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Musical Ramblings: Hoobastank third album better than OK

Peter W | Lifestyles | August 28th, 2006

Some people kinda scoff at people like me, who enjoy heavier music, actually looked forward and purchased to new Hoobastank releases.

Now, if I ever have to listen to the song (not the CD) “The Reason” one more time, I think I may puke. The first time was ok and the lyrics are alright, but when radio gets a hold of something it completely ruins it for me. Nonetheless, I hardly ever hear the radio so most stuff isn't ruined.

This point brings me to Hoobastank's third outing, “Every Man for Himself.” I heard that they had a certain song on the radio (or two by now) and that's great for them because I really hope more people pick this disc up.

“Every Man for Himself” is the most mature disc from the band yet even though it may not be the hardest hitting throughout.

The lead off track, “Born To Lead,” sets the tone for the attack (both musically and vocally) that the band wants to portray throughout the CD. The weird thing is that as soon as this track ends, you expect the band to hit you in the groin once again with another rockin' tune, except they get soft right away with “Moving Forward.”

Please don't take that as a negative on the song itself because “Moving Forward” and “First of Me” are probably two of the best radio tunes that these guys have written. They have the excellent musical progression and some of the best vocal deliveries that Douglas Robb has ever given. I just question the track layout.

In addition to the aforementioned tracks, other winners on this disc include “Without a Fight,” “Don't Tell Me” and “Look Where We Are.” Some may like the remaining tracks on the CD but they do get a little bit lighter and once again make me question the whole track listing process for this release.

I really enjoy the concept of this disc because it seems that Hoobastank's integrity is on the line. Like many other bands, they have been in a battle with their record company about the songs and material they were writing.

The CD that I have is graced with two music videos and other bonus materials that were only released with the first batch of discs. I'm sure that if you get into this band and don't have it, you can find it easily on EBay. Most audiophiles like me do enjoy bonus stuff, but prefer it on a DVD that you can watch in your living room with your awesome setup.

Overall, I think this is another excellent release from the band and like usual, I can't wait to hear what kind of friendly rock that they will write next. The only real gripes I have with this disc is the song distribution and some really childish lyrics (“Inside of You”).

These guys have a knack for some solid song writing and melodic hooks. Give them a try if you haven't yet. 8 out of 10
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