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What's your Fanshawe story?: Colt Mayers - General arts and sciences

Cody Howe | Interrobang | Lifestyles | October 31st, 2016

Colt Mayers is a first year Fanshawe College student from Alberta “with a very unique idea that could either take off and rule the food industry or just flop”.

“Every Friday, my best friends Ashwyn, Eric and I would get panzerottis after the famous London Music Club Open Mic. The problem is that we could never decide on our favorite pizza spot. We liked Frank and Gus’s for their sauce, but we loved Marino’s for their dough,” Mayers explained

While most students stress about student debt and making the honour role, Mayers used his panzerotti anxiety to his advantage

“One night it just hit me: create a service where you can build a meal based on all of your favorite restaurant foods.”

After questioning him on the fact that you can already easily do this, he brought up a valid point.

“You absolutely can do this now, but you absolutely would have to pay separate delivery charges for each restaurant order you purchase.”

One of the most appealing traits about this idea is that unlike services such as, restaurants would pay a low monthly subscription to have their food featured instead of taking a percentages of each transaction, saving money and making it appealing to restaurant owners.

Mayers decided to name his service Beanos Food Sharing named after his grandfather who passed away in September of 2001 in a boating accident.

“I am taking the general arts and sciences program right now. I am glad I did not jump into a diploma yet as I really want to spend time on my decision to take business or culinary arts. My passion is with the knife, but I need the business and finance skills to get this idea off of the floor.”

Although Beanos Food Sharing is only in the idea stages, Mayers will be contacting his Career Services Counsellor about what his next step should be.

We asked Mayers why he made the 2,000-kilometre journey to Fanshawe and he informed us how Fanshawe runs in the family.

“Fanshawe is a family tradition for me. My mother, sister and brother have all gone here and have nothing but good things to say about it. They all have jobs in their fields and the cost of living is very low.”

Mayers also plans on pitching the ideas to his favorite restaurants next Friday, while enjoying a panzerotti.
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