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Falcons' basketball sending a powerful message


Both men's and women's basketball won two games in a row against the Sault College Cougars

Chris Orth | Interrobang | Sports | November 9th, 2016

On Nov. 5, the men’s and women’s basketball teams faced off against the Sault College Cougars. The female Falcons took an early lead of 11-6 after the first quarter.

Half way through the second the Falcons defense were forcing many turnovers leading to many easy buckets. Fanshawe had a 28-17 lead going into halftime. Fresh off the break Laura Vere and Mikhaila Wright both drained a couple of three pointers to put the falcons up by 20.

The Falcons, with a score of 53-33, felt confidant going into the fourth quarter. Wright put down two more three pointers making the Falcons comfortably coast to a 73-52 win. Ali Vlasman had 20 points while Wright finished with 19 points and eight rebounds.

The next day, the female Falcons were back on the court. A quick three pointer by Cougars’ Brianna Arichara caught the Falcons off guard and gave Sault the early lead. It didn’t take long for the Falcons to respond with a three pointer of their own, Wright found her groove and Vere helped Fanshawe take the lead.

The Cougars tried to stay in striking distance, but the Falcons led 17-15 after one quarter.

The Falcons’ defense increased in the second. A total of four minutes into the quarter and the Falcons didn’t allow the Cougars to score. The Falcons would go on to outscore the Cougars 11-5 in the second and lead 28-20 at halftime. Sault would open the second half with a three pointer, with the Falcons responding with an unanswered 8-0 point run.

The Falcons led 48-33 heading into the final quarter. Wright led the team with 23 points as the Falcons went on to a repeat performance and won 72-40.

The men’s basketball team, coming off a tough loss to Sheridan, wanted this win so they could get back on the right track. On Nov. 5, the Cougars came out with an aggressive pace.

The Falcons pulled ahead by four to end the quarter 24-20. The Falcons took full advantage of close shots and pulled ahead further heading into the half with a lead of 43-34.

The Falcons surged ahead even further in the third, but Sault kept it a 10-point game going into the fourth quarter. A big three pointer from Falcons’ Jake Price ended a 14-2 run for the team and secured the victory with a score of 86-67.

The next day, Falcons trailed early in the first quarter against the Cougars. Deandre Austin tied the game back up for the Falcons with an incredible drive.

After the first quarter the Falcons led by only a point with a score of 17-16. The Falcons started to pull away with a bit of a lead in the second quarter with a score of 25-20.

The Falcons would continue to dominate and pick apart the Cougars leading 40-24 going into halftime.

The Falcons came back from the break strong with five straight baskets and led by 21 points, but the Cougars wanted to stay in the game and came back with six baskets of their own. The Cougars closed the gap to 14, but the Falcons still had a 56-42 with one quarter left to play.

In the fourth, the Falcons pulled away and won the game with a score of 79-58.

Alfred Johnson finished with a game-high 25 points while Filip Pejic had a double-double for the Falcons with 11 points and 10 rebounds.
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