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Fanshawe Fashionista: How to be a beauty on the beach

Jennifer St. Denis | Interrobang | Opinion | February 20th, 2006

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For those of you lucky enough to head somewhere tropical this spring break, be sure to arrive in the latest styles of the season. Regardless of what exotic paradise you are heading to, the first thing to keep in mind before boarding that plane is preparing your body for the trip, before even considering what you are going to wear. Sticking with your New Years resolution is key when you are about to hit the sand and surf; toning up your body and preparing you skin is a must. Hit the gym on a regular basis before your departure and while you're at it, go tanning and get the base tan that is required to face the sizzling elements. Although excessive tanning is just plan bad for you, a few trips to the UV beds will help prevent burning and irritation on your vacay, even if you do load up on sunscreen while you're there. (Be sure to do so with at least an SPF of 45!)

So, once you're prepped for the big trip, pack your bags with the latest 2006 has to offer.

This year, matching is not essential. The mismatched look is in, along with anything super-feminine and refined. Bottoms are offering a tad more coverage than in past years, but are still very sensual. The high-thigh bikini bottoms are practically extinct, along with the thongs and G-string. This year sexy is obviously in, but some things are just better left to the imagination. The bandeau top is still hot right now, and every swimwear label seems to have its own rendition. Sweet innocence is sublime. Look for lots of super-girly looks with pretty, English florals and loads of adorable ruffles, which are everywhere.

When going from the beach to the street, or vice versa, maximizing coverage is the trend and swimsuits are starting to look more like streetwear. The newest craze is the ‘skirtini' that covers the bum nicely and goes great with a matching cami for a day in the town.

If a tiny little bikini isn't your cup of tea, that's okay — one-piece suits are just as sexy and trendy. The fun ‘monokini' look, with the cutout sides is hotter than ever. Just don't plan on getting a fab tan in one of these suits. The look will sizzle on the beach, but random, circular tan lines will not have you impressed.

And to add a finishing touch to your sun goddess look, accessories with either a sheer sarong tied at your hip, or cute little board shorts to pull off sporty bottom coverage and matching flip flops to keep you truckin' from dusk till dawn.

There is so much to choose from this year when it comes to looking fabulous in the stifling heat and sun. So catch the latest fashion wave, and hit the beaches in style!

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