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Expressions in Chalk event brings art to Ribfest

Credit: Andrew Vidler

This classic living room Tetris scene was brought to life by student competitor Nicole Picard.

Andrew Vidler | Interrobang | Lifestyles | August 6th, 2013

Drawing on the sidewalk has been a timeless childhood activity for generations, with the summer season often going hand in hand with stepping over crude stick-figure drawings and hopscotch courses that have been drawn on the ground or in driveways all over.

Then there are those who never fell out of love with the medium, using their artistic talents to create works of art that put any of our childhood drawings to shame. For the sixth year running, Imadon Artists is bringing its Expressions in Chalk street festival to London, turning the tarmac in front of the Victoria Park band shell into a blank canvas, allowing local artists to show off their skills to the Ribfest crowds in early August.

Adult competitor and local visual artist Will Graham prepares to wrap up the first day on his octopus-inspired entry at London's Expression in Chalk competition.

Supplies lay abandoned as the chalk artists take a break as the temperatures rise on the first day of the festival.

Artist and Fanshawe alumna Cheryl Bender works on her mural of Fanshawe's front fašade (the outside of B building).

Adrian Torrington, competing in the Adult category, puts the final touches on his “Genie,” wrapping up his work on the second day of the competition.

Cheryl Bender's “I Heart Fanshawe” is complete, beautifully capturing an image that should be familiar to the entire student body.

Graham's colourful octopus piece won best in show in the Adult category, beating out eight other competitors in his age group.

The People's Choice Best in Show award went to this Tiger piece, drawn by adult competitor Krystal Caldwell.

San Vincent was able to beat the weekend's heat in order to complete this predominantly charcoal work of art.

The Student Best in Show went to this jazz-inspired piece, drawn by Alexis Gago.
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