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The 2015 BMW X6 M


BMW's coupe-like SUV, known as the X6 M, is both sleek on the exterior and the interior, but with a hefty price tag and a car that is better on the highway than in a urban setting, it begs the question is this car truly worth the purchase?

Nauman Farooq | Interrobang | Sports | October 12th, 2015

When BMW first introduced the X6 model back in 2008–2009, people didn’t know what to think of it.

It was comparable to an SUV, but not one that would be any good to off-road with. It was shaped like a coupe, but it was much bigger and bulkier than anything that had ever had the word ‘coupe’ attached to it.

While the vehicle was quite large, it actually had very little space inside. And because it was meant to be sporty, its suspension was stiff, so it rode like it had tires made from concrete rather than rubber.

It seemed like a vehicle that tried to be a little bit of everything, while not being great at any single thing. It is easy to assume that sales would be a disaster, but this is an incorrect thought. The first generation X6 had over 250,000 units delivered globally since its launch.

All of the sales convinced BMW to keep on the path of producing coupe-like SUVs. Not only is there a new X6 on the market, but BMW’s rivals are also starting to offer a similar vehicle.

I thought I’d find out more about the new X6 by testing the most extreme version of the breed, called the X6 M.

Thanks to twin-scroll, twin-turbochargers on a 4.4 litre V8 that produces 567 horsepower and 553 pound per foot of torque, the X6 M can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in 4.2 seconds, while its max speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h. This 2,352-kilogram vehicle can out sprint many lightweight sports cars.

Power is fed to all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic gearbox that behaves very much like a dual-clutch transmission (DCT). The shifts were so quick and precise, that I had to look up the literature on this vehicle to see what transmission it actually had. Even the shift lever in the cabin looked like the unit for the DCT.

Out on the road, especially when on a smooth stretch of highway, the performance is simply demonic; a quick stab of the accelerator pedal will see you surge past everything on the road.

However, if you don’t want to stop at every gas station, just settle in at a gentle cruise and it drinks little for a vehicle of this type.

On the highway, I averaged about 10.2L/100km; in the city, that can easily exceed 18.0L/100km.

My week-long test gave me a combined figure of 14.1L/100km, which is acceptable for a powerful vehicle such as this; but since it only drinks premium fuel, the cost of operation is high.

Off the highway and into the city, the X6 M feels less at home; the ride is choppy, even in comfort mode. Its fat tires provide lots of grip, but even they add to the problem of its judder-filled ride.

From a luxury point of view, it is improved over the previous model. Not only is there more cargo space, there is also more room for occupants, especially in the front.

As expected, the gadgets on this car are remarkable, including the clever night-vision camera, as fitted to my tester.

All of this is wrapped in a body that is far prettier than the previous X6 and the public does seem to like what they saw with a lot of compliments during my test drive.

The 2015 BMW X6 M might not make sense to a lot of people, but it is a vehicle that has plenty of personality and because of this fact, it is worth having if you can afford it with its base price marked as $108,200.
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