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Interrobang issue for Monday, October 12th, 2015

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Fanshawe hosts Q&A with London-Fanshawe riding candidates
Three of the five candidates running for Parliament for the London- Fanshawe riding met in Forwell Hall for a formal Q&A session as a way to inform students about the election. Khalil Ramal from the Liberal Party, Matthew Peloza from t... Read this article

Pollenize helps voters make informed decisions
A new user-friendly smartphone application is making information about the 2015 Federal election accessible and easy to understand for all voters. Pollenize provides voters with all the information they need to make an informed decision, a... Read this article

Voting in the upcoming election
Oct. 19 marks the 42nd Federal Election of Canada. Fanshawe college prepared by inviting the candidates of the London-Fanshawe riding to come speak to us about their platforms in a Q&A, which was held on Monday, Oct. 5. Every Canadian ... Read this article

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Mulcair slams Harper and Trudeau while in London
New Democratic Party (NDP) leader Tom Mulcair held a rally at the London Convention Centre while on a six city Southwestern Ontario campaign trail called the “Whistle-Stop Harper Tour”. He delivered a charismatic and impassione... Read this article

What's with all the hoopla?
Streaming from online sources like Netflix is the new way to watch television and movies at home. This can certainly be a more cost effective option rather than purchasing a home cable package, but what’s even better, is when it’s f... Read this article

London Homeless Coalition combines their soup and bread day with international efforts
Abe Oudshoorn is a professor in the School of Nursing at Western University and also the chair of the London Homeless Coalition. He comes from a background of working as a nurse with people who have experienced poverty and homelessness. Th... Read this article

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Water Wise competition open to creative Fanshawe students
The Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating (CIPH) is hoping to inspire creativity and ingenuity in students with a competition designed to raise student awareness about water conservation. The “Canada’s Most Water Wise Scho... Read this article

Minimum wage increase means (a little) more money in your pocket
Effective Oct. 1, the Ontario minimum wage rate was raised to $11.25 per hour. The 25 cent increase has made Ontario’s minimum wage rate the second highest in the country, beaten out only by the Northwest Territories with a minimum w... Read this article

Project Play teams up with Forest City Comicon
Project Play is a charitable organization that hosts a one-day gaming event in order to raise money to support community organizations in London, and for the first time since the company was founded in 2012 they are teaming up with Forest City... Read this article

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Oktoberfest comes to London
Kitchener-Waterloo’s iconic Bavarian festival comes to London the weekend of Oct. 9 and 15. This is the first time the festival has expanded beyond Kitchener- Waterloo in its 41-year history. “Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest ... Read this article

Uber versus taxi battle comes to London
With the rise of Uber in many large cities across the country, taxi services, as well as some municipal governments, have been fighting back. The main strife Uber has generated comes from the fact that Uber drivers avoid paying registratio... Read this article


Fork in the Road: I want it all
I’m someone who wants to do everything, new opportunities, new learning experiences, new travel destinations, new skill acquisitions, I don’t want to miss any of it. With every year that passes, the urge to try new things only st... Read this article

The politics of dinner
Imagine going out for sushi with a dozen friends. A bunch of people want plain white rice, it’s nothing special but they know what they’re getting and they’d prefer not to try something new. The rest of the group is trying to d... Read this article

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Rumours of Grace: From waterworld, to home, to wasteland?
The Bible opens with a story called Genesis. The word Genesis comes from the Greek word for beginning, think generations or genetics. And Genesis itself begins with chapter one, which describes the beginning of the world. If you read it with a l... Read this article


Heat Wave: Environmental censorship concerns rise as vote day approaches
Election day is getting closer and many people are wondering how they should cast their ballot. Often, it’s just a matter of deciding which issues are important to a voter. One of the major issues people will think about during and after... Read this article

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Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Aries (March 21 - April 19) Independence grows from confidence and skill. You’ve worked hard to get this far, and you want to savor the moment before moving on. For now, at least, you have the power to convince the stubborn oppositi... Read this article

Local artist Davita Guslits shares where her inspiration comes from
Clarence Street in downtown London is known as a hub for local music with Call The Office, the APK, Grooves and the VibraFusion Lab sitting side by side. Vibrafusion is the newest of these music venues and is a place where film, art and mu... Read this article

G33K LYFE: A decade of the colossus
What is art? Ask a passer-by this question and you will likely hear the same recycled answers. Art is a painting, music, a poem, or film; even the dictionary definition suggests what the ‘typical’ art mediums should be. Others will ... Read this article

Drake has no Future
Drake and Future have had an incredibly successful year. Each of the artists have had solo albums debut at number one on the Billboard top 200 and their latest collaborative release has followed suit. The What A Time To Be Alive mix tape dropp... Read this article

When Toy Story meets Hurricane
There are some stories that seem to be universal. These are stories of grief, isolation and loneliness. All of us, at some point, have felt loss, have felt the painful reality of being different, have felt the eyes of others staring and judging... Read this article

Limitless TV pilot review
NEW WESTMINISTER (CUP) – Fall is probably my favourite season when it comes to television. Most of my favourite television series come out with new seasons during this time, and it’s also a treasure trove of new series. Sometimes t... Read this article

Bobbyisms: Lindi Ortega at Aeolian Hall
I write about random things a lot. I write a lot about random things. I haven’t made much of a secret of my fondness for subscription streaming music services over the last couple of years, and in that time the number of such on–dem... Read this article

One small step for movies...
Based on a novel by Andy Weir, The Martian is the story of one man trapped on Mars after being left for dead by his crew. As those on Earth discover his survival and struggle to find ways to bring him home, Mark Watney — played by Matt Da... Read this article

Conservation in Z building
As the ever-growing global warming issue looms over society, new and more effective methods of energy conservation have moved to the forefront of architectural design. Spearheading the energy conservation efforts at Fanshawe College is the... Read this article

All drains lead to the ocean
So long and thanks for all the fish. Our society loves its conveniences. Soaps to make us smell nice, antibiotics to cure our every illness and a tiny pill to prevent one of the more expensive results of sex. However, our heavy reliance... Read this article

It can be easy eating green
Finding ways to eat green can be difficult, especially when you’re a student, but there are lots of ways to be environmentally aware when choosing what to eat, as well as how and where you get your food. According to Ironman participa... Read this article

Restoring the 'Forest City'
When a city expands, urbanization can affect the natural environment. As London continues to grow, it could lose its status as the Forest City if the environment is not preserved. ReForest London is one organization which is working ha... Read this article

Be familiar with waste removal in the city
Canada is a country known for their free health care, but apparently, we do not fare as well when it comes to wasting our natural resources that include energy and water. And let’s not forget about our garbage that accumulates throughout ... Read this article

Reducing your carbon footprint: It's a-boot time
Carbon footprint: it’s a term we hear more and more each day, but what is it exactly? Well, it’s not a shoe size, it has nothing to do with carbs and it’s not something you leave on wet cement. A carbon footprint is the me... Read this article

What to do with old electronics and dead batteries
Upon entering the bookstore in the F Building, a collection of bins sits off to the side and catches your eye. There, waiting on your right, is one of the most important programs set up by Fanshawe’s sustainability co-ordinator, Mary-Lee ... Read this article

Leaving your eco-footprint, one stitch at a time
The environment is a hot topic for many students. Some ride their bike to school, pack food in reusable containers, or use a non-disposable water bottles to leave their eco-footprint. However, clothing doesn’t often come to mind when we ... Read this article

Get out of the workout rut
Do you ever find yourself dreading your workout or doing it half-assed? If this is case for you then stop. Working out should be a time you look forward to, a time for relieving stress, for releasing frustrations and for letting endorphins ... Read this article

Good nutrition starts with you
Good nutrition is actually simpler than you think. What makes nutrition complicated is your behaviours, beliefs, lifestyle and current state of health. The world further complicates good nutrition further with all its promises. Here are some s... Read this article

Contaminating recyclables costs big money
Over recent years, London’s recycling program has seen an increase to its services, from the introduction of newer, larger, blue boxes made from recycled plastics to allowing more forms of plastic and paper into the recycle stream. This i... Read this article

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Recent scientific adventures
As the Federal election is on the minds of most Canadians, researchers around the world are still hard at work in their respective fields, bringing more information to the masses every day. I will take this space to share some scientific news ... Read this article

Girlpool soften the edges of punk rock
MONTREAL (CUP) – Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad are Los Angeles natives residing in Philadelphia, making D.I.Y introspective punk rock music as Girlpool. With nothing but a guitar and a bass, their raw punk aesthetic accentuates the pur... Read this article


The 2015 BMW X6 M
When BMW first introduced the X6 model back in 2008–2009, people didn’t know what to think of it. It was comparable to an SUV, but not one that would be any good to off-road with. It was shaped like a coupe, but it was much bigg... Read this article

London Knights alumni starring in NHL
The National Hockey League (NHL) regular season is underway and all eyes are on the players who survived training camp and those that didn't. Junior stars Mitchell Marner and Christian Dvorak were returned from their respective NHL clu... Read this article

Premier League Ponderings: Rodgers sacked as Liverpool manager
After three and a half seasons in charge, Brendan Rodgers was relieved of his duties as the Liverpool manager in the wake of a 1-1 draw with Everton on Oct. 4, bringing to an end what was the second longest management tenure in the Premier Lea... Read this article

Success continues for Falcons' soccer
Both the men’s and women’s Fanshawe Falcons soccer teams continue their winning ways into October, with both teams yet to face a loss in the 2015 season. The women’s Falcons are 6-0-0 and the men are 5-0-1 after wins against t... Read this article

Women's soccer Jade Kovacevic breaks Falcon record for most goals in a season
Jade Kovacevic is making a name for herself on the Fanshawe Falcons women’s soccer team. This season, she has already broken the Fanshawe record for most goals in a season, when she netted her 14th goal against the Lambton Lions on Wedne... Read this article

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