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Letter of the Week - Paper has“distorted” view of support staff issues

Opinion | September 12th, 2005

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To the editor, Interrobang

As local president of OPSEU Local 109, representing 438 members in support staff, I have to express my opinion of the article entitled “ Prospect of strike has staff worried “ under the Fanshawe Distorter section of Interrobang.

It is disappointing, to say the least, that you find our possible upcoming strike, to be a subject of humour. Not recognizing or respecting the crucial support role we play in the college, is the major issue this round of bargaining. Quoting imaginary Financial Aid staff or students was in very poor taste. Your article makes reference to a lack of service by our members that is just not true and is, in fact insulting.

The article's reference to an eager and vindictive student running over a striking employee, and have them bouncing of the hood of the truck, was proof that distorted was more a descriptor of your sense of humour and judgment, in printing such an article. Also distorted was the support staff lack of resolve to see this through. Our members are not having any second thoughts.

It is our hope that there will not be a strike but in the event that there is, we hope your future issues, show better judgment.

Jean Fordyce
Local President
OPSEU, Local 109
Fanshawe College

To read the original Fanshawe Distorter Story, click here.
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