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Career Corner: Work study jobs on campus

Susan Coyne, Career Services Consultant | Interrobang | News | September 19th, 2005

Need a few extra dollars this semester? Got a few extra hours during the week? Why not check out the Work Study Program!

The purpose of Work Study is to assist students who are in financial need, are already receiving financial aid through OSAP but still require additional assistance. Work study jobs have been created on campus to ensure that students have the resources to meet expenses associated with their education. The added bonus is that these positions also give you valuable experience to add to your resume.

Here's how you get started…you must complete a Work Study application (it can be printed off the website: The application should then be dropped off to the Financial Aid office (E2020). They will review all applications and make decisions on eligibility within 5 working days. Once you've been approved by the Financial Aid Office, you will then be advised to visit Career Services, located in room F2010 and present the approval letter in order to see the detailed job descriptions.

To qualify, students must be taking at least a 60% course load during the September to April period, have a demonstrated financial need and must be making satisfactory academic progress. While candidates should have been assessed for OSAP and been eligible for assistance some exceptions to students not being eligible for OSAP will be considered.

There are currently over 70 Work Study positions available and all of them are posted on the Career Services Job site Select FOR JOB SEEKERS — VIEW JOBS, log on with your Fanshawe student ID number. Select “On-campus” and read through the various jobs listed. As mentioned above, once you have your letter from Financial Aid approving you for Work Study, visit the Career Services office for specific information on how to apply for the positions you are interested in.

Some of the jobs currently available include; FSU Photography Assistant; Clerk Assistant; Sharing Shop Assistant; Kitchen Staff; Junior Advertising representative; Graphic Designer; Foot Patrol Volunteer; Caretaker; Mini-Lab Operator; and Test Proctor. The full list is accessible through the website.

Need help with your job search? Why not drop by the Career Services office located in Room F2010 for a copy of our job search booklet “Getting Started” which contains helpful hints on creating your resume and conducting a positive job search. The Career Services staff is available to assist you on an individual basis. Visit F2010 to arrange an appointment with the consultant responsible for your program or call 452-4294. For student and graduate job listings visit
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