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Fanshawe Fashionista: Transition from summer to fall

Jennifer St. Denis | Interrobang | Lifestyles | September 19th, 2005

The transition from the lazy, hazy days of summer up at the cottage (if you're lucky enough to have one), to the mumble jumble of back to school routine can often be dreaded and depressing. As the days gradually get shorter and the assignments continue to get longer, we sometimes lose sight of the liberty and comfort that comes with summer, and the many fashions that get us through those tough days. Comfortable, delicate styles are essential for any summer day or night, so why not carry that look into the fall? Just because retailers started stocking their shelves weeks ago with fall/winter gear (eewww), doesn't mean it's quite time to banish summer wear from our closets.

Let's make the best of our great summer finds by recycling certain pieces into the new school year, without looking outdated and unexposed to the fast paced world around us. As August slips into September, summer and fall fashions co-exist like never before. The scorching heat of summer '05 will sizzle our bodies for at least a few more weeks; therefore we can get away with an extended summer wardrobe.

When mixed with warmer items, summer staples such as flirty cotton dresses, jersey-knit shirts and breezy skirts can be worn well beyond Labour Day. Just try to stay away from too much white. (That rule is eternal and should never be compromised!)

Keep in mind that layering is key. You want to look, but more importantly feel warm during the crisp days that lay ahead. Freezing in the name of fashion not only makes you look ridiculous, but it can bring on a nasty cold.

A good pair of tights, a tailored jacket and tall boots can stretch the shelf-life of most outfits, transforming what was once simply “barbecue attire” into perfectly acceptable fall fashion, whether it's worn to work, school or a party. Classic colours such as black, white, and beige are easily versatile, while bright yellow and hot pink may be harder to tie into your fall look. Don't try too hard to incorporate a lot of summer clothing, just wear what feels right for the temperature of that particular day. Like shifting to anything, the transition should always be smooth.

But don't forget to accessorize! Long after summer ends, the jewelry catches the sun's rays. With every outfit, a splash of sparkling jewelry can be the perfect accessory. And until June rolls around again, those glimmers of light are a perfect reminder that summer is never really over. It will return soon enough!

Jen St. Denis is Fanshawe's veteran style expert and has an eye for the latest fashions and styles. If you think you are at the forefront of the next fashion trend to sweep the nation, or can't stand the current styles, email Jen at
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