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Fanshawe Fashionista: A passion for fashion

Jennifer St. Denis | Interrobang | Opinion | February 13th, 2006

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Valentine's Day may be a Hallmark holiday created to spend ridiculous amounts of money on roses, fragrances, chocolate and cards, but it is still a legitimate reason to celebrate one of the greatest (or most destructive) feelings - LOVE. It is a holiday that can make you feel extra lonely and depressed if you are lacking a better half, but even if you are flying solo this V-Day, you can still dress the part and maybe that special someone will turn up in time for dinner and wine.

Personally, even when I am single, I love dressing up for the occasion. It is the only holiday infused with cheesy passion. It's okay to eat lots of chocolate, and even buy yourself flowers if you need to.

If you are lacking a romantic teammate on this day, get together with your friends, dress your best (armed with sexy red luscious lips of course) and head out to find one. Chances are, you're not the only one feeling sorry for your single self, so hook up with someone cupid-style and make the day count.

If you are in a wonderful, loving relationship like myself, turn it up a notch. I suggest starting from the inside and working your way out. Sexy undergarments are a must, especially on this day. Yeah, they might cost a bit more than the typical, comfy cotton panties but the racier and skimpier, the better. Consider it a great investment — he will be sure to pay you back in either chocolate, roses or if you're really lucky, diamonds; and in that case, spring for sexy new heels too!

Signature Valentine's Day colours are a must, but just remember to wear everything in moderation. If you're going to bust out a cute pink sweater, don't over do it with copious amounts of heart shaped accessories. You don't want to seem like you're trying too hard, but instead that you acknowledge the holiday on the outside, and you're armed and ready with what's under the sweater.

I'm not sure if an opportunity to get racy and lacy and do crazy things with rose pedals and chocolate is what the original Saint Valentine had in mind — I don't think saints can do that kind of stuff — so for all of you traditionalists out there who want to stay wholesome and conservative, try dinner and a movie. But if you want him to remember that night, order take-in and make a movie.

This is the one day a year that lovers can celebrate their bond, and appreciate what they have — each other. If it's a longtime romance or a new catch, make the day special and every moment count. And three ingredients to ensure a successful Valentines Day; lace, lipstick and lingerie, combined with a lot of romance, and you're good to go!

Need more Valentine's Day fashion tips? Email Jen at
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