ontario, McKeachnie, who excels despite a learning disability, has touched the lives of many of those around him in a positive way.

Passionate for all sports, the 21-year-old McKeachnie dedicated his time in high school to managing the boy's basketball team. His dedication and love for the sport drove him to continue his basketball managing skills at Fanshawe. McKeachnie gives thanks and credits his grandma who helped him excel in school, and for his eventual arrival at Fanshawe.

Dustin McKeachnieAlmost three years since his arrival at Fanshawe and just a few months shy of completing his diploma, McKeachnie's love for basketball shines brightly through his every experience, on and off the court.

The ups and downs of the team have allowed McKeachnie to experience the Falcon's first place win at the Durham College Men's Basketball Tip-Off in October of 2006. In his first year of managing, the Falcon's also managed to win a bronze medal at the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association championships.

Since McKeachnie has been part of the team, the Falcon players have managed to be a motivation to him, as he is to them.

McKeachnie requires some additional help from the learning centre on campus, however through the experiences of managing the men's basketball team he has learned how to be able to talk to people from fellow player Jordan Dixon. “[Jordan] encourages me,” said McKeachnie.

All the men on the basketball team have demonstrated nothing short of respect for McKeachnie, who manages their team with pride.

McKeachnie maintains a 3.0 GPA, however he claims that being involved with the team is what made him be more responsible, getting him to attend classes. This accomplishment would not have been attainable without the help of his academic coach, McKeachnie said.

His accomplishments have even gotten him to be invited to speak at his old high school in Tilbury to inform students of the college lifestyle and (how) to always stay at the top of your game in order to strive for bigger and better things.

His work with the Falcons has allowed him to meet Canada's most outspoken commentator for CBC's Hockey Night in Canada, Don Cherry. McKeachnie considers him an icon and takes to heart the piece of advice that Cherry shared with him. “If you want something, you have to fight for it. Keep your head up and keep positive.”

Upon graduating from Fanshawe McKeachnie hopes to stay involved with sports, and to one day open a gym with a special program to help people have fun in their lives and forget about their problems.

McKeachnie's message is loud and clear, stay focused and your dreams will come true!