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There's no doubt that when winter comes, sometimes the blues do too. The cold weather has us bundling up and we're forced to retreat indoors to remain the most comfortable. With Spring Break coming up, some people will be stripping their clothes off and relaxing in the sun; however, for the rest of us who will be dealing with the rest of the winter, we need to kick it up a notch on the fashion meter.

Especially with winter, we find ourselves naturally more drawn to more somber colours; we find ourselves in a winter slump. Everyone's different and therefore some people pull themselves from this slump in different ways. Some find going out can help and some like to cook a good meal with a houseful of guests; however, if you're like me, sometimes an outfit change does the trick. Brightening an outfit is always a really good way to cheer us up. Perky colours or sparkly and playful accessories are a great way to throw a little life back into our outfits. Reviving an outfit isn't hard, it just takes a little more thought.

My favourite ways to refresh an outfit during the winter are showing a little skin, adding a pop of colour and some unexpected layering.

Winter is supposed to be all about covering up to stay warm. What we never consider is that we can show some skin without completely freezing our asses off.

Wearing a skirt in winter is allowed; however, rocking bare legs is probably not the smartest — refer to my previous article about how to cover yourself up successfully. Wearing a tight skirt with tights is still sexy because tight skirts are sexy. Regardless of whether or not your legs are showing, you'll still look good. Another great way to show a little skin is by exposing our shoulders and collarbones. Off-the-shoulder tops are secretly sexy; they're not blatant and loud. They allow the skin that we're showing to seem special and revealing. They're worth borrowing from your summer wardrobe. Not only will a little bit of cold air revitalize you, but so will the fact that you're wearing something you wouldn't normally wear during the winter.

Some people like to take the obvious fashion approach when it comes to reviving a winter wardrobe: colour. Colour is the quickest way to spruce up an outfit. Recently there has been a huge coloured-denim trend in the industry; from celebrities to average citizens, people have been using denim to spruce up their wardrobes. Bright jean jackets, blouses and sneakers are a great way off throwing a little colour into our outfits. Of course, we can turn to makeup and accessories to aid in this field as well, except I find that using clothes makes a bigger statement, as more space is covered with colour.

Unexpected layering is sometimes a bit tricky to do because we don't want to dress too thick. Adding unnecessary weight to our bodies by layering is usually accidental, but it's very easy to do. Using lots of thin layers to create an outfit is usually the easiest way to prevent bulk. Vests, long shirtdresses and long sleeves are good pieces to use when creating a layered look. I also recommend having a bit of each layer showing so the layers are clear and very easy to distinguish.

The winter wardrobe blues are definitely avoidable. It may take a little more thought than the summer blues, where we can throw on something floral, summery and short, but when you pull yourself from the tiring slump of black, navy and grey, you'll be happy you put in that extra bit of effort.