Fanshawe's new President... for a day

Amanda Feeser got a heck of a promotion on February 15: she got to be President of Fanshawe College for a day.

Feeser won the opportunity to rule the school at a silent auction during Fanshawe's 2011 United Way Campaign. The campaign raised over $106,000 for United Way, an organization that supports local charities.

When she found out she won the prize, Feeser couldn't help but have a little fun with it. "I was excited. I was telling everybody in the office, 'Hey, I'm going to be your boss for the day!'" she laughed.

Her duties as temporary President included going to meetings, doing press interviews, giving a tour of the school to community members and attending the college council meeting. "In the meeting, we were talking about the different technologies that are coming up in the future. It's great to see where we could go and how Fanshawe could be part of that. For me, seeing where we are today to where we could go in the future is probably the best thing so far."

Not only was the day a fun experience for Feeser, it may have even been a glimpse into her future. "I'm finishing up my Master's in Higher Education in 10 days. This is kind of where I want to go in the future. I want to move up into administration, I want to move up eventually to Dean and I'll see from there where I want to go," she said. "This was kind of a day to see what the life would be like."

If she were permanent President, she said she would like to work with the Marketing Department to get Fanshawe's name out beyond London and Southwestern Ontario to the greater province and throughout the country. "I think there's great potential ... that we can expand, we can look at students across the country and look at doing more online learning and recruitment."

Feeser currently works at Fanshawe as the Program Consultant of Distance Education. As part of her job, she works with Ontario Learn, a consortium of 24 colleges that have partnered together to offer online courses. "We pick up courses from Durham, Seneca — everywhere — and our Fanshawe students have an opportunity to take pretty much whatever course they're looking for online," Feeser explained. "It gives our students more opportunity to take courses that otherwise there would be no way, no avenue that we could afford to offer those different courses."