Beauty Boy: Spring trends for Spring Break

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Spring break is finally here and it's time to step away from all the madness of homework, tests, assignments and other stresses in our lives and take time to pay attention to yourself. You now have no excuse as to why you can't try out some of these spectacular beauty trends for this spring! Whether you're going to Mexico, Cuba or are just staying here, these beauty trends are perfect for any Spring Break occasion.

The trend that stood out the most to me was the "sporty cheeks," which is derived from the idea of when you have just finished playing an outdoor sport for a while and how flushed and glowing your cheeks are. All you need to do is grab a fairly dark bronzer and a pink-toned blush and apply an amount that is a bit more than you are used to wearing. While this may seem like a lot, if properly blended, it gives a beautiful glow, especially if you are spending some time on the beach. To add a little bit of shimmer to this, dab a little bit of Benefit's Sun Beam on the cheekbones!

The next trend that is in for the spring is "power brows." This trend isn't received so well, as women usually take a lot of time to make sure their eyebrows are perfectly trimmed, but this season, adding a little bit of volume to the brows is in style! All you need to do is find a good brow powder (Smashbox and Benefit seem to work the best) and fill in the brows a little darker and extend them a bit to give that dramatic look. While this might not be the best for the beach, it is perfect for an everyday look.

The "electric lips" trend is absolutely perfect for spring and any occasion over Spring Break! Wearing a bright lip colour does not make you look like a clown as long as you pick a shade that is right for you skin tone and facial features. Bright pinks, reds and even corals are excellent for adding a pop of colour to your beach attire. If you feel electric lipsticks are too severe for you, then just find a sheer lip gloss that has a bright undertone to achieve a similar effect. When using this trend, it is best to keep the eye makeup fairly simple as you don't want too much dramatic colouring on the face.

A spring beauty trend that is best suited for your romantic night out or a night on the town is the "starry eyes" trend. This trend is inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's painting, Starry Night, incorporating a smokey eye with a lot of navy and sultry blues. It is a beautiful twist on the smokey eye and adds a bit of sophistication and sexiness to your evening makeup style.

This Spring Break, try something on trend and be daring! Apply a little bit more bronzer and blush than you are used to wearing, accentuate those brows and find a lip colour that will be electrifying with your skin tone. You probably don't even have to buy new products, just simply apply the ones you are already using in a different way, using a different technique to achieve a perfect look for your 2012 Spring Break.
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