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Fanshawe Fashionista: Make sure 2006 is your best-dressed year ever!

Jennifer St. Denis | Interrobang | Opinion | January 9th, 2006

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That was SOOOO 2005!

If you promised yourself that this year was going to be different and you are going to eat right, exercise daily and become a better person, just remember to keep a few things in mind. Your New Year's revolutions may continue to change, but so must your style and fashion in conjunction with your new outlook on life. So if you are going to all the effort of bettering your health or social skills or whatever it may be, do not forget to update your wardrobe, and if your were lucky this year, maybe Santa gave you a bit of a head start.

The tacky sparkling gypsy, oversized glasses and Ugg look is soooo 2005. This is a new year, and a new you. Classes are fresh, teachers are different and just like school, its time to be out with the old and in with the new.

Watered-down versions of historical costumes and silver screen starlets are evident this year with dramatic fabrics and embellished details to make anyone feel glamorous and sexy. Even casual wear has stepped it up a notch and proves that class always prevails. These fashions for women put emphasis on their natural beauty and hourglass curves. If your natural style is always a helpless romantic lost in a sea of lace, frills and Romeo and Juliet style garments, no matter what the fashion forecasters would say, you are in luck this year, as your classic style is finally in. Transparent and flowing material found itself in the hands of many designers including, and not at all limited to John Galliano, who blew us away with his S/S 2006 Dior line. Always a romantic, Galliano set the stage for a beautiful season of femininity with many knockoffs soon to follow. A burst of ladylike fashions crept into our closets last autumn, however that was just the beginning. Chic sophisticated materials and colours will take you into spring and keep you polished all summer long.

2006 jewelry is natural and comes from what Mother Nature gave us. Earthy tones and materials take the place of metal or plastic pieces, and also help create a fairy tale look. And to stick with the soft theme is 2006 footwear. A more rounded toe and wedge heal will help you strut your stuff this season and show the world your new toned bod (if the resolution to stay active and fit is one that sticks).

Perhaps your resolution was to go more places and spend time with the people in your life that really matter. Why not do those things in a fabulous new outfit? Now is the best time of year to go shopping for great post-Christmas deals if budgeting is an issue, and remember a few new pieces combined with the clothing that you already have would be a great start. So if you chose to stick to something this year, or have thrown out the resolution idea altogether, know that looking good and feeling great go hand in hand.

Thank you for another great year Fanshawe; cheers to 2006!

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