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Adult Social Club connects like-minded people

Brooke Foster | Interrobang | News | February 13th, 2012

Fanshawe's Adult Social Club is looking to reach out to the college's mature student population. The group is designed to meet the social needs of adults and is geared to students 30 years and older. Although the events and meetings of the Adult Social Club are specialized to older adult students, everyone is welcome to attend.

Incoming President Susie Mah is a Law Clerk student at Fanshawe, who said she first noticed the club at last semester's club fair. She joined the club and took a quick interest in the meetings and events.

Vaughan Scriver is the current President of the club. He had mentioned to Mah that he would be looking for a new president to take over when he graduates in April. Around the winter holidays, she agreed to take on the position and now holds the title of Incoming President. Mah said that she and Scriver "work in tandem. He's showing me the ropes." She is learning how to use the club's social networking websites and how to take over the club once Scriver leaves.

Scriver currently arranges for various public figures to speak at meetings and be made available for the school's mentoring program. Mah said that the mentor program has really helped her succeed in her program thus far.

In the first year of the club, the events focused on a more social atmosphere. However, this year, Mah said the Adult Social Club deals more with helping adults and mature students with issues that affect them by bringing in guest speakers at meetings.

"We need a group of our peers to talk about our experiences, problems and needs, and to find somebody to lean on who knows what it's like to be coming back to school after a long period away, not necessarily even in our age group, but we have different interests than the younger Fanshawe students," said Mah. She said she believes that the group is important to help mature and adult Fanshawe students adjust to being back in school, dealing with financial issues and connecting with a likeminded group of people.

Mah said she feels that the club is beneficial because it deals with issues specifically geared to older students who may have difficulties adjusting to post-secondary education after so many years away from the education system. Other benefits for the members of the Adult Social Club include awards, mentoring, social events and community volunteering.

There are hopes of starting a fundraiser for the Sharing Shop involving volunteers from the club. "I can put my stock of handicrafts for sale somewhere in Fanshawe and any profits would go to the Sharing Shop," mused Mah.

Email the current club president Vaughan Scriver at for more information about the club meetings and how to join.
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