There is no question that we have at our fingertips one of the most revolutionary methods of looking for employment… the Internet. Using the Internet is a great way to access advertised jobs or to research employers. Make sure you are utilizing all the online resources you can, such as job search sites, job search engines, networking sites such as LinkedIn and resume posting sites.

When using search engines, make sure you focus your job search by using appropriate search words. ‘Jobs in Canada' is obviously too large to search, but searching for a specific job title and location won't be as overwhelming.

Remember, if you want to increase the chances of getting a job, you need to balance searching for advertised jobs with an active approach to networking in the hidden job market.

Here are some steps to get you started:

Resume and covering letter:
To conduct an effective job search, it is imperative you have a relevant resume and covering letter. Need assistance? Check out the information on how to write resumes and covering letters distributed by Fanshawe's Career Services Office located in Room D1063. Ask to have your resume critiqued by the Career Services Consultant responsible for your program. Or, if you are prepared to be overwhelmed, go online and search for “Resumes and Covering Letters” for sample formats.

Research your chosen field:
Develop a list of employers either by location or industry. Don't overthink your search, for example “IT employers in London” or something similar to your career search. Also, search for directories, professional associations or publications as possible sources.

Narrow down your list: Focus on only 20 or so employers from your list at one time. Break the task down into smaller ones by not focusing on too many employers at once. Once you have your list, start finding out specific details about the organization by visiting their websites.

Access advertised jobs: There are a number of sites that post employment opportunities such as or Fanshawe Career Services posts all student and graduate jobs directly to our job posting system, which you can access through or Also check out the “Related Job Search Websites” link for many useful links to other job posting sites, directories and other resources.

Follow up: Keep track of whom you sent your resume to. Contact them by email or telephone approximately four to seven days later and inquire about the status of your application. Offer to answer any questions they may have and express your interest in arranging an interview.

Network to access the hidden job market: Approximately 80 per cent of jobs never get advertised. Your first step in developing a professional network to help you in your job search is to gather information and contacts. This means developing a list of everyone you know, including friends, relatives, professors, former employers, fellow classmates, social groups, professional associations, etc. Call or email these people and explain that you're not asking them for a job, but rather gathering information to learn more about a job. Be candid and ask for some advice in your work search.

Accessing information has never been easier or more readily available and you should realize that employers are also pretty savvy in their search for suitable employees. If you have a Facebook profile and you're job searching, you may have heard that you need to be careful about the information you post. Hiring managers can and will check the web for information about prospective candidates, and Facebook is among the sites they are checking. You do need to be careful about what information (and pictures) you make public vs. private; a sure way to be eliminated from a job competition is to have embarrassing pictures of yourself out there for all to see.

Go ahead... Google yourself. After reviewing what you find, answer this question: “Would you hire this person?”

Need assistance with your job search or writing a resume and covering letter? Drop by the Career Services office in D1063. The Career Services staff are available to assist you on an individual basis. Visit the office in D1063 to arrange an appointment with the consultant responsible for your program or call 519-452- 4294. To access job listings for Fanshawe students and graduates, visit or Follow us on Facebook, Twitter @FanshaweCS and Pinterest