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Fanshawe Student Union welcomes two new VPs


FSU executive elections results include Jayme-Marie Dodge (left) as VP External and Academic Affairs, and Kimberley Francis (right) as VP Athletics and Residence Life.

Melissa Novacaska | Interrobang | News | October 24th, 2016

After a few weeks of campaigning, two new VPs were elected to join the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU).

The results, which were published on Friday, Oct. 14, indicated Jayme-Marie Dodge as VP External and Academic Affairs and Kimberley Francis as VP Athletics and Residence Life.

Both ladies began their duties on Monday, Oct.17.

Dodge won her seat with 650 votes and Francis with 641 votes.

“I am really excited, it was a really tight competition,” Dodge said. “I knew the person who was running with me is a very strong person so I was really nervous, but it was good, really good.”

According to Dodge, her position includes helping students with academic appeals, and she hopes she can help those students who need a second advocate.

“Going step by step is generally how I live every day, so that’s probably what I would do for each person that I work with,” Dodge said.

Dodge wanted this position since she previously worked at the college and figured she should step it up a notch and try something new.

“I already worked in the field of helping people, so if I could help even more people that I go to school with, it just makes sense to me,” Dodge said.

This role is important to Dodge because she enjoys helping people and wants to help them in any way, shape or form.

“This role is helpful for the students because if they do need the help, I’m here and I want to be here to help them,” Dodge said.

Francis has similar feelings about the results.

“I am very excited, very happy and somewhat taken aback. It feels very good to know that so many people took the time to vote for me and people wanting me to represent them,” Francis said.

Francis hopes to improve the athletics experience for students while they are on campus and show that extracurricular activities are available for all students.

She also wants to make sure those in residence are okay while at the college.

“This is their home away from home, so I want to ensure that they feel comfortable,” Francis said.

Francis previously worked at a residence, and therefore feels she is a familiar face to many.

She plans on being there for students who have complaints and be an “open door” for them.

“[I want to] create a channel for which they can come and speak to someone if need be, and then I can see the best way to rectify their issues,” Francis said.

According to Francis, her new role is important since having the athletics department and extracurricular activities is good for students and their bodies, while her position in residence also allows her to be with students who are looking for someone other than the administrative staff to represent and relate to them.

This role is also personally important to Francis.

“As an individual, it allows me to be more organized and it helps me to grow.”
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