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Sports were on strike, too

Aaron Hall | Interrobang | Sports | April 3rd, 2006

I'd like to apologize to any student who refers to the Interrobang to keep up to date with Fanshawe Athletics.

With the strike by the Ontario College faculty, students not only lost out on three weeks of education that had previously been paid for, students and athletes lost out on their full college experience.

Many of the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) sports have come and gone, and many of the sports did not get the coverage that they deserved entering their respected provincial championships.

Men's volleyball, women's volleyball, men's basketball, women's basketball, men's indoor soccer, and women's indoor soccer are all over and as the primary sports writer for the paper, I have missed out on covering some of the best potential stories of the year.

Young volleyball player's Katie Seys and Justin Guerin, who both won the OCAA Rookie of the Year honours, did not get the long feature articles that they deserved written about their accomplishments.

Fanshawe Athletics mascot, Freddie, has retired and his son Freddie Junior has taken the reigns as the face of Fanshawe Athletics.

Sorry Freddy, no goodbye article for you.

The issuing of the paper was put on hold during the duration of the strike and thus these stories were pushed aside as well.

I suppose I could have went out and covered the teacher who withstood the most hours standing at the picket line without taking a washroom break, or maybe I could have interviewed the teacher who stood out above the rest and led their group of colleagues through the gruelling days of the strike.

However, that would have really been digging for sports-related content.

Fanshawe Athletic Officer Ernie Durocher said that the Athletic department had to re-structure the entire Intramural sports schedule and despite being refunded their entrance bonds, many of the students lost out on the full experience of Intramural sports.

The fact remains that College students across the province were the ones affected by the teachers strike. Obviously education and students studies are the primary concern, but athletics and sports are a big part of the entire college experience for many individuals as well.

So once again, by not being able to cover Fanshawe Athletics this past month I'd like to say I'm sorry to the avid readers of this column and the students that follow Fanshawe athletics.

Teachers, I hope you are happy.

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