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What did he say?

Lifestyles | April 17th, 2006

It might be hard to understand your pot-smoking friends sometimes. But it helps to know some of the common lingo.

babysittin' - holding the bowl too long.

Bake Sale - A smoke out session.

Bongineering - Water-pipe construction.

bowl - 1) small amount of bud; 2) packed bowl; 3) the thing that's packed

Cotton-mouth - The driest a mouth can get after smoking cannabis.

ear - (slang.) Short tense of telling someone, ‘here (‘ear), take this [joint]'.

Four-Twenty - The time of day best to smoke.

geek out - to laugh at any thing

HERBivore - stoner that doesn't know what it's like to be sober, or has just forgotten.

hot-boxed/hot-boxing - to close all the windows/doors and get a smoking compartment really smokey

Martha Washington - a long, rambling story with no particular point that just gets more and more confusing as the person continues, often sprouting into conspiracy theories and the such (inspired by Dazed and Confused)

narc - Someone who tells your parents or the cops that you got joints.

Shaggy - the stoney dude from Scooby Doo

“Texas” - said when you're skipping your hit because you don't wanna get fubar. Texas = El Paso = “Pass” = “Skip me, dude, I'm baked.”

Wake ‘n' Bake - when you smoke a pipe once you get up.
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