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Top 10 things fit people do

Karen Nixon-Carroll | Interrobang | Lifestyles | January 23rd, 2017

Ever wonder why some people just seem to be effortlessly fit? Trust me, it is no small feat. Most of us have to work really hard, but some of us have made it so part of our lifestyle that it’s normal to us and we don’t make a stink about it. Not every fit person was born that way, so if you are feeling second rate or like fit people are unicorns dancing on rainbows, here are just a few insights into why they are the way they are.

1. No cheat days. A cheat day is when someone allows themselves to binge eat or drink all the non-nutritious things they enjoy and to lay around in their pajamas watching two seasons of How I Met Your Mother. Fit people don’t think of it as a cheat day, nor do they spend all week looking forward to the next one. They just wake up one day and decide they’ve worked really hard this week and take a rest day. There may be some indulgent snacking going on, but they don’t let it get out of hand and still enjoy healthy food for the most part. They forgive themselves for small indulgences once in a while and work hard to clean their system the next day.

2. They get educated. They learn about what is right for their bodies and they figure out solutions to problems right away. They seek advice of professionals, read reputable articles and do everything they can to fix issues. They work hard to know more each day.

3. They weigh their choices carefully. We are all faced with scenarios when there are not many healthy options. A fit person will always try to find the healthiest option possible on a menu, see how they can fit in some exercise or work to change the situation.

4. They get active rest. Fit people workout, but it doesn’t stop there. They stay active throughout the day by walking or moving as much as possible. They also make sure to get adequate rest by sleeping for seven to nine hours every night.

5. Workouts are a welcome break, not a tedious chore. Fit people look forward to their workouts most of the time. If they complain, they are usually just doing so to make their less fit friend feel better. Really, they know that the workout is going to make them feel better a few minutes into the warm up.

6. They drink lots of water. Fit people know that proper hydration is detrimental to how you feel throughout the day and how you perform in your workouts. They carry reusable water bottles everywhere they go and they actually drink from them, two to four liters a day.

7. They have goals. No matter how big or small, fit people always have a goal for their fitness routine. Then when they reach it, they celebrate with new workout gear or something to get them to the next goal.

8. They have other ambitions outside of fitness. Fit people also know it’s important to stay mentally, socially and spiritually fit by having things to do outside of fitness. They sometimes choose activities where they are still active or they use this time as their wellness break.

9. Variety is key. Fit people have well balanced workout routines and make sure that their injury risk is low by training their body in several ways to prepare them for anything. They also know that variety will prevent boredom and keep them engaged.

10. They have support or become strong enough to stand on their own. Fit people tend to find other fit people to hang around or live with. They meet up with workout buddies or look forward to the community at their gym. If they don’t have this support system, they work to find ways to be mentally strong and exert willpower when needed.
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