McGee's Movie Moments: What summers are made for

Another school year has come and gone... well, for those of you who aren't taking classes during the summer semester, anyway. Even though most of you will probably find yourselves working this summer, no matter if it's a full-time job or a part-time gig somewhere, summers are made for one thing: movies.

Maybe you like to get your summer movie fix in the cool comfort of the air-conditioned theatre. There is something to be said for this. Summer is the season of blockbusters, those big-budget, high-intensity flicks that everyone goes to see over and over again. These types of movies are often best viewed up on the big screen, so take the opportunity to get the very most out of them with your litre of pop and your extra-large popcorn.

Maybe you like to spend your lazy summer days watching your favourite DVDs in bed. There can be something magical in this practice, too. Getting all cozy in your light summer lounge clothes, curling up on your couch (or better yet, in your bed), with a giant glass of lemonade or iced tea to help keep you cool. You can spend entire days this way, and sometimes it's the most relaxing thing in the world — just what you need to unwind and recharge after a hectic spring of classes, papers and exams.

But the best way, the absolute best way, to get in your summer movie viewing is in the one place you can only visit during the warmth of the season: the drive-in.

If you've never been to this most magical of cinematic places, I suggest that the very next Friday night that it's open you take your best friend or your special someone and go see what it's all about.

The drive-in brings to life the old-school feeling of what movies were like during the height of Old Hollywood. Sometimes, if you're lucky enough, they even play the classic “let's all go to the lobby” commercial featuring the singing and dancing cup and bag of popcorn.

I'm not sure what it is exactly that makes the drive-in so filled with wonder for me. Maybe it's the warmth of the summer night being so intense that all you need is a t-shirt and a pair of old ripped jean shorts to keep you comfortable. Maybe it's the altogether unique experience of pulling in, parking the car, rolling down the windows and cranking the radio, which plays the audio track on the world's tiniest radio frequency.

This summer is bound to be full of great movies. Whether you want to watch them alone or with those you love, in bed in your sweats or out at the local theatre, find a way to spend the hazy, lazy days of summer getting lost in new worlds and having glorious new adventures.