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My 15 MInutes With... Beats keep coming with Tisk Tisk Tusk

Credit: Tisk Tisk Tusk

Taylor Marshall | Interrobang | Lifestyles | April 8th, 2013

Tisk Tisk Tusk has a solid self-titled EP out now that they hope will get them the attention they deserve. The three band members, Gianni Liolli (drums), Cole Howson (vocals/bass) and Jeff Hogg (guitar) met while studying at Fanshawe in the Music Industry Arts program from 2009 to 2011, and they all currently reside in London. I got a chance to chat with the boys to talk about their first-ever EP and their hopes for a summer tour:

Can you describe the sound of your new EP?
Liolli: “This is our first EP that we put out as a band. We are still trying to find the exact sound, but if you listen to the EP you kind of see the transition from hard rock to alternative music with an indie feel. It's definitely an experiment. We wanted to try to see what we could put together. We always jammed on and off, but never got anything serious going. We wrote a few good songs that we thought would hold up for an album.”

Are you guys working towards a full-length album?
Liolli: “We are hopefully going to some shows over the summer and build our live performance chops. We do have a bunch of songs that could be used on a fulllength album down the road. It is something we really want to do in the future.”

Where are you planning on touring to work on those live performance chops?
Liolli: “We have played a couple house shows these past few weeks, most recently being St. Patrick's Day. We'd like to get some stuff going late spring early summer. Our drummer is moving back down to Windsor to go back to school for a bit, so we are going to try to play off that and try and get some shows out of it. Hopefully we will expand our fan base.”

What is the fan base like here in London?
Liolli: “We are definitely overwhelmed that we did get more support than we thought we would here. We did manage to sell quite a lot of our EPs on our bandcamp website. It's just been overall positive feedback. We just have to keep the ball rolling.”

For more information on Tisk Tisk Tusk, visit their Facebook page at or check them out on bandcamp at
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