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Freddie graduates after 17 years

Aaron Hall | Interrobang | Sports | April 10th, 2006

In a “Van Wilder-esque” run, Freddie the Falcon has finally graduated from Fanshawe College.

After being introduced as the mascot of Fanshawe College Athletics in 1989, Freddie the Falcon has served as the face of Fanhsawe Athletics for 17 years.

FreddieFreddie has passed the torch along to his son, Freddie Junior, in hopes of keeping the family tradition alive inside the walls of Fanshawe College.

Freddie will be remembered for his dedication, commitment, and entertainment at various Fanshawe Athletic events in the past 17 years.

A teary-eyed Freddie said that serving as Fanshawe's mascot has been the primary purpose in his life, along with raising Freddie Junior. The elder Freddie nearly keeled over in emotion when speaking of his son taking over his job.

“I have lived and breathed Fanshawe Athletics during these 17 years,” said Freddie. “To have my son Freddie Junior take the reigns for me is something I can barely describe.”

Freddie Junior is eager to leave his own mark in Fanshawe Athletic history.

“I will bring my own personal appeal to Fanshawe Athletics,” said Freddie Junior. “I want to follow my father's footsteps, but I feel I'll be more popular considering I am way better looking then my old man.”

Fanshawe athletics is proud to announce that a more modern looking Freddie Junior will now be representing their department and hope that his term as Fanshawe's mascot will be as successful as his father's.
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