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Interrobang articles by Peter W

Musical Ramblings: Making metal
This week, I'm giving you all a quick double shot of metal. Here we go! Behemoth Ezkaton EP It seems that Behemoth mastermind, Nergal, doesn't stop. Not only has he and his band toured relentlessly, they're busy writing the new reco... Read this article

Around the Ring: Vince punted by Orton
I have to start off by saying that this has probably been the least hyped Royal Rumble PPV that I have ever seen in my many, many years watching wrestling. Actually, I've watched wrestling since the very first Rumble and last Monday's return ... Read this article

Around the Ring: HBK beats Cena graying angle
TNA...(shakes head), TNA, you poor bastards. Not only did you have a subpar card going into your first PPV of the year, I don't think you could ask for more to go wrong during the show. Now that I gave my sympathies to TNA, if you didn't see... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Clutch puts out new disc, DVD
Clutch Full Fathom Five If there's one certain thing in life, it's this: when you buy any Clutch release, you'll definitely get your money's worth...and be rocked at the same time. This release is (I'm sure) Clutch's fourt... Read this article

Around the Ring: Waiting for HBK to snap
Wow! So much has happened in the WWE since our “break,” so here's a recap of some major angles and then a quick look at the upcoming TNA PPV! - Jeff Hardy finally did it! He became WWE champion! I was so happy when I saw this go down... Read this article

Around the Ring: Survivor Series a dud
Well, a really crappy Survivor Series has come and gone and we have two new champions. I'm really surprised that they let John Cena pin Chris Jericho considering Jericho had Cena in submission moves for over half the match! I'm glad that they... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Top metal
Seeing how this is a countdown/top 10 issue and I don't have my picks for top 10 music releases of the year ready yet (never until mid January), I decided to countdown six bands that you should be listening to. Some of these bands may not be arou... Read this article

Around the Ring: Jericho to triumph over Cena?
Considering RAW's final show before the Survivor Series PPV was a piece of trash and once again did absolutely nothing to hype this PPV (besides shove John Cena's return down our throats), I figure that I'd give my predictions on this yea... Read this article

Good grades for new Gears of War
Gears of War 2 I know the game just came out, but it was so good that it didn't take me long to get through it. I fear how quickly I would have went through it (at the hardest difficulty available when you first load up the game) if it wasn... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Metal makers
This week brings another great quick one-two punch in the world of metal. Obituary Left to Die Coming off the heels of their last effort, Xecutioner's Return, the death metal veterans from Tampa Bay, Florida return with an inexpensive EP th... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Filth's new Fall release
Cradle of Filth Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder It wouldn't be a fall issue of the Interrobang without a Cradle of Filth review, would it? Well, the band actually released nothing new last year, so two years without any mention of them i... Read this article

Around the Ring: Cage to WWE? RAW flat
Well, the latest TNA PPV has come and gone, so let's look at some of the stuff that mattered: Christian Cage lost to Booker T and unfortunately joined the Main Event Mafia. Let me ask you this: why on Earth would you want someone in your “... Read this article

My Bits and Bytes: Battle of the bands, and guitar
Guitar Hero World Tour (Band Kit) for the Xbox 360 I know, I know. I could spend my money on better things, but I love gaming, music and having fun with my friends. Suffice to say, although I was really happy with Rock Band 2 and their new and imp... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Talking metal with Bison BC
This week, you're going to be treated with an interview I got to do with Dan And who is a member of Metal Blade's newest acquisitions, Vancouver's Bison BC. Their new disc, Quiet Earth just dropped a couple weeks ago. Pete: I read that ... Read this article

Around the Ring: TNA and WWE storylines pique interest
What an interesting week in wrestling. A few key developments happened that could affect both TNA and WWE. On the TNA side of things, Scott Steiner has joined the Main Event Mafia. While I'm not a big Steiner fan (I actually would be overjoyed i... Read this article

Around the Ring: Cyber Sunday ho hum affair while TNA slumps
Another PPV has come and gone and there's not too much to write about it! Here are my thoughts on some of the matches from the Cyber Sunday PPV. WWE Championship (WWE Universe chooses challenger) I'm surprised that this wasn't a triple... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Metal DVD best in the biz
NOTICE TO ALL BANDS: This is how you make a DVD documentary about your career… Cannibal Corpse Centuries of Torment (The First 20 Years) DVD Do you think that message was subtle enough? Seriously, for the $20-25 that Centuries of Torment cost m... Read this article

Around the Ring: Picks for next PPV
Well, another Raw and Smackdown before a PPV has come and gone and once again the shows were nothing more than filler. Both shows actually did NOTHING to try to entice anyone to buy the PPV. I still can't believe that WWE is expecting people to ... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Slipknot's latest
Slipknot All Hope Is Lost I know that there are a lot of haters in the metal community that target Slipknot. Cries of “They're not metal” to “gimmicky crap” have resonated throughout the band's career. Their last... Read this article

Gore galore on DVD
Coming off of last week's article of movies you should be watching for Halloween, I bring you even more horror this week. Feast (2005) If you love From Dusk Till Dawn by Quentin Tarantino, you'll probably love this Feast. It's all abo... Read this article

My Bits & Bytes: New Rock Band gets good grades
Yes, I was one of the lucky ones. Not only do I have an Xbox 360 so I could purchase Rock Band 2 on day one, but I was also lucky enough to score a Rock Band 2 Guitar AND drumset within the first week of the game's release! How does the “s... Read this article

Around the Ring: Good news as TNA impresses
Let's start off with a WTF moment: WWE has parted ways with Lance Cade! I can't believe this! Wasn't it only three weeks ago where Cade got the cover on HBK? Mind you, right after the PPV, HBK destroyed Cade in less than three minutes wit... Read this article

DVDs add hilarity to your Halloween
It's one of my favourite times of the year! I love watching horror movies all year round, but there's something about that brisk October air that makes me want to sit down, have a couple frosties and get scared. I'm going to give some mor... Read this article

Metallica makes up for lost time on new disc
Here it is: a review of one of the most anticipated releases of the year (and no, it's not Chinese Democracy.) Metallica Death Magnetic I grew up listening to “old school” Metallica. My first taste of the band came courtesy of t... Read this article

Around the Ring: What will happen this week in the ring
There's A LOT to cover this week. First up, the No Mercy PPV results for the matches that actually mattered. HBK vs. Chris Jericho (Winner: Jericho) Great ladder match with some good spots. Poor Jericho lost a tooth to boot! Let's see wher... Read this article

My Bits & Bytes: Rocking out just got bad
Guitar Hero: On Tour for the Nintendo DS I love Guitar Hero and I love playing Rock Band. Suffice to say that when Guitar Hero: On Tour came out at the end of June for the Nintendo DS, I was there on day one to try it out. I figured for $50, the ... Read this article

Around the Ring: Jericho for the Heavyweight win
Last week's Raw and Smackdown (not the one with the champion vs. champion matches — that hasn't happened as of the time of writing this) were no more that the usual pre-PPV shows that try to entice the fans to part with their money. Wit... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Metal picks
I'm going to attack in two brief reviews two amazing discs that came out during the summertime. Let's do this! Cryptospy The Unspoken King Montreal's Cryptopsy were feeling the hate way before this disc was released. First, original... Read this article

Pete's Links: Obama and Astle online
Obama and Astle? (search for Barack Roll on Youtube) With “Rick Rolling” all the crazy these days, (you know, randomly calling someone and playing Rick Astley's hit song, “Never Gonna Give You Up), it's no surprise that ... Read this article

Around the Ring: A better week in the ring
Well, it was another hit and miss week in the world of wrestling. Let's touch on the craziness! I thought that TNA over hyped Mick Foley's first official appearance on Impact. I waited throughout the whole show (entertained by a stronger... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: The joy of finding new and old classics
I love it when bands that I've never heard before catch me off guard and bow down to their majesty. I found out about them one night while listening to “Choppers Metal” FM show on Stickam. I actually don't even remember wha... Read this article

Bits and Bytes: Good and bad picks
With the PS3 gaining a little strength in 2008 (mostly thanks to Metal Gear Solid 4 — which was an amazing game experience), Sony has decided to start releasing Greatest Hits titles for $30 a pop. I'm going to go through a couple of ... Read this article

Around the Ring: TNA PPV plays like Impact, stumbles
With all my bitching last week about my dissatisfaction with WWE's last PPV, I totally forgot to preview the TNA PPV that happened last Sunday. With that being said, I'm going to quickly give my two cents on the matches and storylines ... Read this article

Weekly web fix
Another week and another bunch of stuff to tie up our time thanks to the Internet. Let's take a look at this week's sites and stories. Wayne Gladstone's site www.wayne... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: It still has Soul
The Dandy Warhols Earth to the Dandy Warhols Sometimes I'm blasted by friends because I tout how metal and other bands that I like to listen to (like Porcupine Tree and Rush for example) bring complexity to their music while making it m... Read this article

Bringing the old school arcade home
This week's edition is actually going to focus on a PS2 title. Yep, that's right. It's new, but it's old and it also affects the Wii's Virutal Console. Confused yet? Well, let's take a look at this game! SNK Arcade Classics ... Read this article

There's a future for Whitechapel
This edition wraps up the series of the discs that Metal Blade records sent my way. This week, the focus is on a band that has been on many metal fans radars for the past year and a half — two years and will only get bigger from this point forw... Read this article

Around the Ring: Pay-per-view bores, RAW rebounds
Here's my two cents on what I thought was one of the WORST WWE PPVs of the year (matches in no particular order). World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase vs. Cryme Tyme: Typical WWE tag match here. One of the faces gets worked over ... Read this article

My Bits and Bytes: Bringing back a classic
Bionic Commando Xbox Live Arcade and PS3 Network (from Capcom) If you're old enough (or a gamer who just happens to still own a classic NES), you may remember playing through Bionic Commando over and over again. There was just something awes... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Two metal discs to tide you over
Alright! Welcome to the second edition of the column! I'll be taking a look at CD number two that was sent to me earlier for the great people at Metal Blade records, as well as an essential for your metal collection!

Read this article

Around the Ring: Wrestling's latest picks
Well, it's been two weeks since my column praising WWE on some excellent TV. It's too bad that after I wrote that, we've had two weeks of awful RAW and Smackdown bookings/shows.

Read this article

Around the Ring: Summerslam delivers in a big way
It's been a great summer of action from both WWE and TNA. We've seen the mystery surrounding whether Sting is a heel or a face, Mike Adamle become the GM of Raw, CM Punk capture the title and lots more! I'd hit all these issues but becaus... Read this article

Familiar voice in One Way Mirror
Hey, everyone! I'm back for another year of brining good tunes (mostly metal) to the forefront and hopefully make you get out of the rut of pretentious, boring dribble that the industry pushes to the tweenies. I have a bunch of stuff that I got ... Read this article

My Bits and Bytes: Rock Band 2 out soon
Welcome back, everyone (or welcome to Fanshawe if you're new). I know with all the costs involved with going to school (such as tuition, books, rent, etc.), that there isn't much money left in the budget for gaming. Fear not because over the ... Read this article

Guitar Hero walks this way
It's time for another summer hodgepodge edition where I take a look at some of gaming's upcoming titles and hot gossip! As of the time of writing, Ninja Gaiden 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4 will have hit the streets. and other sites are g... Read this article

Sound problems didn't stop Gigantour
With new releases out from Children of Bodom and In Flames at the beginning of April, the excitement in me to see these two bands and headliners, Megadeth, at the Gigantour couldn't have been any higher. Let's break it down by bands to see ho... Read this article

Pete's Links: Online entertainment
Why spend your spare time outside in the nice weather getting exercise and fresh air when you could stay inside in the dark, eating salted snack treats and play on the Internet instead? That's what I thought. Portable NES system Read this article

Bits and Bytes: Gaming update
With so much news and gaming goodness that has infiltrated our lives over the past couple weeks, this one column couldn't just hold enough room for one game alone. Hence, the hodgepodge you are about to read. Grand Theft Auto IV GTA IV is prob... Read this article

Bits and Bytes: Latest from the gaming world
This edition is going to be another punch and jab edition. Here's some insight, news and gossip! QUICK THOUGHT — I just finished playing through Mass Effect and I have to say that Bioware did an excellent job. If you loved the Knights of t... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Three discs to hold you over until fall
Well, it's that time of year, once again, where I say thank you to all of you who read my stuff over the past school year and to those who actually shared their agreements or disagreements with my reviews and suggestions. I'd also like to tha... Read this article

Around the Ring: Update from the ring
Well, we've come off of Wrestlemania and it seems like there's some momentum going into Backlash. Let's take a quick peek: - We see an upcoming program with HBK and Batista that should be decent (take their heated promo on Jericho's ... Read this article

Around the Ring: Flair makes WrestleMania an emotional brawl
I have to say that I am impressed with this year's WrestleMania. I had low expectations going into the show and perhaps that's what made it even better (that and the numerous beers). Let's take a quick look at what happened. WrestleMani... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: 3 makes good first impression
This week brings you a review of one of the bands that are on Metal Blade records. The company was nice enough to send me two great CDs so it's time to share the first one with you that I tried to set up last week with Porcupine Tree reviews. I n... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Double the Porcupine Tree makes for good reviews
I know I mentioned last week that I was going to get on to reviewing the two CDs sent by Metal Blade, but this week is going to be two quick mini reviews that will setthe tone for next week's review (the band that I'd never even heard of unti... Read this article

Around the Ring: WrestleMania predictions
It's that time of the year where John Said and I give our two cents on WWE's biggest show of the year (this year, I think that the show isn't as big as the Rumble or even No Way Out). Let's see where this one goes. As a quick note, Jo... Read this article

Bits and Bytes: Gaming update
This week's article is going to touch on some news within the video game world. Here we go! - Rock Band is releasing another stellar line-up of DLC (downloadable content) this week. We get “D.O.A.” by The Haunted, “Thrasher&rdq... Read this article

Pete's Links: Surf and save the earth at the same time
I thought I would get into the environmental mode by searching the net (using my Energy Star approved monitor and PC) to find some sites that may bring some more insight into how we can all do a little bit to help the environment and bring shame on a... Read this article

Around the Ring: Audience confusion reigns on Raw
This edition is also going to be in a quick-jab format. Poor Jeff Hardy. If problems with drug abuse getting him suspended for 60 days wasn't bad enough (including the WM payday), losing your house and dog to a fire sucks even more. It's rep... Read this article

Pete's Links: Online hits
I have a bunch of different things this week with no distinct theme. We have some gaming, some art, some food and one of the biggest idiots I've seen on the net. Hope you enjoy ‘em! Super Smash Bros World Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Ready for a rock experience?
After a wee little dry spell of no newer music for me to dig into, I got some nice discs in the mail courtesy of Metal Blade (thank you!) and a disc I ordered from Vendoio records. The former two CDs will be reviewed in the next two upcoming issues,... Read this article

Around the Ring: Hardy worth the toke? WM spot vanishes in puff of smoke
WHAT A STUPID, STUPID IDIOT!!!!!! I can't believe how F'N STUPID Jeff Hardy is. I REALLY wish I can use more colourful language here - that's how pissed off I am as a fan. He had one of the best pushes in the company in recent years (alth... Read this article

Pete's Links: Neil Patrick Harris is back
After the snow we've had within the last week, I'm more than happy to not look outside and sit in front of the Internet all day. Here's what I've been checking out to make Spring come faster.

Read this article

Super Smash Bros brawl for Wii
I've been playing this game nonstop for the past day and a half. I can't believe that something has gotten me away from Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Halo. This game is that good. It's been a while since I put in my Smash Bros. game for the ... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Peter picks more classic albums
Butthole Surfers Independent Worm Saloon there anything greater than the Butthole Surfers? Well, there are a few things, but for the value, this CD is worth every penny. Besides the lackluster tune, “Alcohol,” there isn't... Read this article

Around the Ring: Handicapping TNA
Let's take a quick look first at this Sunday's TNA Destination X PPV (at least what has been officially announced as of the time of writing this): Awesome Kong (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. ODB for the Woman's Title - I really like TNA's wo... Read this article

Bits and Bytes: Make old new again
It's round two of my mini reviews of games that I've been playing on the Wii's Virtual Console. Last week, I looked at Ninja Gaiden 3 and The Adventures of Lolo. This week brings even more goodness!

Read this article

Pete's Links: Hungry Man packs in the calories
I'm so sick of the snow. I want Spring to come fast. I guess I'll just waste the time indoors with a little friend called The Internet. Here's what amused me this week: 20 worst foods in the US! Read this article

Musical Ramblings: White Zombie disc made classic
I have to be honest: I haven't purchased many 2008 CDs this year. There haven't been too many releases from bands I'm familiar with (the new Heaven Shall Burn will be picked up soon) or bands that have releases that have come out in the l... Read this article

Around the Ring: WrestleMania taking shape
Although we were on a little break following WWE's No Way Out PPV, I just have to put in my two cents. First of all, I think the PPV was amazing. From beginning to end, even with the so-so matches, the show delivered. Both elimination chamber mat... Read this article

Bits and Bytes: Online gaming can be just as good as Guitar Hero
While I'm still wasting my time on some games that have been out for a while now (like Halo 3, Rock Band - just completed the drums on expert, baby! - and Guitar Hero 3) I decided to take the time to search Xbox Live and the Virtual Console on th... Read this article

Pete's Links: Time well wasted
Hope you're all refreshed from your little break. I'm sure most of you spent some quality time with the Internet. This is some of the stuff that I've been checking out: Top 10 infuriatingly hard video games Read this article

Around the Ring: Hardy to soar?
Two major things to cover this week: TNA's PPV that just took place and WWE'S upcoming (as of the time of writing this) PPV. Let's go! Firstly, TNA provided a PPV that looked good on paper but just didn't deliver for the most part on... Read this article

Pete's Links: Wasting time on the web
I really need some kind of catchy name for this column. I am offering a challenge for any of you readers to come up with a column name. In return, I'll get your name printed and, uh, own personal two thumbs up! How about that?!??! Wel... Read this article

Bits and Bytes: Finding gaming fortune
Before jumping into the second game in my PS3 double feature (the first being my long delayed review of Ratchet and Clank), I have some tasty tidbits first! - Are you old enough, as I am, to remember 3-D Realms amazing Duke Nukem 3D? If so, you'... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Dillinger vocals mature on new album
This week, I'm going to touch base on two CDs that I picked up near the end of last year. They both rock and I'm sure you've heard of this first band, at least: Dillinger Escape Plan Ire Works I was anticipating this one considering... Read this article

DVD Review: Best of Raw packs punch
The Best of Raw - 15th Anniversary I was so stoked when, at the beginning of December, I saw that this was coming out. Three DVDs featuring some of the best moments of WWE Raw? Sign me up, people! Suffice to say, the wait to get a hold of this one... Read this article

Around the Ring: TNA PPV thoughts
TNA's second PPV of the year is coming (or has ended if you read this Monday onward). I thought I'd put in my two cents and make some predictions. Payton Banks vs. Traci Brooks - I thought that TNA would have these two build up their feud... Read this article

Bits and Bytes: Ratchet and Clank make PS3 worth it
I have to be honest here. I bought a PS3 this summer because I got one brand new for way below retail thanks to someone's kid not paying his parents for it (after they held on to it for months) and I wanted one with the emotion engine so I could ... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Protest The Hero produce second solid full-length album
Protest the Hero Fortress A funny story comes with this review. So, I'm in CD Plus last week, looking around at the metal (and the used discs) when this disc is being played in the background. After listening to it for about 10 minutes (and ... Read this article

Around the Ring: Cena surprise winner
Well, the 2008 Royal Rumble has come and gone and I have to say that for the most part, I was quite impressed. Let's break down the show: MVP vs. Flair was a decent start. You knew Flair wasn't going to lose this one, so it was a good way to... Read this article

Pete's Links: Burgers and videos and horoscopes, oh my
I can't believe it's February. Where has the time gone? Oh yeah...wasted on the Internet. Here are a couple sites that will give you some laughs and perhaps some insight into your year ahead. Whopper Freakout Read this article

Nerds everywhere salute Family Guy's tribute to Star Wars
Family Guy: Blue Harvest (Limited Edition) It was one of the biggest TV events of the last year: “Family Guy” parodies Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Seth MacFarlane and crew bring their edgy and controversial humour to one of the w... Read this article

The best albums of ‘07 according to Pete
It's my top 10 of 2007. This has probably been the hardest list I've ever made seeing how there were so many stellar releases last year (not to mention the CDs I still haven't picked up/listened to yet). I will give honourable mentions t... Read this article

Around the Ring: WWE bungled build to Rumble
They were on a good streak for a while, but WWE really dropped the ball over the past week and a half. I'm not saying that I'm not excited for the Royal Rumble (which has now aired by the time most of you are reading this), but WWE's jump... Read this article

Bits and Bytes: Upgrading to Rock Band is worth it
Rock Band for the Xbox 360 I love Guitar Hero so much that I was going to buy this game even if it didn't potentially come with some cool other stuff because I just love to play songs with my buds (and those online) in this fashion. Suffice t... Read this article

Around the Ring: Rumours du jour
Let's start this week off with some hot rumours! While TNA is off to a good start this year, they seem to have lost two really good workers. First off, it is likely that WWE has signed Ron “The Truth” Killings back. Remember when &ld... Read this article

Bits and Bytes: Wii makes Mario ‘wonderful'
Super Mario Galaxy It's that time again where all Nintendo fans rush out to play the newest episode in the Mario saga no matter how weird the premise or gameplay may be. It was hyped as a “reinvention” of the series, while still ho... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: The one and only Megadeth
Ok...I promise, one more week and I'll have my “best of 2007” list ready. This is probably one of the most difficult years I've had in compiling my list. I have my top three already set. but to place seven more artists and their ... Read this article

Web Links: Making metal on the web
Metal that sounds like other metal Search at Have you ever listened to a song and though, “I've heard this before?” Are you so keen on your music that when hear something “new” nowadays you say, “(i... Read this article

Book Review: Wrestling's Hitman fascinating read
“Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling” by Bret Hart What? I'm actually doing a book review? Yes, I actually spent time away from playing “Rockband” and “Super Mario Galaxy” this holiday sea... Read this article

Around the Ring: Early bonanza
I'm back and man, oh man, has wrestling actually been awesome the last two weeks. Let's break down SOME of the action. TNA's last PPV, “Final Resolution,” was pretty good. I think the match of the night actually went to Awes... Read this article

Bits and Bytes: Making your Wii virtually old school
Over the break you must have spent a lot of time playing those amazing new games with graphics, gameplay and online modes that just make you get down on your knees and thank the stars that you got into this form of entertainment. Still have more fre... Read this article

Taking TV online
It's been another week and I have another round of fresh internet goodness to be distracted with. Here we go! Hide My Ass No, this site has nothing to do with asses, but ... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Nonpoint latest is non-impressive
I know, I know…my infamous (well, in my mind) best of list hasn't been completed yet. I may not have the list totally nailed down for another week or two. To tide everyone over, here's a review of a CD that came out late last year that I had ... Read this article

Pete's Links: Sites for the New Year
Happy New Year to all! Actually, it doesn't really seem that new, but I guess we're all back to work and (somewhat) ready to go. That doesn't mean we can't distract ourselves with that wonderful Internet (unless you've made a reso... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Guitar Hero can expand your musical tastes
This week, I'm taking a look at two releases that were initially released in late 2006 (I know, it does seem like a long time ago with the New Year now in effect). I bought these discs because I ended up liking the tracks from these bands that we... Read this article

Around the Ring: Naitch's last run?
WHAT? TWO WEEKS IN A ROW?!? You have got to be kidding me. Christmas is coming early for me (and I hope for the rest of you wrestling fans) because WWE delivered a good PPV and then TWO excellent RAW programs in a row. First off, we get the return o... Read this article

Bits and Bytes: GH3 will strum it's way into your heart
Guitar Hero 3 For the Xbox 360 Yes, I'm still a little bitter about “Guitar Hero Rocks the 80s” only being released for the PS2. And yes, I'm still pissed about “Guitar Hero 2's” lack of “GH1” tracks... Read this article

Spend your time surfing this holiday
The holidays are well underway (well, in the retail sector anyway), so you need something to distract you from all that early Christmas music and decorations flooding the stores. Stay inside with the Internet and check this stuff out! IGN's Top... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Opeth goes live
Opeth The Roundhouse Tapes This new two CD set from Opeth documents their live concert from November 2006. The interesting thing about this release is that while they were touring behind their most recent studio album Ghost Reveries, the band c... Read this article

Around the Ring: Jericho ignites Raw to Save Us
NOW THIS IS RAW! Ok...maybe I'm a little excited but I thought that this week's Raw was the perfect way to come off of a decent Survivor Series PPV. Yes, I know there were some dull moments like the Diva's match (Maria is still getting a ... Read this article

Bits and Bytes: Halo 3 a short but perfect game
Halo 3 for the Xbox 360 This has taken me a little longer to write than I would have liked for three reasons: I have a day job, I wanted to stretch out the campaign for as long as possible and I needed a lot of time with the multiplayer. Now that ... Read this article

Pete's Links: Laugh your way through the stress
As you guys and girls are getting ready to head into those crazy end-of-the-semester tests, you need some laughs! Hopefully these will do the job. Scaring a Garbage Man Read this article

Classic Pantera
When I'm asked about one of my favourite bands of all time, I usually put Pantera into that list. My sister bought my Vulgar Display of Power for my 14 or 15 birthday and from then out, I was a freakin' major Pantera fan. Hell, most of my yea... Read this article

Around the Ring: TNA delivers interesting PPV
TNA's PPV last Sunday actually wasn't too bad. I got to see it a little late, but it delivered in a couple of ways. First, the Abyss/Black Reign match was fun. There were many good, violent spots but the icing on the cake was when Abyss choke... Read this article

Bits and Bytes: Bioshock will shock you out of your gaming seat
Bioshock for the Xbox 360 Man, they nailed this game. From the beginning CGI movie, (that can suck you in) to interactive intro, which finds you swimming away from your plane that just crashed into the ocean (with amazing water and flame effects) ... Read this article

Classic Alice In Chains
There are so many CDs that are classics and this one holds a special place in my heart. It's too bad that this is one of the many excellent bands of the 90s whose careers were cut short due to the insane use of heroine by one of their members. ... Read this article

Taking Guitar Hero Online
It's getting close to the holidays so what better way to hint at what you want by placing direct links to the gifts you demand in someone else's “favourites” folder? It's just a thought and I may actually try it this year. Wha... Read this article

Around the Ring: Raw rebounds with comedy
I hate to say it but the beginning of Raw was quite funny. Yes, DX is all about merchandising now more than being rude and obscene (which was the best about five years ago), but Triple H's humour and wit backed up by HBK's timing was great. H... Read this article

Bits and Bytes: Ninja Gaiden and Castlevania will have you hooked
This week's column is going to focus on a couple of games that I purchased for the Wii for its virtual console. These games are classics and close to my heart. If you don't have these two, hang your head in shame. Here's why you should ha... Read this article

Pete's Links: Sites that will have you screaming for more
Seeing how it's that time of year where people love to be scared or grossed out (although there are a bunch of us that like that stuff all year round), it's time to hop on the net and find some of horror's best. I know it's a little p... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Going classic with Carcass
This week, I'll look at two discs that I've touched upon in this paper before from one of the most well known death metalers of the late 80s/early 90s: Carcass.

Read this article

Ween alive and playing well
After 20 years of playing together Ween still delivers The end of last month I travelled all the way to Toronto during rush hour traffic to see one of my favourite bands: WEEN! I had never seen the band live before but after purchasing and watchi... Read this article

Around the Ring: Cyber Sunday falls short
Another Cyber Sunday has come and gone and just like previous events (and like I called it here), absolutely nothing happened! Forty dollars is a lot of money and for the WWE (or I should say the WWE creative team) to waste people's money like th... Read this article

Superheroes come alive in Marvel game
Although this game was released a couple of months ago, I never got to play it. I looked at it and even though I liked the characters in the game, I didn't think the game-play would be any good. I was wrong, so I'm going to put my two cents i... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Metal discs are music to hardcore ears
It's another double shot! Here I'm going to take a look at two other highly anticipated releases in the metal world (isn't it great that there have been so many this year?). Both are veterans and pioneers to the world of death metal. The... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: An education in metal music
I promised it last week and although this article may not be as long as my other's I've come through. I'd like to dedicate this column to my grandmother who passed away on October 21. RIP. Nile Ithyphallic Like Behemoth, I didn't... Read this article

Pete's Links: Links to make you laugh
I have some good stuff this week. If you want some laughs, make sure you go to this first link: Let's Paint TV This is my new favouri... Read this article

Around the Ring: Compelling programs would drive PPV buys higher
Well, TNA's Bound for Glory PPV came and went and although I was a huge mark for TNA's PPVs last year, I haven't ordered very many of them at all this year and Bound for Glory was no different. The card looked decent, but not good enough... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Death metal alert
I promised them a couple of weeks ago. The releases have finally had time to settle into my brain and now it's time to give my verdict on two of the most anticipated releases in the death metal world! Next week, I'll be taking a look at Nile&... Read this article

Around the Ring: New WWE champ crowned
Something amazing happened! I'm not starting off the column this week with negative thoughts! WWE actually delivered a half decent PPV in the form of “No Mercy.” I didn't buy the PPV but saw it live and I have to say that with a c... Read this article

Pete's Links: WWE on the Web
Sometimes I'm amazed that I can spend so much time on the Internet when music, gaming, home/social life and job fill the majority of time. The Internet is serious business and I need to be apart of it. Here we go with another week's worth of ... Read this article

Fox getting greedy with “Family Guy” DVDs
“Family Guy” Volume 5 I don't know what Fox is thinking, but I have a feeling they're thinking with their shareholders in mind. I have no clue why Fox decided to split up the seasons of “Family Guy” into different v... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Foos new album will disappoint metal fans
Foo Fighters Echoes Silence Patience and Grace I have to start this review saying that the title of this new Foo Fighters CD REALLY reflects my listening experience. My friends know that I have such a love for this band and I usually go nuts ove... Read this article

Around the Ring: Cena injury opens door for new WWE champ
Holy shit. Sorry about the language here, people, but I can't believe that as I sat down to write this week's column about to talk about the WWE putting on a half decent RAW (especially before a PPV), I read the big news: CENA IS OUT OF ACTIO... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Send in the clowns, ICP get a bit better with age
Well, it's that time of the year when I do the inevitable review from this next group. Their last two releases disappointed me very much and I had very low expectations for this release. Actually, I vowed to sample it before I bought it, but some... Read this article

Around the Ring: McMahon - Triple H show registers a big boring
This column is going to be way shorter than usual because I frankly don't have all that much to talk about concerning last week's Raw and Smackdown programs. Smackdown's wedding completely bombed with the ratings and the crowd could be he... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Two metal discs that you can rock out to
This week's edition is one of my good ol' fashioned double takes. Sometimes when you're writing about death metal or extreme metal, it's hard to put it into words. I would like to start and end every review with the words, “it&#... Read this article

Around the Ring: TNA storylines bettering WWE's recent pap
You know, I really mean to sound negative in this column. I REALLY want good stuff to come out of WWE and TNA. I want great programming! I know that everything each company does will not please everyone, including me. I love praising when praising is... Read this article

Classic Albums: Nevermind a classic for a generation
I know I did my first classic album on the Foo Fighter's Colour and the Shape and never mentioned Nirvana in the article. I usually do that when I talk about the Foo Fighters because the two bands are different and I want people to see that Dave ... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Silverschair's reinvented sound
Silverchair Young Modern I loved Siliverchair growing up. Frogstomp and Freakshow were great discs. They were simple, but they rocked and that's what counted. When Neon Ballroom arrived, the album didn't please me and I thought the band wa... Read this article

Pete's Links: Surfing these sites time well wasted
Every year I do this column there comes a time where, once school settles in, I always revisit some of the top sites that I go to. I do this because not only are these sites always full of information (or awesome entertainment), but I also want them ... Read this article

DVD Review: Hot Fuzz delivers plenty of action and laughs
When I first saw Shaun of the Dead, I thought it was a masterpiece. Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg wrote and starred in one of the funniest zombie movies ever. The movie also had its fair share of gore — something I quite enjoy. So when Hot Fuzz w... Read this article

WWE plot's a piss off
Is anyone else as disgusted as I am about the whole “bastard son” angle? I mean, first Vince's death was “staged” and then we have to watch probably close to two hours or more of Vince and the “bastard son” ang... Read this article

Pete's Links: Classic gaming online
It's time again to surf like you've never surfed before, as I take you around the interweb to find some cool crap! I know I focused on gaming last issue, but just after submitting the article, I came across some more neat game-focused sites t... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Porcupine Tree a real surprise of good tunes
To try and show that I'm not strictly a “metal” type of guy, this week's review is going to look at a band that tackles many different styles of music and rolls them up into one tight package on each of their releases. Here's ... Read this article

Aqua Teen's make almost straight to DVD flick
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie for Theatres Man, I love me some Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Some claim there really isn't any plot in most of the episodes and that it appeals to the lowest of the low, or perhaps the 1 a.m. stoners who are stil... Read this article

Wonka, Wonka Muppets make puppet magic in Season 2
“The Muppet Show” Season 2 Although this show aired when I was just about to be born, I have always felt a personal bind to “The Muppet Show.” I suppose that's why I'm also a Star Wars fan. Ah…1977, what a great y... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: You never know what you will find on eBay
This week is going to be a little different. Although I said I was going to take the first few issues and go over some of the awesome stuff I've picked up over the summer, this week will be a look at two reissued disks. One did come out this summ... Read this article

Revisiting classic heavy metal sounds
This week, my classic album comes from a band from Brooklyn New York who have been together now for about 18 years. As this band released more albums, their songwriting has matured and the band has created probably better CDs than this classic as a w... Read this article

Online gaming
It's time again to surf the net and bring forth the fun that will waste your time when you're supposed to be studying and/or working. Make sure that if there are any sites that you want me to check out that you regularly go to or run (band si... Read this article

Mario hosting one lame party on Wii
Nintendo Wii: Mario Party 8 I've never been that big of a Mario Party fan. I think when the first one was release for the N64, I played it for a weekend with some buds and had a decent time with it. I just thought that the game was way too ran... Read this article

Around the Ring: Wrestling crackdown
Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for WWE after my last article, it seems like more crap has hit the fan — on high speed. Let's take a look at SummerSlam first. This was supposed to be one of WWE's main PPVs of the ye... Read this article

Around the Ring: Breaking down Benoit
The hardest thing to do when writing a wrestling column is to come back after a few months of summer break to tackle what has happened during the past three months. Note: I was going to do this column with some mini titles and give my two cents on s... Read this article

DVD Review: Season 10 offers classic “Simpson's” episodes
I love it that we're getting closer to some of the later seasons of “The Simpsons,” because during the last three to four years, I don't have time to be plopped down in front of the tube at 8 p.m. every Sundays. Fortunately, I ha... Read this article

PS3 gets an ass-kicking from Ninja Gaiden
Ninja Gaiden Sigma for PS3 After a long summer of enjoying the outdoors I'm back in to play some games for you all. Now that those who know me have had their laugh, all I do is game (and play music) in my spare time — screw the outdoors.... Read this article

Look to the web for London links
After hours of stumbling across web pages or web tools I thought I might as well share those special sites that I just can't keep to myself. Some issues will have some great links, some won't have any…so when you see them in this paper, you k... Read this article

Korn no longer kicking-ass
Korn: Self Titled I've been one of the biggest Korn fans out there for years. I picked up their first CD when I first saw the “Blind” video debut on the Power 30 on MuchMusic. The CD was actually in the “discount” bin ... Read this article

A decade of the Foos
I'm going to try to showcase CDs/albums that I think most people should have in their collection and no, I'm not just suggesting downloading a couple of the radio-friendly former singles. The CDs that I'm going to feature here are either ... Read this article

Around the Ring: WWE grooming Cena to be unstoppable
Well, it's been an interesting time for the WWE since the last time I wrote. Mr. McMahon has won and lost the ECW championship, while allowing Bobby Lashley to grow in popularity. Both HBK and RVD are out indefinitely. HBK is out due to possible ... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Heavy sounds for summer
You know, it's been only a little while since my regular column has stopped for the summer and I've probably accumulated about 30 CDs. There's so much to talk about, so I'll get to the point with a little blurb about a few releases.Read this article

My Bits and Bytes: Sizzlin' summer games
For this special edition of My Bits and Bytes, I'm going to touch on a few things that I've been playing that are available for purchase or download on various systems. Guitar Hero 2: Xbox 360 I've had it for two months now and I'... Read this article

Around the Ring: Hoping the rise of the WWE continues next year
This week's Raw actually wasn't too bad. We saw some stuff during the program that we knew was eventually coming and a few surprises. We knew that the whole Carlito/Flair feud was going to happen sooner than later, although we would have lik... Read this article

Bits and Bytes: Xbox game offers simulated air guitar
Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360 What better way to close off the year than to write a review on one of the coolest games to hit the 360? My PS2 has been busted for over a year and a bit now, so I never had the opportunity to play the original Guit... Read this article

NIN, among others, with new album
Well, it's that time of year again when you pack up and go home and the Interrobang is quiet until the end of August. I'd like to thank you readers for all the cool comments this year. I'd also like to thank my man, John Said for all his ... Read this article

Around the Ring: McMahon gets Trumped
Well, another year and another Wrestlemania has come and gone and I have to say that I'm really pleased overall with the event. Most of the matches were really good and the pacing of the event was satisfactory. I'll make a brief comment on ev... Read this article

Bits and Bytes: Crackdown not worth price of admission
Crackdown for the Xbox 360 With all the hoopla surrounding this game being packaged with the invitation for the Halo 3, Beta, many gamers assumed that this game was probably pretty bad because it needed such a marketing boost. Although I love Hal... Read this article

Peter's Web Links: Potter puppets get laughs online
I know that it's been a while since I've brought you some Internet goodness and I do apologize. Facebook has taken up all my spare time. Just kidding! Here are a few gems that I've discovered over the past few weeks. Potter Puppet Pals ... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Heaven and Hell a disappointment
Before I begin this week's column, I have to comment on the Heaven and Hell concert that I attended two weeks ago. I have to say that I'm disappointed that Down didn't play a longer set and went on way too early. After waiting in line at ... Read this article

Latest Raw program fails to hype Wrestlemania
As of the time of writing this, Wrestlemania hasn't happened, my predictions were in the last issue but the Raw show is finished while the ECW/Smackdown tapings are currently happening. As you can tell, this edition will not be as robust as other... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Dead Again comes alive
Type O Negative - Dead Again It's always an event in my life when Type O Negative (cough, the best band in the world) releases a new disc. From the time that I heard “Bloody Kisses” I knew this band was one of the coolest and most ... Read this article

DVD Review: Iron Man comes to life
The Invincible Iron Man (2007) I have no idea why but I've always had this pedestal for the Marvel Comics superhero Iron Man. Perhaps it's my love with beer that links me to mastermind/alter ego Tony Stark, but besides that similar interes... Read this article

Around the Ring: Wrestlemania 23 preview
I know Wrestlemania 23 will be in a week, so I thought I'd jump the gun and comment on the matches that are currently announced and make some predictions. While this year's card for me isn't as robust and exciting as past “Manias, I... Read this article

Bits and Bytes: Old school games make for new batch of fun
Let's start off with a quickie: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Arcade Game is now on Xbox live. For five bucks, you're an idiot if you don't purchase this one even though you can play through it within an hour. This game is a classi... Read this article

Nirvana back on DVD
Hurray! Someone finally emailed me and asked an “American Idol” question. Jennifer emailed and asked if I thought that the guys had any chance against the women in this year's competition. I have very serious doubts that any of the ma... Read this article

Around the Ring: “Pathetic” matches in the ring
With Wrestlemania fast approaching, the WWE is still not hyping up more matches or going anywhere with most of their storylines. We saw more of the same with the two billionaires, more HBK/Cena animosity and more blandness. Are you kidding me that w... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Taking time for a tasty lunch
Just before I get into the meat of this week's review, I have to say that I can't believe that nobody has put in their two cents about “American Idol”! I want to know what you guys think about this season or the fact that this met... Read this article

Around the Ring: No hype for Wrestlemania
Can you believe this? Only three weeks and there is no real hype leading up to Wrestlemania. The Undertaker/Batista match should be entertaining but they've already done what they can with two faces and the same goes for the HBK and Cena feud. ... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: New vocalist gives solid sound to MNEMIC
MNEMIC - Passenger Just like when Anthrax changed from longtime vocalist Joey Belladonna to John Bush (don't get me started on the “reunion that's no longer a reunion” garbage), Amorphis changed their vocalist and if you're... Read this article

My Bits and Bytes: Vintage games for serious gamers
There have been a slew of awesome games that have appeared on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console. I know we're in the next level of gaming, but sometimes returning to older games makes you appreciate the evolution of graphics and game design. Have ... Read this article

So-so metal picks
Here are a couple of mini-reviews to introduce you to something new material. Architect - All is Not Lost The cover and packaging is so misleading as to what's in store for the listener. When Metal Blade records sent this to me, I thought, &l... Read this article

My Bits and Bytes: Despite hype, Lost Planet loses with tired plot
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (Xbox 360) Ever since I played the demo way back in October, I thought that this game was going to be pretty awesome. I didn't buy it because my bud decided to pick it up before me and after a couple days of play... Read this article

Around the Ring: TNA PPV a real letdown for fans
You know, I've been pretty harsh on the WWE since September, especially when they drop the ball on PPVs. Well, this week's column starts off with a sincere thrashing of TNA for two reasons: their Against All Odds PPV and the “This is TN... Read this article

My Bits and Bytes: Mom approved game
Rayman Raving Rabbids - by Ubisoft This game looked like a must have launch title. I've loved the Rayman games and the colourful characters that inhabit the Rayman world, so it was only natural that the cartoon style of “Rayman: Raving R... Read this article

Peter's Web Links: Wii on the web
Seeing how the Nintendo Wii is getting so much exposure lately and has obviously taken over as the gaming system of choice, it's only appropriate to add some humour to the newest gaming phenomenon. Wii Have a Problem Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Slayer at the JLC
I figured that since we were just treated with an excellent concert last week, I'd give my first-hand review of the Slayer concert. I arrived at the JLC just before Unearth was about to start. Yes, I know I missed Thine Eyes Bleed, but they were... Read this article

Around the Ring: TNA has opportunity to make impact with Monday night show
Let's start out this week by talking about TNA. As of the time of writing this, we now know that Abyss' big secret was that he was once in jail for shooting his father three times in the back. I like how they've left the details shrouded ... Read this article

DVD Review: Film proves wrestling stars should stay in the ring
I'm going to do a quick little blurb about the last few flicks I've seen on DVD and let you know if they're worth your time. The Marine — Everyone who reads this paper should know that I love wrestling and most would then think t... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: New band for metal fans
Dead Man In Reno - Dead Man In Reno With all the metalcore getting thrown in together (which is deserved, to an extent), it's great to find a band that takes the best things the bands in the genre have already done and put their touch on it, b... Read this article

My Musical Ramblings: Good standing for This Ending
This Ending - Inside the Machine I love surprises and nothing makes me happier than a surprise that involves new CDs from Metal Blade records by bands that I've never heard of. The first one I popped in was from Swedish metal masters, This End... Read this article

Around the Ring: Royal Rumble the best in recent years
I am going to start this column off with a quick look back at this year's “Royal Rumble” event. The event got off to an excellent start with the tag match between the Hardy's and MNM. The only thing I don't get is how the Hard... Read this article

My Bits and Bytes: Wii makes good first impression
As I mentioned briefly in my last column, I finally scored a Nintendo Wii and I am already dedicated to that little white box. The system comes with one controller, one nun-chuck controller attachment and Wii Sports. While I've seen pictures of ... Read this article

Around the Ring: Big upsets in the wild world of wrestling
It's kind of been a depressing week in the world of wrestling. There were deaths, layoffs and some shows that offered the same stuff we've watched for the past three weeks. Let's take a look.

Read this article

My Musical Ramblings: Top Metal picks of 2006
I know that this is late, but I really couldn't get my list finalized. Here we go with what is a super tough top 10 list. Send your feedback and comments in! 10. Burn In Silence — Angel Maker This band came out of nowhere but their cool ... Read this article

My Bits and Bytes: Watch-out for UNO players with Webcams
Xbox Live Special Edition 2 Hey, everyone! I think Xbox Live is so great! I can't believe that I'm doing another whole column on the fun, features and games available for this service. It's going to take Sony and Nintendo a LONG time t... Read this article

Angle to battle Cage for TNA title
Well, another excellent TNA PPV has come and gone and it looks like Abyss' title reign has come to an end. I guess that's ok because the story surrounding Abyss, his manager, Father James Mitchell and Sting really isn't about the world ti... Read this article

DVD Review: DVD for metal-heads
Children of Bodom - Chaos Ridden Years: Stockholm Knockout Live On the heels of the disappointing Slipknot DVD that I reviewed last issue (if you missed it, go to, I needed to show all of you that bands do release excellent music DV... Read this article

Peter's Web Links: Online links of the week
You're probably already bored with your new semester of courses and dying for ways to amuse yourself, so I found some great reasons to put your homework on the backburner. Spiders on Drugs Read this article

My Bits and Bytes: Zelda still a Legend
The Legend of Zelda — “Twilight Princess” (for the Nintendo Gamecube) Before I start this review, I really would have loved to try this out for the new Nintendo Wii, but student loans, beer and my Xbox 360 gaming obsession (not t... Read this article

Around the Ring: HHH out until summer
Oh crap in a hat. I was so wrong with my predictions about the New Years Revolution PPV. First off, the Jeff Hardy/Johnny Nitro match was good, but not to the level I thought they would take it. It was pretty slow with few big spots. I have to say t... Read this article

Movie Fun: Slipknot disappoint fans with artistic documentary
Slipknot — Voliminal: Inside the Nine When I first heard that this DVD was a compelling inside look at the members of Slipknot and their time on the road, not to mention the boys being themselves and not using the masks, I was so pumped to g... Read this article

Around the Ring: Wrestling resolutions for the New Year
Happy New Year to all and I hope you had a great one! I am glad that holidays are over (in a way) because we can get back into the regular routine of wrestling being back on TV instead of “best of” shows or the horrible (in booking) &ldqu... Read this article

Peter's Web Links: Links to online gaming
I'm sure that many of you spent quite a bit of time on the Internet during the holidays and this is where I need your help. It's quite time consuming to surf every week to find new and exciting things, so your New Year Resolution should be to... Read this article

DVD Review: Classic Simpsons moments in Season 9
The Simpsons Season 9 I love December because not only is it my birthday month (send all late cards to my hotmail address, please), but because during the last three years Fox has put out a new Simpsons set for the holidays. We were blessed this t... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Blood Mountain scores big
Mastodon — Blood Mountain When Mastodon's Leviathan kicked me right in the nuts two years ago, I couldn't have asked for a better album. Every song kicked ass in its own way, and although most of the songs felt different, the album a... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: A perfect ten for Amorphis's Eclipse
It's hard to pick just one of my newer CDs to review considering I have gotten so many over the past three months, but this release by Amorphis will not disappoint. Amorphis — Eclipse Amorphis came together in 1990 looking to get a piec... Read this article

Around the Ring: Lita out of the WWE ring
Oh man…I wish I had more people over for the Survivor Series. Not that I was exactly lonely, I mean, I had my girlfriend there and my other friend who was giving $10 towards the show, but that means I lost $30! I understand that you have to start the... Read this article

My Bits and Bytes: Gears of War on everyone's wishlist
Gears of War for the Xbox 360 Holy crap! That's all I can really say. If I wasn't expected to write more about this game that's all I would say for this review. Seeing how I have to fill up a page, I don't think I will have any tro... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: A death metal double-take for hardcore fans
Hey everyone! This week, I'm going to look at two excellent death metal CDs that I've picked up this year. The reason this is a two-for-one shot is because sometimes it's hard to talk about death metal to a mass audience that doesn't ... Read this article

Peter's Web Links: Week's best on the web
It's close to that magical time of year where we indulge in shopping for stuff we may or may not know someone would like. I have an idea. Why not bring them home all the Interrobang articles that I do about these web links. They get great laughte... Read this article

Movie Fun: Euro-Dirty Sanchez finds its way onto film
Dirty Sanchez — The Movie This past weekend, I got to see a movie that would make the boys in Jackass cringe. MTV Europe has this little TV show that is similar to Jackass in that they both feature a cast of characters whose mission is to out... Read this article

Around the Ring: Good week in the wrestling ring
Holy crap was it a good week for wrestling (and remember folks, this is being written before the Survivor Series PPV). Let's take a look at the action! On the TNA PPV, some major things happened. First off, Abyss is now the NWA World Champion. ... Read this article

Bits and Bytes: Quick taste of good games
This edition is going to be brief but it features a “taste of things to come.” Last week, I picked up Gears of War, Tony Hawk's Project 8 and Call of Duty 3. If you're thinking of buying any of these games, immediately do so. Her... Read this article

Classic Metal Review: Classic Faith No More
When people ask me for my list of favourite bands and/or bands that have influenced me musically, one band that is always on that list is the late, great Faith No More. Yeah, I know it sounds cliché to say nowadays, with all the bands that have said ... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Better, but not great release for Cradle of Filth
Cradle of Filth — Thornography It's that time of year again where the great Cradle of Filth release a new CD and I'm right there to snatch it up (or in this case, have it sent to me) and listen to it until I'm sick of it. This is... Read this article

Peter's Web Links: ...And the Number “18”
Hey there, peoples! I'm back once again with some more fun stuff that you can check out on the net. This week, I have a few sites that can coincide with my Sesame Street on DVD review. Enjoy! Sesame Street Alien Ring Tones: Read this article

DVD Review: Brought to you by the letter “S”
Sesame Street Old School Volume 1: 1969-1974 I'd like to say that I wasn't even born when any of these shows or clips from these years were originally aired. What I will say is that many of the segments that were created during these years ... Read this article

Around the Ring: Predictions and questions around the wrestling ring
It's been quite the interesting week in wrestling since last week's bore of the Cyber Sunday PPV, Raw and Smackdown programs. There's a little bit to touch on this week seeing how this will be printed for all of you to read just before t... Read this article

Around the Ring: With Brit gone, K-Fed takes his turn in the ring
Call me an idiot, but I was kinda bored last Sunday and instead of settling for the greatness that is Sunday night TV featuring “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy,” I ordered the WWE's Cyber Sunday PPV. It was probably the be... Read this article

Classc Metal Review: Reliving Pantera's fury of music
When I'm asked about one of my favourite bands of all time, I usually put Pantera into that list. My sis bought my Vulgar Display of Power for my birthday one year, and from then on I was a freakin' major Pantera fan. Hell, most of my yearboo... Read this article

Movie Fun: Horror after the holiday
Just because Halloween is over, doesn't mean you have to shelve the gory, fun-fill horror flicks. Here comes a double dose of horror fun with two new DVD releases! Feast If you love From Dusk Till Dawn by Quentin Tarantino, you'll probably... Read this article

My Bits and Bytes: Questioning the new generation of games
In the next two weeks, the final two systems of the next generation of gaming will be unleashed: The Nintendo Wii and the Playstation 3. I'm one of those geeks who LOVE to get their hands on the newest gaming technology as soon as possible. For ... Read this article

Around the Ring: Weak week
I have to say that after last week's wrestling column, where it seemed like every show had something major happen and there was so much to talk about, it seems rather unusual to be here a week later writing this and not having so much to talk abo... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Classic metal review
This week's classic metal review will be dedicated to a band that has recently reunited and their anthology of work. It's hard for me to pick just one CD of theirs to examine because there's something that kicks ass on each of them. This ... Read this article

Pete's Web Links: Your very own virtual Mr. T
Time once again to spend time at the computer when you should be doing something like school work, your regular job or socializing. Here comes the fun! Make Mr. T Beautiful - http://www.... Read this article

Saw 3 will have you screaming for more
Saw 3 I remember three little years ago when the hyped up Saw finally came out on DVD and I had the chance to view it. I was blown away not only because I'm a gore hound and love the whole premise of Jigsaw putting his victims in situations whe... Read this article

Around the Ring: Weekly wrestling review
TNA's Bound For Glory PPV was last Sunday and I have to say that it was one of the best PPVs I've seen ever. The performers, the action and the whole VIBE of the show was spot on. This PPV was a milestone for many reasons. First, the PPV was... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Classic metal review
Yes, it's been another crazy and frustrating week and that means I've had another week of cranking some old metal in order to soothe my soul. This week, I'll look at two discs from one of the most well known death metalers of the late 80s... Read this article

My Bits and Bytes: Saints Row in top marks for Xbox 360
Saints Row for the Xbox 360 I came into this game thinking that it would be nothing more than a Grand Theft Auto clone with nothing new to offer. With that said, I know it's been out for a while but my buddy who bought it dropped it off this we... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Hatebreed gets personal
Hatebreed — “Supremacy” I have to be honest right off the bat and say that any time I heard or saw this band, I've watched/listened because they have a huge fan base and tried to figure out why. I never got into these guys and... Read this article

DVD Review: Wondershowzen Season 2 as good as the first
Wondershowzen Season 2 I know that I touched base early on this year with a review of Wondershowzen's Season One DVD and gave it a “must see” review. Well, my prayers have been answered because Season Two has come out very quickly a... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: A history in metal
I'm gonna try and send in the odd classic review to the Interrobang because as I listen to some of the newest CDs, I think to myself about all you people out there that have missed some good metal albums. Because of the sludgy nature/tone of the ... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Gojira vocals grade high
Gojira — From Mars to Sirius During the summer, I got introduced to a bunch of new bands through demo CDs and just having spare time to search the Internet. One of the finest gems that I found this summer was a track from this band called Go... Read this article

Movie Fun: Chainsaw returns with horror
Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning I love watching horror movies. Maybe it's because I grew up being allowed to watch all of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies or the Friday the 13th series. There's always something great about a potent... Read this article

Around the Ring: Benoit takes belt from Kennedy
I don't know if it's just me getting into fall TV fever or if the WWE is, but the last two weeks (minus the last Smackdown PPV) has been excellent for wrestling (and that includes TNA, too). Smackdown's program saw Chris Benoit show up a... Read this article

Around the Ring: Wrestling “Legends” come out for a night in the ring
The No Mercy PPV from Smackdown came and went without anyone noticing. There really wasn't any reason for any wrestling fan to plop down the outrageous $40 for this pile of crap, which isn't any better than the boring dribble that Smackdown ... Read this article

Peter's Links: For all lettuce-lovers
It's time again to waste precious moments of your life that you or I could be using to discuss life with loved ones because we're hitting the Internet! A not so “Super” dive - http://Read this article

Around the Ring: Hardcore Holly gains new respect in ECW
It's been an excellent week in the world of wrestling! First off, we look at the wicked TNA show where it was announced that Kurt Angle will be the special enforcer in the Jeff Jarret vs. Sting, title vs. career match. If you want to see Jeff J... Read this article

My Bites and Bytes: Sonic doesn't do so well
It's been a pretty busy week in the world of Xbox live marketplace and if you haven't been keeping up, here's what has been happening. The Raw vs. Smackdown 2007 demo has been released. Although there are only two wrestlers available, th... Read this article

Peter's Links: NWA and Sesame Street duet
With all of my regular job's duties, my musical interests and commitments, TV and gaming addictions, not even mention my girlfriend and the time involved with maintaining a relationship, it's hard to imagine that I even have time to procrasti... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Deicide dominates death metal
Deicide — Stench of Redemption Can a death metal album from a veteran group that's been around the block compete with today's young bands? Oh hell yes! Let's take a look! Perhaps the title of the new Deicide CD is a slap in the f... Read this article

Around the Ring: Ownership questions in wrestling
If you missed the news that came at the end of the last TNA PPV two Sundays ago, TNA Impact will now be on at 9:00 p.m. on Thursday nights starting on November 16. Although that is good news, the REAL BIG news is that TNA has signed former WWE champ... Read this article

Pete's Web Links: Boxing baby bears and bed jumping
I know when I don't feel like doing anything, I spend time on the net, playing online games or shopping for crap on Ebay. To help you do the one of my favourite things, here's this week's fun links. Winnebago Man - Read this article

My Bits and Bytes: Gore and zombies in Dead Rising
Xbox 360's Dead Rising There's one thing that certain in this lifetime: taxes and zombies! Wait! Zombies? I may have messed up that cliché, but if that just doesn't show my love for zombies and the zombie genre, nothing will. I read a few... Read this article

Movie Fun: Jackass Number Two makes it to number one
‘Jackass Number Two' It's not often that I go to the movies because I like watching DVDs in my home on my nice big TV and not paying crazy prices. It was unusual that I actually went to an opening day showing of a movie, but when the &l... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: “Yeah!”, Def Leppard is back
Def Leppard — “Yeah!” I don't know if I'm showing my age by starting my article like this, but when Def Leppard's “Hysteria” album (yes, album) came out in the late 80s, I was in grade five or so and I was si... Read this article

Around the Ring: PPV wrestling round-up
Another PPV has come and gone and I have to say that this was probably one of the best ones of the year and surpassed SummerSlam. Let's see what I got right and wrong with my predictions and see if there were any surprises. Johnny Nitro vs. Jef... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: ‘Burglar metal' at its best
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder — Buried in the Front Yard I heard these guys on a sample a few months ago but never found their disc around here until late July. Imagine the happiness that came over me when I found this. I almost cried in the ... Read this article

Peter's Links: Online pavement pics and pathetic personals
Round two for these delicious web bits that will keep you all occupied while pretending to learn! Here we go! NECA ONLINE - - NECA seems to be one of the leaders in... Read this article

DVD Review: 8 seasons of ‘The Simpsons'
‘The Simpsons' Season 8 I know what you're thinking already: “They're only at season eight?” Yeah, I know, I wish these guys would push them out a little faster (just like the “South Park” DVDs), but with wa... Read this article

Around the Ring: Predictions for RAW Unforgiven PPV
Alrighty! It's that time of the month where a Raw PPV overshadows a mediocre Smackdown TV program and gives us the ol' “let's give ‘em a Raw preview of the PPV where nothing really happens.” So, with that said, let'... Read this article

My Bites and Bytes: Beavis and Butthead are back, DVD
Beavis and Butthead: The Mike Judge Collection Volume Two and Three I decided to combine this review because there's only so much that you can say about each DVD set, but as a whole, you can probably nail it in one small section. This past summe... Read this article

My Bites and Bytes: The best of XBOX Arcade
XBOX LIVE ARCADE One of the best things that happened to the Xbox 360 is the abundance of titles that have come out for their Xbox Live Arcade. In this edition, I'm going to run down a few of the titles that are worth your five to ten dollars.... Read this article

Internet phone for serious surfers
Another week and more time wasted surfing the internet instead of doing work. I'm back again to share more internet gems with you and hope that some of these sites will waste your time as well. Samuel L Jackson Beer! - Read this article

Around The Ring: Smackdown dropping the ball and Trish's last stand
Well, another week and another lacklustre edition of Smackdown. I think that it's so weird that the WWE wastes a lot of time with contract signings. We know that Batista and King Booker are going to square off again, so why do we have to waste p... Read this article

My Bites and Bytes: Dragonforce is all metal
Dragonforce — Inhuman Rampage Inhuman is correct. While you listen to Dragonforce, the first thing that goes through your mind is “man, this guitar/bass/drum playing is INHUMAN!” Now, I'm sure that's not why they entitled... Read this article

My Bites and Bytes: Stone Sour just shy of golden
Stone Sour - Come What(ever) May Right off the bat, I have to state that a) I am a huge fan of Slipknot and all the stuff they've done and b) I wasn't a fan of most of the Stone Sour stuff on their first disc and I didn't buy it. For th... Read this article

Surfing sites for students
Time to go surfing to unleash the craziness that can only be found on the World Wide Web! Fanshawe Student Union — - Yes, this one may be a little obvious but this is your one stop shop for all the latest info and the Int... Read this article

My Bites and Bytes: Oblivion obviously addictive
The Elder's Scrolls IV: Oblivion for the Xbox 360 I love the odd RPG and I've always been a fan of the Final Fantasy series, so as the hype surrounding Oblivion grew, so did my curiosity about what the game encompassed. Thankfully a friend o... Read this article

Around the Ring: SummerSlam teeters on edge of quality PPV
The summer has come and gone and so has the 19th SummerSlam. Was it exciting? Was it full of action. Well, sort of. I believe that this SummerSlam sums up how the WWE has been doing for the past four months and I believe that it's a good way to s... Read this article

My Bites and Bytes: Wondershowzen a dose of culture and crack
Are you the type of person that loves to see how far a show will go just to offend? Shows like “South Park,” “The Simpsons,” “Married With Children” and “Family Guy” all have tried (and succeeded many t... Read this article

My Bites and Bytes: Burnout Revenge for the Xbox 360
I loved the Burnout series for the Xbox and “Revenge” was the best of the bunch. That game actually made me put Halo 2 on the backburner for a bit…so that's saying a lot. While I completed most of the events to perfection on the origi... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Hoobastank third album better than OK
Some people kinda scoff at people like me, who enjoy heavier music, actually looked forward and purchased to new Hoobastank releases. Now, if I ever have to listen to the song (not the CD) “The Reason” one more time, I think I may puke. ... Read this article

Musical Ramblings: Heavy sounds for summer
You know, it's been only a little while since my regular column has stopped for the summer and I've probably accumulated about 30 CDs. There's so much to talk about, so I'll get to the point with a little blurb about a few releases.Read this article

Fight boredom online
For those of you who are inside working, instead of enjoying the summer weather outside, and need a reason to procrastinate, I'm here to help! Below are a few sites that I've been visiting instead of working. Hope these help you out! - Path... Read this article

Chilli Peppers new album perfect summer soundtrack
Well, the summer music onslaught has just begun with a few key releases such as the new Tool and Hoobastank CDs that are rippin' up the charts. One release has been highly anticipated by both old and new fans of this band: The Red Hot Chili Pepp... Read this article

Taking a look back on an interesting year in the wrestling ring
Well, it's been an interesting year in wrestling. We have a champ that gets just as many boos as cheers, we've lost a great wrestler in Eddie Guerrero (and has the tragedy been stretched more than we thought possible) and McMahon has totally ... Read this article

Cannibal Corpse sticks to gory, scary metal on new album
Ah, another year and another Cannibal Corpse release for me to review. The band tried to mix it up a little on Kill by bringing an old member back into the fray, but the gory, horror-driven death metal sounds almost practically the same as every one... Read this article

Is Singh the next big thing?
Smackdown wasn't the best this week (although it looks like Smackdown is finally going to really push their tag team division) but at least after another dismal Mark Henry encounter, we finally got to see the next “big” thing in wrest... Read this article

Gamer Review: Small improvements mean big fun
I loved the Burnout series for the Xbox and Revenge was the best of the bunch. That game actually made me put Halo 2 on the backburner for a that's saying a lot. While I completed most of the events to perfection on the original Xbox v... Read this article

Classic metal to stand the test of time
I have to confess that I didn't pick up anything new to review this week. I was going to get the new Cannibal Corpse but the two places I went to buy it weren't carrying it. I think that's so weird because their newest CD cover for Kill d... Read this article

Wrestling on the Web
Coming off of Wrestlemania, I decided to dedicate a links column to some wrestling web sites that you may not know. Some are piledrivers while others are just suplexes. Let's take a look: Read this article

Gamer Review: Kameo shelved no more
As I played Project Gotham Racing 3 and Ghost Recon for hours on end, Kameo sat on my shelf. I played the begging mission maybe about a month and a half ago and didn't get excited about it, so I put it back on the shelf. This past weekend, I wa... Read this article

Movies they don't want you to see
Another issue, another batch of sites that will keep you up late or prevent you from doing the work that you're supposed to. Gaming Stuff - — If you want to see som... Read this article

Wrestlemania throws some curveballs
Damn…I thought I was going to be on the ball for the majority of the matches with my predictions, but the WWE threw a few curveballs at what was probably one of the better Wrestlemanias in a long time. Let's take a look at the results: WWE Champ... Read this article

Surf the killin'-time superhighway
Alrighty! It's that section of the paper where I get to share all the sites on the web that I find when I'm procrastinating writing any of the other columns I do for the paper. What was I looking at this week? Let's find out! No Homer&... Read this article

Gamer Review: New Ghost Recon exceeds expectations
I hadn't played any of the Ghost Recon series until December of last year when my friend picked it up for some multiplayer fun while he was visiting. I really enjoyed the single player campaign although I found the longevity of the game coming f... Read this article

TV lies: body sprays don't work
So, I was in the local drug store the other day picking up some deodorant and there it was on the shelf: Axe body spray. I thought about the commercials that showed these guys having the chicks jump all over them, leading to scoring, from what I ass... Read this article

Salute local bar for saluting the heavy metal scene
On Tuesday, February 28th, I went over to Cowboys nightclub (formerly known as The Drink) to get my fill of heavy metal through a concert featuring The Devin Townsend Band, Dark Tranquility and the mighty Opeth. Me and my friends arrived to see the ... Read this article

Wrestlemania 22: Pete makes his predictions
It's that time of year again where I lay all my cards on the table and try to predict the winners at Wrestlemania. Let's see what I can do this year: WWE Champion John Cena vs. Triple H - You may laugh at me, but I'm telling you right n... Read this article

New season, but same ol' Smackdown
It's now March and we're heading into Wrestlemania so why can't the WWE do anything right with Smackdown? I think it is painfully obvious that they have to end the brand extension and go back to having their roster be on any show. This wa... Read this article

Mastadon: calling all metalheads
The band that gained my prestigious (in my mind) CD of the year award, Mastodon, is starting 2006 with a bang. Not only did Relapse release Call of the Mastodon, which featured the band's first recordings all remastered, they also have released t... Read this article

DVD Review: Blood, gore and kicking ass on DVD
If you're a wrestling fan and love the old days of ECW and the violence they could only give to us, don't hesitate for one second on purchasing the DVD Bloodsport: the ECW's Most Violent Matches. It's a 10. That's it….go buy it. ... Read this article

Hart makes hell freeze over
TNA proved to the world once again that their brand is something to watch out for this year. Their “Against All Odds” PPV turned out to be one hell of a ride which saw Christian (Cage… I hate saying that) walk out as the new TNA Heavywei... Read this article

COD2 more like WWII
My neck hurts and my ears are ringing. It's been a long time since a game has had me frantically turning my neck with the in-game camera because of the intensity of the gameplay in Call of Duty 2. I don't even know where the term “gam... Read this article

Album Review: In Flames clearly rocks
You know that the world is a better place when you can go into any CD store and buy the new In Flames disc for $15. On the heels of a successful North American tour last year, In Flames returns with a CD that is looking to win over even more fans on... Read this article

Dear WWE: you suck.
Dear WWE, I am writing to tell you that I am absolutely sick to death with the Eddie Guerrero storylines and dialogue. When he passed on, I was very proud of the great memorial show you put on for him and the kind words the week after. Now it has be... Read this article

Dandy Warhols should stay in the studio
If you've read my column over the past year (and years past), it's no secret to you that I'm a big fan of The Dandy Warhols. There's something just so euphoric about their music; the simple arrangements and chords can make anyone sco... Read this article

Realistic game puts you in the driver's seat
I finally have had some “go time” with one of the most anticipated launch games for the 360, Project Gotham Racing 3. I have to be honest with you and say that if I hadn't gotten this game for free, I don't know if I would have b... Read this article

Xbox 360 is well worth the wait
Yes, I know. It's been quite a long time since I've written a gaming column. I've played many games over the past year, but I slowed down a bit cause of my new job and also because I hadn't played too many new games because I was pla... Read this article

Family Guy still inappropriately hilarious
There are few things in life that are funnier than Family Guy: friends accidentally getting hit in the groin by flying objects, drunk people yelling at statues and people eating food until they throw up. That's all I can think of. That's why... Read this article

Don't miss another Top Ten moment
Hey, peoples! Time once again to waste time on the Internet. Let's see what I found for all of you to look at this week! The Late Show with David Letterman Read this article

Album Review: Foos release hit mini-album
This week's column will be a shorter one, but since I'm reviewing a nice little “bonus” release, I can pretty much sum it up kind of quickly. My number one CD of 2005, Foo Fighters' In Your Honor was packed with two CDs full ... Read this article

Blogs buzzing about Rumble
This year's Rumble sure has the wrestling world (or at least those who are bloggers) in a heated discussion. Some are saying that this year's Rumble was one of the best in a long time where others are already calling it the dud of duds and on... Read this article

Live album ‘knot' a great performance
During the winter break, I received the new live Slipknot CD from my sis (thanks!). I was on the fence about buying it because I already have all their CDs, and even though I am a big fan of live albums, I already have their Disasterpieces DVD. 9.0... Read this article

What's happening around the ring
TNA's show on Saturday night was pretty well put together. The feud between the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles seems to be heating up. I think that the Angel will interfere and throw the towel in during the upcoming match between ... Read this article

Getting thrown around the ring
On the Smackdown side of things, Batista looked so heartbroken about having to give up the World Heavyweight Championship that you really felt for the guy. Don't worry, Dave, you'll get it back once you heal from your surgery. I don't ge... Read this article

Just can't get enough TNA?
Once again I decided to plop down some good money for another TNA Pay Per View. No, I don't mean a porno, I mean TNA Wrestling! The action was excellent and crushed the majority of WWE PPVs of the last few months. Here's a rundown of the resu... Read this article

Encapsulating teen angst in popular 90's sitcom
Hey people! I've found some cool sites this week that I've just have to testify about! Let's get right to it! TV Shows on DVD — — I found this lin... Read this article

Album Review: Opeth album scores Perfect 10
I'd just like to start off by saying that I scored Nine Inch Nails tickets and I'm going to brag. BOO-YAH! Second of all, I'd like to let you know that the band that got the #2 spot on my Top Ten of 2005 list, Opeth, will be coming to Th... Read this article

WWE predictions down for the count
Oh my! I was completely off with the majority of my predictions for the New Year's Revolution PPV. Where did I go wrong? Was I hoping for the best? Let's see: Women's lingerie match: Ashley wins. I forgot to predict a winner but like I s... Read this article

DVD Review: Hungry for more Aqua Teen DVDs?
It's been a long time waiting, but we Aqua Teen Hunger Force fans can finally see the season four episodes. Teletoon is only playing episodes from the first three seasons and while the season four episodes have been viewed on the Cartoon Network ... Read this article

See you at the music store buying the new Korn album
Some think that Korn have pigeonholed themselves into a certain sound. You buy a Korn CD and you know you're going to get their trademarked sound, they'll be a few good songs and you'll be happy. If you're expecting the same from thi... Read this article

What to expect from WWE in 2006
Another year and more pay per views to decisions to make in which ones to buy. This January we have one TNA PPV and two WWE PPVs. What are we going to do? Over the Christmas break, the WWE was still the same except it's interesting to see that th... Read this article

Pete's Top 10 albums of 2005
Hey there, ladies and gentlemen. I want to wish you all a happy New Year and want to welcome you back to Fanshawe. It's that time again to pick my best of the year. Remember, these are MY picks from the CDs that I actually purchased this year. M... Read this article

Good WWE show a one-time deal
Coming off of one of the best PPVs in a long time, Taboo Tuesday, I thought that the WWE may be turning it around. After the horrible RAW and Smackdown craptacular Survivor Series (SS), I just had shake my head in shame. To talk about the SS for a m... Read this article

Album Review: Hypnotize is much better than Mesmerize
For those of you who missed last week's column (shame on you), I took a look at the first half of System of a Down's double opus of the year, Mezmerize. I gave it 6 out of 10. Nonetheless, I was at the store to purchase Hypnotize the day it ... Read this article

Figuratively speaking
Time to pop back on the Net and find some really cool stuff that will occupy your time when you're supposed to be working. What crazy stuff will we find this week? Let's find out! Playmates Toys - Read this article

DVD Review: Beavis and Butthead are cool, heh heheh
Uh heh heheh m hehe mehehhehe mehehehe! Yep, if you've seen the show before you can hear the trademark laughter in your head. Beavis and Butthead was one of those fine shows on MTV in the early ‘90's that examined the metal culture acc... Read this article

DVD Review: Don't reject Zombie's newest DVD
I really loved House of 1000 Corpses by horror and metal mastermind, Rob Zombie. There were some parts in that movie that kind of freaked me out a bit; a feeling that I haven't had since watching the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre (not that cra... Read this article

Muppets invade the Net
Hey there, peoples! I'm back once again with some more fun stuff that you can check out on the Net. Here we go! Apple Quicktime Movie Trailers - - If yo... Read this article

I got kicked in the junk: a story with a moral
The other day I'm in the store and WHAM, this guy walks up to me out of nowhere and kicks me in the groin. I go down, in no end of pain. Wincing in agony, I shout, in that curious blend of suffering and hatred that can only come from a state of e... Read this article

WWE wrestler remembered on RAW after untimely death
R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero. What a tragic week it's been in the wrestling world. The sudden death of Eddie Guerrero has shocked industry workers and fans alike. Is the cause of death shocking? No, not really, but it's still pretty upsetting to se... Read this article

Album Review: Still Alive after 20 years of deadly metal
I can't believe Anthrax has been around for over 20 years now. Boy, do I ever feel old! And if you told me that to celebrate their 20th anniversary, one of the original line-ups would reform and do a tour, I would have laughed and said that it wo... Read this article

More website fun to pass the time
I'm back with new web fun! Let's take a look at some of the good stuff that I've found recently. — - Yes, Winamp has been around for a long time, but you... Read this article

Dear Ruth; eBay is the shit!
I read the column, “Are you eFraid of eBay” by Ruth Swanson from the last issue and I just thought I might put in my two cents to perhaps aid the writer and those of you who may be in the same boat as her in taking your first eBay plunges... Read this article

Star Wars franchise markets another
I decided to write about another smooth toy that I picked up recently. Actually, to say that it's a toy is misleading. For the last 2 years, Hasbro has been producing the Unleashed line, which is basically 8 inch (or so) Star Wars statues. The ... Read this article

People you meet driving on London city streets
I wrote this article after finally losing it when some idiot rear-ended me last year at a RED LIGHT. People read this on my myspace site ( and ... Read this article

Terrible smackdown show proves fight spoilers are a good thing
Wrestling this week was a little slow coming off the heels of the Taboo Tuesday PPV and starting the Survivor Series hype. The big story here is the whole RAW vs. Smackdown elimination match to crown the most dominant roster and WWE show. I don't... Read this article

DVD Review: Final (?) Star Wars is “one hell of a ride!”
I'm kind of sad because this is the last Star Wars movie ever to be released (or at least that's what we're lead to believe.) I grew up watching these and was actually lucky enough as a kid to be able to have experienced Return of the Jed... Read this article

Long-forgotten characters alive on the Net
Hey there, peoples! I'm back with more crazy stuff from the Net. I'm actually going to list some sites that have to do with Star Wars this week. With all the hoopla around the Episode 3 DVD coming soon, I see no reason why these links should... Read this article

Frightenstein and friends are back!
I've touched on this show almost every year since I've been writing for the Interrobang because I want to keep the memory of the show alive. I've always promoted Read this article

Album Review: An old label with a new idea
To celebrate their 25 years in the music industry, Roadrunner Records decided to do something different; take major stars from bands that have been on their label and put them in different “groups” to write and perform original tracks. ... Read this article

Finally PPV is worth the money
So many negative things are flying around the WWE this week (or at least as of the time of writing this.) Smackdown was another sub par show and I don't know why I continue to say that week after week. Mind you, it was nice to see the RAW presenc... Read this article

Game Review: Tekken 5: Who's the boss?
Yes, I know that Soul Caliber 3 has arrived, but I haven't had the chance to play it yet so I decided to take a look at one of the other fighters that have made an impact on the gaming world. Tekken Tag Tournament was the first game for the PS2 t... Read this article

Skeletor meets the Emulator on the links
BAAAAAAAAAM! I am back to bring you even more crazy-assed websites. Two of these will hopefully make you either piss yourself laughing or question people's imaginations. Either way, check them out, ‘cause they're so much fun! Skeletor... Read this article

Album Review: ICP is insanely bad
Happy November! Wait…is November really that happy? Days get darker earlier, term assignments and exams approach and people start to get S.A.D. DAMN YOU, NOVEMBER! Hopefully some music will cheer us all up — this edition is going to be a doubl... Read this article

DVD Review: He-man has the power
“I HAVE THE POWER!” I may be dating myself here, but I'm sure those who are higher up than me who have the power at Fanshawe or the Interrobang know exactly what I'm talking about when they read those magic words. After years of w... Read this article

Colon doctors too raw for RAW
Smackdown, oh Smackdown! Are you trying to get attention by having RAW superstars show up on your show? Shouldn't you have had more attention by having former RAW superstars on your show now like Chris Benoit, Christian and Randy Orton? Oh yeah, ... Read this article

Burt Reynolds is all over the Internet
Welcome back to the twisted world of the Internet! I'm your wonderful host, Pete, and I'm here to bring you some of the strangest or most fun stuff on the net (without resorting to people doing things with uh, their own waste). What did I fin... Read this article

DVD Review: Annoyance, not tension caused by new horror flick
We all need more horror in our lives this time of year, right? Sure we do! That's why I needed to see High Tension. It's the movie that Lions Gate picked up so we could see it in our part of the world. High Tension was shot in France, so t... Read this article

Album Review: Fiery concept for debut
A Dozen Furies is the band that won the first ever Battle for Ozzfest contest last year. I never paid much attention to the whole Ozzfest competition, because I figured it really wouldn't introduce me to any bands with substance. Boy, was I wrong... Read this article

Smackdown PPV not worth the dough
I'd like to offer props to Tony Vancouver for covering for me last week, especially since I wasn't too impressed or motivated to write about wrestling last week. Not only was the Smackdown-brand PPV mind numbing, but so was the second RAW bac... Read this article

Gaming Review: Road rage for gamers
Seeing how I've actually gotten away from Halo 2 for a bit, I have been able to indulge in other gaming goodies. The Capcom Collection I mentioned a few issues back as still been good to me, but it's taken a backseat (damn puns) to another ga... Read this article

Get the most out of your action figures
Alrighty! I'm back after spending some spare time on the net and I'm here to bring you all some crazy stuff. Well, they may not be that crazy, but fun little time wasters nonetheless. Remember, if you want to send me some links to your favour... Read this article

Album Review: New Static-X album leaves other attempts in the shadows
The fourth studio album from the electronic/technologically fused metal outfit Static-X arrived during the summer months and with it brought the harder edge back to the band that I thought was missing from their last CD, Shadow Zone. If you are a fa... Read this article

Album review: Means to an End is one Biohazard you shouldn't avoid
Biohazard was one of the contributing forces in today's hardcore music scene. With the release of Urban Discipline in the early 90's and State of the Union Address afterwards, it seemed like nothing could stop the mighty pissed off hardcore/m... Read this article

Vintage kid's shows revisited in all their website glory
A hoi-hoi, people! I'm back with some more fun web antics. Here are some more sites that I've found or have been referred to. If you have any suggestions for some sites for me to check out and list here in the paper, let me know! Outrageous... Read this article

New DVD reveals behind-the-scenes tales of the Ultimate Warrior
As a long time wrestling fan, I've been enjoying many of the DVD collections and biographies that the WWE has been releasing. It was an easy choice to pick up their newest DVD that features a retrospective look at one of the most energetic super... Read this article

USA welcomes RAW
WWE moved to the USA Network last Monday night and because of the switch back to the old network, they decided to pack one hell of a show into a three hour timeslot. Did they succeed in delivering what they promised? Almost. Mick Foley and Roddy Pi... Read this article

Album Review: Band's comeback album is just Dandy
Some people can't believe that I'm a fan of the Dandy Warhols because I listen to so much heavy music. But there's just something about the ambiance and the good feeling I get when I listen to the their music — the majority of it a... Read this article

Gamer Review: Capcom Classics still a perfect score!
My, oh my! I think it just wet myself! This has got to be one of the best compilation titles ever! I don't know how many of you are old enough to remember when going to the arcade was an event; you got to play games that you would never dream abo... Read this article

Some oldies, some goodies and some great ways to waste time
Hey, everyone! Hope things are running smooth for ya'll in this month so far. To pass the time and relieve some stress, here's some more great sites to check out. Here comes the goodness: Read this article

Killadelphia is the perfect example of concert DVD perfection
I love concert DVDs when they're done properly. I like the camera to be moving around, but not too crazy or fast. I love to hear crystal clear sound pumping through the 5.1s and not some camcorder audio. I love to see the band backstage and al... Read this article

All-robot band captures its audiences with catchy tunes and a great back story
Over the summer I experienced one of the most interesting live performances that I've ever been subjected to; Captured! By Robots. Captured! By Robots is an all robot band that is led by the horribly mutated (onstage only) human, J-BOT. The sto... Read this article

Latest PPV wrestling matches play out just as predicted
Alrighty! Another PPV has come and gone so let's look to see if I was close with my predictions! Trish Stratus and Ashley vs. Victoria and Torrie Wilson This was a short match with very little action. I knew this would be a small warm up match... Read this article

DVD Review: Superhero/lawyer hybrid a smash hit on DVD
With the success of Adult Swim's DVD releases like the top notch Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Space Ghost, we get that hilarious and inept lawyer/former 60's cartoon hero Harvey Birdman and all his antics on DVD. For those unfamiliar with the ... Read this article

Album Review: The real agony is in the quality of LOA album
And now, the continuing story of a music lover reviewing CDs that were purchased during the summer months… Life of Agony — Broken Valley I have loved almost anything this band has ever done. If you want to experience a new band that has a w... Read this article

Handicapping Unforgiven
Sorry I missed my chance to give you my two cents on the WWE last week, but unfortunately I couldn't get an article in on time! As for this past week's programming, Smackdown actually had more to offer than Raw, but that's because Raw'... Read this article

500th Star Wars toy a collector's dream
I love toys and I see them (and their packaging) as mini works of art that you can sometimes play with. I leave my Simpsons and Star Wars toys in the packaging but my McFarlane monsters and horror creatures (except the Movie Maniacs series) and my M... Read this article

Album Review: Pretend Weezer didn't record Make Believe
Another issue already and another disc that I picked up over the summer months that I need to give the spotlight to: Weezer — Make Believe Usually, I review stuff that I like because I don't go out and spend the money on stuff that I kn... Read this article

DVD Review - Homer Head makes Season 6 even better
YESSSSS! Another Simpsons set! Can it get any better than this? Well, I guess it could, since the Simpsons are played like 20 times a day on different stations. But here in all their DVD glory, you get the unsyndicated (is that a word?) versions in ... Read this article

Album review - NIN's With Teeth doesn't have any bite
Alright! To continue on with the stuff up picked up during the summer months, I give to you… Nine Inch Nails — With Teeth With any NIN album, expectations are unfortunately pretty high and the expectations were heightened even further becau... Read this article

Wilura's Web - The best Thundercats spoof ever made, plus shooting Bob Saget!
Here we go! Here are more fun and wacky websites for all of you to check out. If you're all nice (and if I have enough time to plow through the millions of awful sites on the net), I'll do a few more of these. Ok…let's get onto the goodn... Read this article

SummerSlam: If you went to the bathroom, you missed it
For those of you who don't know, I have been writing about wrestling for the Interrobang for many years now. Just like my other music, movie or gaming blurbs, feel free to write into the paper with your own takes on the WWE and their shows. Is t... Read this article

Anyone need Gamers Anonymous?
Something has happened to me over the past ten months that I'm not proud of. I wrote about it briefly last year when the madness began, but I feel that I must give an update for those who related to this blurb last year who may still be at Fansha... Read this article

Pity the Foo who doesn't like the new double album
My God, has it been four months already? Geez…it seems like yesterday that I wrote the season finale to “Musical Ramblings!” For those of you who don't know me, I am the self righteous guy that brings interesting music reviews to the... Read this article

The Muppets get a 10!
I almost had an accident in my pants when I found out that Disney was going to be releasing The Muppet Show on DVD in Seasons! Many episodes were available through Time/Life and weren't remastered. The sets sold out quickly and left many, includ... Read this article

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