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What you need to know before heading into summer

What you need to know before heading into summer

Christina Kubiw Kalashnik | Interrobang | Culture | April 11th, 2011

Summer is fast approaching, and although it may not feel like it, it will soon be here. Seeing as this will be the last issue before summertime, I feel as though I need to load you up with information.

I hope that, armed with this article, you will feel as though you have what you need to kick summer in the fashion ass.

I will provide you with a short summer shopping list, and trends to look out for. Whatever your personal style is, the mini-guide I am about to provide you with can be transformed into something that you can use in terms of your own personal style.

Preppy: Shirtdresses and classic button-up sundresses with ontrend colours and prints. Feminine and '50s flare, delicate bow ties and careful use of cardigans.

Flowing and carefree: A hippie- based trend, using inspirations such as loose-fitting tops in light fabrics. Tastefully tie-dyed and layering babydoll tops. Loose-fitting pants and worn shorts, sandals and headbands, bracelets and woven and braided accessories.

Boyish and boxy: Bringing it to menswear, small hints of this inspiration appear in this season. Buckles and cardigans, hats, blazers and bulky accents make appearances to downplay the intensity of this season's femininity.

Bright and tropical: Floral colours seen in bathing suits and dresses. Balancing these colours and prints within your wardrobe, not getting carried away with the excitement of the weather that makes them suitable to be worn.

This summer's must-have shopping list:

Flats, wedges and lace-ups
Looking back on all of my articles, I've never ceased to stress the importance of footwear. People never realize how it can make or break an outfit. This summer, vibrant footwear will be the cherry on top of the sundae. Purples, oranges and metallics are going to take front row along with wedges and chunky heels. Summer is light and airy, it's a season that's easy to maneuver, and it's carefree. Have some great walking heels on hand and consider a pair of bright plum pumps or strappy silver wedges for nighttime. There are definitely plenty of styles to fill your closet.

Yes indeed, menswear is back for spring. Keep those boxy blazers and fedoras from last spring. Consider long cardigans as a great and effortless dress coverup. Belt it, wrap it or brooch it. Use accessories to dress your outfit up; they're a great tool to draw attention to places you want people to notice. A brooch on your chest will lead eyes in that direction; a belt in a contrasting colour will draw someone's eye to your shapely waist. Menswear CAN be feminine; it's all about finding balance between the two.

Bikini very careful
One thing that is most certainly important for summer is none other than the dreaded bikini. So awful to shop for, let's get real. Some cuts make your butt look big, others make your butt disappear, bandeaus either make your boobs fall out or hide them completely. What I can tell you about this summer is that cutouts are in and slash-outs are out. Those tacky pink one-pieces with overcut sides that show off your love handles — they've got to go NOW. Tacky, trashy and completely cheap-looking. Opt for a sexy bandeau with a zip front and interchangeable bottoms that coordinate well with your other tops. Interchanging will save you money and will allow you to have most fun with the part of the body you want to get noticed. Bathing suits are bad if you approach them in such a way, have fun and remember YOU are beautiful.

Have a great summer!
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