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Miami: "What an incredible experience"


Staff | Police Foundations Program | News | April 11th, 2011

Twenty-four of the identified best candidates of the police foundations program returned from their journey to Miami Florida after the ninth annual Miami Law Enforcement Experience earlier this year. The annual event has become one of the most sought-after opportunities within the police foundations program.

The students engaged in activities including crime scene investigation, K9, Marine Patrol, US Coast Guard, SWAT, Advanced Driver Training and Police Scenario Simulator at the Police Academy and Florida Fish and Wildlife. The autopsy at the Miami Dade Medical Examiner's office was an experience certainly not for the faint of heart, and one not afforded for students at home in Ontario.

"All of the seminars and demonstrations were incredible, but the opportunity to ride with officers in south Miami and be involved in all aspects of their policing duties was amazing. The officers treated us like one of their own," said student Josh Brietenbach. Students completed two full shifts with officers from North Miami Police, North Miami Beach Police, Sunny Isles Police and Miami Shores Police.

"We are very fortunate to have this incredible working relationship with the police services of Miami. They provide opportunities that simply don't exist here in Ontario," said Jon Kunder, a professor in the program. "They continue to provide this incredible experience without asking anything in return. They truly look forward to this yearly visit from the students at Fanshawe, also known as the 'Canadians.'"

Many of the students who have attended over the years have gone on to careers in policing and remember their time in Miami as one of the most rewarding and exciting highlights of their time in the police foundations program. "It truly was an incredible experience, one I will remember all my life," said Patty Costa, a former police foundations student and now a police constable with London Police Service.

That great working relationship with North Miami Police and the Miami-Dade Police Academy continues later this spring when two CSI technicians from North Miami Police and the Deputy Chief of the Police Academy present a oneweek Crime Scene Investigation course for Police Foundations Students at Fanshawe, April 25 to 29. This will be the fourth time that the Miami team will present to students at the college.

Anyone interested in attending the CSI course should notify Professor Jon Kunder at 519-452- 4224 x4987. The cost of the course is $300 and limited to 24 students. A certificate of achievement will be provided in conjunction with the North Miami Police.
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