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Hey George, nobody likes you anymore!

Ruth Swanson | Interrobang | Opinion | September 19th, 2005

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It seems as though our good friends to the south are finally beginning to see what us Canucks have known all along — George W. is not the knight in shining armour that Americans thought he was.

In the face of the 9/11 disaster Bush's approval ratings skyrocketed; his, “With us or against us” attitude fared well with patriotic Americans who had just suffered a huge blow to their safety, security, and unparalleled world power. The American people, as well all remember so well, were scared and pissed off. So when Mr. President started aggressively persuing those he named to be responsible, the people were happy. Someone was going to pay for attacking the US, thanks to George.

So the last four years, George W. has seen some impressive ups and downs on the ol' popularity meter — ironically, every time his popularity dropped, the terror alert was raised another color, but perhaps that was just coincidence — and has somehow gotten Americans to keep him in the White house for another four years. They obviously felt he did a smashing job keeping the country in one piece after the terrorist attacks.

And then Katrina happened, and suddenly people aren't as impressed with a post-Katrina Bush as they were with a post-9/11 Bush. Turns out that Bush really needs that scapegoat, a target to go after and to blame for the lives lost and the total destruction left in the wake of a disaster. But there is no weapon of mass destruction to unearth here, and no one is going to find a terrorist hiding in a hole in the desert. This terrible tragedy, which may claim up to 10,000 lives when all is said and done, can only be blamed on the weather. So how does Bush fight this one?

Not very well, apparently, because the newest polls indicate that his approval rating is only 41 per cent, the lowest it has ever been. People are angry at the way the American government has decided to handle the crisis in New Orleans; 60 per cent of people polled said they felt his response to Katrina is “fair to poor”, and an astounding 53 per cent think he is steering the country in the wrong direction.

It is morbidly ironic, the way this is all playing out. A terrible tragedy got George W. back for another term in the White House, and now it seems that it will be another disaster that will take him out.
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