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Hunter Medd (7) and Allysha Couch (13) show an impressive block against Niagara College.

Kaine Kindla | Interrobang | Sports | January 9th, 2017

Need a little catch up on our sports team after the well-deserved, exam-free holiday break? Look no further as the team spirit should and will be high, for the most part.

Before the break, only four teams were in the midst of their season, the men and women’s volleyball team and both of the basketball teams.

Alfred Johnson (22) shows off his dribbling skills. CREDIT: MOUDY DAVID

The men’s basketball team has garnered quite the record and position in the standings, although they did lose before the holidays and dropped to eighth in the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) and to fourth in the west division. They hope to keep going up in the standings and continue the success in 2017.

The women’s basketball team is also having similar success with their record, performing well and tying themselves in fourth place as well in their division.

Taylor Evans (33) scores a basket for the Falcons. CREDIT: JESSICA CONTANT

“I am pleased with our team’s effort so far, but not satisfied, and I know the girls feel the same way,” head coach Bill Carriere said of his team.

His confidence in the team was strongly apparent as Carriere stated, “Yes, I am confident that we will continue our success and I feel that if our girls continue to work hard and improve, we are definitely contenders in the OCAA championship race.”

The women’s volleyball team has managed to tie themselves for fifth place in their division with a record of 4-5. Despite some losing efforts, the team is on the right track with some wins before the break and hopefully continues when everyone returns.

Nate Van Camp (8) jumps for an impressive spike that has been seen countless times this season. CREDIT: MOUDY DAVID

The men’s volleyball team is having the most success out of the four teams; they’ve won four in a row going into 2017. The team has remained at or near the top since the start of their season. The men have a record of 8-1, as well as being placed first in the west division and ranked fourth in Canada.

The four teams from our college are battling for spots in the top five and only look to overtake or hold onto the number one position while also performing well enough as a team to win the championship in the end.
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