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A spiking upset


Both the men's and women's volleyball teams had a busy weekend against the Mohawk Mountaineers with both teams falling short.

Chris Orth | Interrobang | Sports | November 14th, 2016

On Nov. 12, the Falcons took on the Mohawk Mountaineers in some intense volleyball action. The women's team opened the action and the crowd quickly got behind the Falcons as they got a quick 2-1 lead. The excitement in the crowd grew after a huge shot block made by Lindsay Wilcox.

The Falcons kept the lead for most of the set, but Mountaineers battled back and tied the game at 12. Mountaineers would go on to take the lead at 19-17, but the Falcons clawed back with amazing serves and retook the lead 20-19. That was the last of the Falcons in the first set as Mountaineers went on to win the set 25-22

Second set, with the game tied at seven, Wilcox hit a monstrous overpass by the Mountaineers and gave the Falcons an edge up. After yet another kill by Wilcox, the Mountaineers were forced to call a timeout.

Some absolutely key serving from Darian Gropp helped the Falcons pull ahead with seven straight points, which put the score at 14-7. Falcons would go on to win this set 25-19.

The Mountaineers jumped ahead 4-0 silencing the wild crowd in the third set that was accompanied by some tough serving by The Mountaineers. With the score 24-22 in favour of Mountaineers, the Falcons tanked a serve and gave the Mountaineers the set.

The Mountaineers came out with the same intensity in the fourth set that they had in the third. They were up 4-0 before an error was made and that gave the Falcons a point.

Two kills made by Renee McCormick helped get the Falcons a bit closer, but the Mountaineers wouldn't give up the lead. After tying the game at 23, the Mountaineers would drive their victory home by making two back-to-back aces.

Falcons' top athletes for the game were Lindsay Wilcox with 16 kills, one block and Hunter Medd with 12 kills, one block and one ace.

The highly anticipated Falcons men's volleyball team is ranked first in all of Canada. They were feeling pretty confident coming into this game facing the Mountaineers who are ranked sixth in Canada.

The Mountaineers would jump ahead in the first set with an early lead of 3-0 before James Jackson put the Falcons on the board with a big time block.

The Mountaineers were making some unforced errors and the Falcons closed the gap to only one with the score at 16-15. Two long-winded rallies would give the Mountaineers some more points, but the Falcons took the first set 25-22.

Both teams came out to strike in the second set with big time kills.

The Mountaineers led 15-10, but started making costly mistakes and this gave the Falcons a chance to get back in the game and tied it at 17. The Mountaineers took the lead 20-19 and the Falcons hit an ace tying the game again. The Mountaineers pulled ahead 23-21, but after a missed serve and a solo block by Nate Van Camp the game was tied at 24. The Falcons would go on to win this set 27-25.

The Mountaineers again struck early in the next set getting the lead. The play went back and forth as both teams traded points until the Mountaineers got three straight points allowing them to pull away and win the set 25-18.

The Mountaineers' momentum from the third continued into the fourth set leaping ahead 9-3. The Falcons quickly got back into it with some great shot blocking, and scored four straight points, closing the gap to two.

Sebastian Lethbridge had a shot block and Van Camp served an ace tying the game at 12. The Falcons continued to control the net scoring five of the next six points taking a 17-13 lead. The Mountaineers stayed in it and made an amazing comeback, and took the lead 21-20. Costly errors would place Falcons down 25-20 losing the set and the game.

Falcons' top athletes for the game were James Jackson with 16 kills, two blocks and one ace and Nate Van Camp with seven kills, one block and one ace.
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