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My Bites and Bytes: Oblivion obviously addictive

Peter W | Interrobang | Lifestyles | September 11th, 2006

The Elder's Scrolls IV: Oblivion for the Xbox 360
I love the odd RPG and I've always been a fan of the Final Fantasy series, so as the hype surrounding Oblivion grew, so did my curiosity about what the game encompassed. Thankfully a friend of mine bought it on day one and played it for about two months straight and then handed over to me to try. In one way, this is one of the coolest games I've ever played but on the other hand, I wish I never borrowed it. It sucked my life away for almost two months.

You'll spend at least the first two to three hours just customizing your character's looks, style and character class. From there, you jump into the main story for about an hour and then it's all up to you on what you can do next.

It seems like everyone in every town has a problem that they can't solve without you doing it. Doing these side quests will keep you busy in the game for hours. I think I was over 50 hours into the game without really touching the main quests. I was more interested in earning gold to buy stuff, refining my sword skills and learning some magic all while doing favours for the different guilds in the game (fighter, mage, thief and dark brotherhood).

The graphics in this game are simply breathtaking and although there are some ugly characters in this game, watching their facial expressions as you try to persuade them into giving you more money or information is just great. The creatures are well done, too except you find that by the 50 hour mark that you want more diversity in the enemies you face.

I sank a total of 110 hours into this game before I finished the main quest and gave it back. I still had subquests that I could have completed but when you finish the game and unlock all the achievements for it, I find no real reason to play it anymore.

Play this at your own risk because it's addictive and it could possibly be a relationship ender.
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