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Health and Fitness: How sleep hygiene affects your energy, brain function
You think you are doing it right: eating healthy 85 to 95 per cent of the time and getting in daily exercise. So why do you find your energy levels are low? Read more


Healthy eating on campus and grocery shopping for one
Is it possible to get through college without gaining weight, feeling sluggish and coming down with a flu every other month? Read more

Health and Fitness: You DO have time to workout
The Fanshawe Wellness Centre app will help you make the most of your Wellness Centre membership. Read more

Health and Fitness: Poop health (Part 2)
Your poop is more fascinating that you give it credit for. There are so many different colours, consistencies, lengths, widths and smells, but in this case, the more variety, the worse off your health may be. Read more


Poop health
Ever wonder how to know if you are eating the right things, getting enough exercise, sleeping well and coping with stress? One great way is to track and study your poop. Read more

Canada's Food Guide part 2
Many governments around the world have a set of healthy eating guidelines that put together by a group of experts in the health & wellness industry. Read more

Top three exercises done wrong
While it is possible to move your body in multiple ways, there are definitely safer and more efficient movements that will help you improve in multiple areas and prevent injury. Read more

The new Canada's Food Guide (Part 1)
Canada's Food Guide has been around since 1942 when it was called Canada's Food Rules. It was and still is, meant to be a tool to educate consumers about healthy eating. Read more


Top seven exercises done wrong
Ití'at look really complicated, making the exerciser look like they are working really hard, and a great caption with a bunch of related and totally unrelated hashtags. Read more

Pre and post-workout eating
Should you drink a protein shake? Should you workout on an empty stomach? Do you need pre-workout supplements? Read more


All about core training
When you hear core exercises, most likely the first thing that comes to mind is ab exercises and you would be correct... almost. Read more


Keto diet plus: Margarine versus butter and plant-based oils
One of the top five questions I get asked is, which is better: butter or margarine? Read more

Three reasons difficult things are good for your health and well-being
Working out might be intimidating at first, but pushing yourself to try something new can really make a positive impact for yourself and those around you. Read more


Health and Fitness: Beating the winter blues
I'll never forget how I was hit with the winter blues my first year at school. At first, I thought I was just tired and stressed like the normal college student, but then I realized it was more, Read more

A healthy lifestyle: Expectation versus reality
Living a healthy lifestyle isn't something that can happen overnight, but with time and patience, it is possible to get there. Read more

Health and Fitness: Don't be intimidated to work out
It's unfortunate that when you type in to Google, fitness woman or fitness man that you don't get the same results as when you type in healthy woman or healthy man or even healthy college student. Read more

Health and Fitness: Six reasons doing difficult things is good for your health and well-being
You are not alone. Everyone on the planet has or will encounter something difficult in their lives that they don't want to do, have a fear of or the mere thought of it makes them anxious. Read more

Five habits that cause you to gain weight
There are many different reasons why someone may be gaining a bit too much weight. These five reasons may help pinpoint why you've gained those few extra pounds. Read more

Health and Fitness: Keeping fitness fun during the Halloween season
Boo! Don't lose your wits and your will this Halloween season. Be prepared for the costumes, parties, pumpkin picking and charging through the haunted houses like a pro. Read more

Health and Fitness: Learn about Acro Yoga
Acro Yoga is a unique and interesting way to move your body and have fun at the same time. This kind of exercise is coming to Fanshawe on October 22. Read more

Health and Fitness: Glutes, guts and gratitude
With the Thanksgiving weekend right around the corner, it might be hard to stay on track of your fitness journey. However, if you make tiny goals and steps that lead up to bigger goals, you'll see progress over time. Read more

Health and Fitness: Learning about Group Exercise
When you are lacking motivation in the gym, having a workout buddy is a great way to uplift your willpower and keep you on track. Read more

Fun and Fitness: Working out during the school year
Finding a good balance between academia, friends, family and staying active can be a challenge, but folks at the Fanshawe Student Wellness Centre are here to help you fit some fitness into your schedule. Read more

Health and Fitness: Healthy eating on campus
Whether you carry a meal plan or you have long hours of classes, chances are you are going to order some food on campus once or twice. Read more

Health and Fitness: Use it or lose it
Starting something new is never easy, but starting over can be worse. When you take time off or not consistently training, your muscles atrophy (muscle cells shrink) and your motor neurons begin to 'forget' the action they need to do. Read more

Health and Fitness: Understanding your personal fitness journey
How much should I weigh and how many calories should I be taking in? These are two very common and related questions we as fitness trainers get asked every day. Read more

Health and Fitness: Put your back into it
Your back needs your care and attention. With so many muscles extending to and from your back, this is the epicenter of movement and posture for your body. Read more

Health and Fitness: What to do when you're about to eat your stress away
You need to study right now, but instead you find yourself in the kitchen staring into the refrigerator hoping the eating will make you smarter for your big test tomorrow. Read more

Health and Fitness: All about arm training
It's time to pump things up. Strong arms have practical uses such as getting up from the floor, carrying heavy items, scaling tall fences, batting a baseball, ninja competitions and more. Read more

Health and Fitness: How much do we need to eat, really?
5 to 10 a day was the old saying for the amount of fruits and vegetables we should eat on a daily basis. I don't know about you but that is a big difference and it was confusing to most as it doesn't tell us how big the portion is. Read more

Health and Fitness: Getting back on track for a healthier lifestyle
You ate, drank and were merry until your cheeks lit up like cherries, so now it's time to bring that excitement back to the gym. Ditch the New Year's Resolutions and instead opt for living in the present moment of how you feel today. Read more

Health and Fitness: Healthy Holidays
This time of year, it's easy to hang up your health and fitness goals and say, I'll get back to it in the New Year. It may seem easy, but it actually makes it 10 times harder in January. Read more

Health and Fitness: Get active with a purpose
Be S.M.A.R.T. about your fitness. Everyone has a reason for taking up a fitness regime. Among the top three are: To get big muscles/stronger, to lose weight and to just improve upon current fitness level. Read more

Health and Fitness - Protein supplements: Find out how you will benefit from them before spending your time and money
Protein supplements have become so common, but what are they used for exactly and how much does one really need? Read more

Health and Fitness: An apple a day can certainly help keep the doctor away
What is it about the apple that seems to symbolize health? Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away? We've all heard the old saying, but where does it come from and does it have any validity? Read more

Group fitness isn't as bad as it seems
The vibe of group exercise now is to come and enjoy working out in this 30-90 minute class, get your sweat on, meet new or hang with old friends and have a blast while listening to great music and a dynamite instructor. Read more

Health and Fitness: Working out when you are sick
For some of us, it's really hard to skip a workout. On the other hand, sometimes you skip too many and end up getting sick again because your body has to adapt to so many big changes. It also depends on what kind of demonic bug is entering your body. Read more

Health and Fitness: To deadlift or not to deadlift? That is the question
The deadlift is one of the most common exercises to add to your free-weight routine and is increasingly common in many group exercise classes. Read more

Health and Wellness: Getting acquainted with a new wellness and fitness centre
Everyone who walks into a fitness centre for the first time has experienced fear, intimidation, anxiety, frustrations, etc. Read more

Health and Fitness: Taking care of your mind, body and soul while in school
Starting school again can be overwhelming, but making the time to take care of your mind, body and soul will help you have a positive and less stressful year. Read more

Health & Fitness: Gym-free summer activities
The new Wellness and Fitness Centre at Fanshawe is a great place to be this summer to beat the heat, however if you're like me, you've been itching to soak up some rays or some fresh air and outdoor fun. Read more

What happens to fat when you exercise?
There's a fire inside all of us that unleashes when we exercise called endorphins or adrenaline. You start to feel every artery pulsing, heartrate rising, veins circulating with warm blood. Read more

Put a little sprung into this spring
Strength is improved generally by lifting more weight, but what about power? What about bone health? Why does this matter? Read more

Eat your greens
The more colourful, whole, raw foods you eat, the better off your diet and health will be. Colour typically translates to more disease fighting antioxidants, and more nutrients all around. Read more


Exercises to help you out of you mid-semester lull
Need a mid-semester pick-me-up? This always seems to be that time of year when reality sets in (more studying, more stress) and resolutions are long gone. Read more


You are what you eat
March is nutrition month and I hope to share some information with you over the next few weeks that will help you make the best choice possible towards your health and wellbeing, achieving your fitness goals and looking and feeling food. Read more


Love your body
If you treat your body badly, then it will respond the same way. Of course, there are variables that we can't or have little control over. So take a look at what you can control and work with it. Read more


Run a 10K in 12 weeks
I used to say I wasn't a runner and there was a time that was true. Running is not for everyone, but let me tell you, when I started getting more serious about it and ran in my first race, I was hooked. Read more


A meal plan that works
Healthy eating is easy and hard at the same time. Many people make excuses that it takes too long or too much work or it's too expensive. Read more


Top 10 things fit people do
Ever wonder why some people just seem to be effortlessly fit? Trust me, it is no small feat. Most of us have to work really hard, but some of us have made it so part of our lifestyle that it's normal to us. Read more


Winter workout wow
Hot cocoa is for amateurs; if you really want to heat things up, get to the gym and get your sweat on. If you are not sure what to do, then make an appointment with a trainer and figure out all your options. Read more


Winter blues and blahs
Summer is my favourite time of year so I've had to work really hard at making myself enjoy the winter and avoid the blues. Read more


Holiday holdout
Holdout on the holiday weight gain and try this four-day routine. Repeat every four days or add an active rest day; for example, go for a walk, sledding, skating, etc. Read more

Head start on your new year's resolution
Start your new year's resolutions now. The number one reason new year's resolutions fail is because people make the plan to start in January, but they don't make a plan for what comes next. Read more


The benefits of group exercise
Group exercise classes have existed for centuries, but the evolution of the way they are delivered has changed extensively, even in just the past 20 years. Read more

Yoga: Essential to de-stress
If you haven't tried yoga yet or you don't feel flexible enough to attend a class, here is an easy, at home routine for you to try. Read more

Healthy crockpot chili
Chili is a delicious, healthy, hearty and filling meal, which makes for a perfect fall dinner. Read more

Crockpots: The easiest way to eat a delicious meal
Healthy crockpot meals are generally easy to make and the smell is amazing when you come home hungry later in the day. Read more

Stretching makes walking after a hard workout actually possible
Some of you may have been told to stretch at the beginning of your workout. This is okay, but there is a right way and a wrong way. Read more


Training tough equates results
Do you ever see someone with nice musculature, athletic and fit body and wonder, What are they doing differently than me when I am training three or more days a week and nothing is really happening? Read more

Answers to all your fitness questions
I often get asked which is better, pitting two fitness or nutrition items against each other. I've picked out some of the most popular questions and hope I can help you make a better or more informed choice. Read more


Three tips to alleviate stress and increase productivity
If you are looking to ease some anxiety over the new school year, get mentally prepared, feel good and look great, then look no further than this article. Read more

With spring and summer comes an easy way to exercise
Spring has sprung and so should your new routine. Take advantage of those perfect days and get outside for fun and fitness. Read more

How to get fit
So, I hear you want to get in shape and I am here to help: You need help . More people achieve long-term success after learning from an expert or someone with more experience. Just be careful who you choose. Have a big goal . Once yo... Read more

Foods to avoid
Time to ditch the donut. There are so many rules to healthy eating which makes it easy to get overwhelmed. There’s the 80:20 rule where you eat healthy 80 per cent of the time and unhealthy 20 per cent of the time, not a great idea becaus... Read more

How to rest your body
An especially tough week, or even one day, can result in muscle soreness (the kind where you can barely move or brush your teeth). It’s time to rest and rest comes in many forms. Active rest Whether you are just starting to ex... Read more

How to properly diet
March was nutrition month. Good nutrition is actually simpler than you think. What makes nutrition complicated is you and your behaviours, beliefs, lifestyle and current state of health. The world complicates good nutrition further with all the... Read more

Cheating vs. treating
Treat as a noun refers to anything that affords particular pleasure or enjoyment. To cheat means to defraud, deceive and violate rules or regulations. These words are commonly used by my new clients and those who have yet to make signi... Read more


Food placement for fresh choices
April is not only a great time to commit to a healthy lifestyle, it’s also a great time for spring cleaning. You can combine the two and spring-clean your cupboards and fridge. I’m referring to the foods you stock up on and how you ... Read more


Burning fat efficiently
Have you ever been on a cardio machine or in a class that said something about the fat burning zone? How does it work? For a long time, experts considered the fat burning zone to be when you exercised at a slow pace for a long duration. Yo... Read more

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
Strength can take on many different meanings for your mind, body and spirit, but ultimately it means improvement or overcoming something. How do you do this? With practice. The next time you find yourself in a weight room, challenge yo... Read more

Cardio workouts that won't leave you bored
Press quick start and go. Go until time is up or you’ve had enough. Does this sound like your usual cardio workout? Are you still using the same boring machine? Many people stop going to the gym all together because they forget how f... Read more

Thirty day challenge
This is typically the time of year I write about New Year’s resolutions and the debate as to whether to make them or not. Instead, I’d like to appeal to the masses and give you a challenge to get you feeling good after the holid... Read more

Portable workout plan
Exam time is here and the holidays are close behind. I’d like to give you a workout you can do anywhere while taking a break from studying and when you are not able to get to the fitness centre. What you need: workout apparel, wate... Read more

Dear carb lovers, indulge yourself
I love carbohydrates. I like to be around people who like carbohydrates too because they are generally happier than those who fear or severely limit them. So let me tell you why I love carbs and hopefully convince you to do the same. ... Read more

Healthy eating: nix your favourite foods
There are so many rules to healthy eating that it's easy to get overwhelmed. There's the 80:20 rule where you eat healthy 80 per cent of the time and don't the other 20 per cent. It's not a great idea because you can do a lot of... Read more

Recess for adults
Sometimes I really miss being a kid and enjoying one of my favourite parts of the day: recess. With recess, there was no structure, rules were basic and the playground was the imagination station. When the bell went off we went outside and... Read more

Alternative methods to treat yo’self
Treat as a noun refers to anything that affords particular pleasure or enjoyment. To cheat means to defraud, deceive and violate rules or regulations. It usually takes a trainer some time to break a client from using these words when t... Read more


How to rest your body
When you’ve had an especially tough week or even one day that causes major muscle soreness, the kind where you can barely move or brush your teeth, it’s time to rest. Rest comes in many forms. Active rest Whether you are ... Read more

Good nutrition starts with you
Good nutrition is actually simpler than you think. What makes nutrition complicated is your behaviours, beliefs, lifestyle and current state of health. The world further complicates good nutrition further with all its promises. Here are some s... Read more

Get out of the workout rut
Do you ever find yourself dreading your workout or doing it half-assed? If this is case for you then stop. Working out should be a time you look forward to, a time for relieving stress, for releasing frustrations and for letting endorphins ... Read more

Burn the maximum amount of calories in a short amount of time
No matter what exercise or routine you are on, there are several ways you can amplify the total calorie burn. Here are six ways to do just that. 1. A full range of motion at the joints may be difficult, but it will ignite the intensity in ... Read more


Runner's guide to being safe and efficient
Anyone can become a runner, but not every runner has to be competitive. We often hear, “I go for jogs sometimes, a couple times a week, but I’m not a runner,” but the reality is that they are runners. Many people think... Read more


Kick your workout up a notch
Who wouldn’t want to get fit? Who wouldn’t want to make a conscious effort to establish a routine? However, motivation can be hard to maintain. Here are a few tips to stay on the wagon once you’ve hopped on: 1. You need h... Read more

Healthy eating on campus
There are many healthy options on campus but there are also hidden diet saboteurs. For example, Subway has healthy alternatives, but some common mistakes, such as adding mayonnaise can affect the nutrition in terms of calories, fat, sodium, et... Read more


Make fitness part of your routine
Remember when gym class and after school sports or activities were just part of the everyday routine? Now you are in college and it's hard to find that balance to fit your schedule. It's even more important now as it will help you conce... Read more

It's healthy to clean your kitchen
If you want to make healthy eating easier and more convenient, then you might need to do a little re-arranging. I don’t mean the structure; I’m referring to the foods you have and how you stock up. Pantry/cupboards •... Read more

Health: To treat and not cheat
Treat as a noun means anything that affords particular pleasure or enjoyment. To cheat means to defraud, deceive, violate rules or regulations. These words are commonly used among my new clientele and those who have yet to make a signi... Read more

Add these to your list of what not to eat
There are so many rules to healthy eating that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There’s the 80:20 rule where you eat healthy 80 per cent of the time and don’t worry 20 per cent. It’s not great as you can do a lot of damage ... Read more


Eating right: Simpler than you think
What makes good nutrition complicated is you and your behaviours, beliefs, lifestyle and current state of health. The world complicates it further with all its promises of this and that, and people around you may not understand or be supportiv... Read more


A heart healthy Valentine's Day for singles and couples
Let’s face it, Valentine’s is an occasion for the females. And for the approximately five per cent of the male population looking forward to it too. This can go both ways. If you are single, don’t sweat it or spend hours o... Read more


Heat it up at home
I get it. It’s cold, dark and the snow is up past your knees. That fuzzy blanket on your couch looks really cozy and you suddenly crave hot chocolate. Yet, your body also longs for the days when you came home from work or school, went for... Read more


Starting well and getting on the right track
If you’ve recently made a commitment to improve your health in some way, then step one is complete. Now you can move on to step two: getting started. Choosing one of the following tips is a great stepping stone to get you on the right tr... Read more


Stay fit during the holidays
A change in your daily routine is a great time to charge up your workout routine. Your brain may be on mental overload from the fall semester, so I want to make it easy for you and give you Karen’s Holiday HIIT routine. You have five... Read more


Kicking stress right in the gonads
How is your stress level this week? Now that you are three-quarters into the fall semester, my guess is that you are approaching a high level of stress if not already there. What are you doing to cope? Study with friends and then allow ... Read more


How to train like a superhero
Avengers assemble. It’s time to suit up and make your childhood dreams come alive. Run, jump, climb and fight your way to transforming your body into the beautiful, muscular specimen it is. First, you need to get into the right m... Read more


A punchy new workout routine
Here today, gone tomorrow. The fitness world is ever-changing, but one thing remains the same. People need to exercise in order to stay healthy. A healthy diet is key, sleeping is crucial and living a healthy lifestyle is important, but ou... Read more


Sexy health benefits
Everybody’s doing it – or rather they should be. I’m talking about exercise and taking care of yourself. Since this issue is about sexual awareness, I thought I would point out how health and sex go hand-inhand. 1.... Read more


Fun and Fitness: Eating right boosts exercise efforts
Exercise is a great way to reduce stress, improve appearance, significantly reduce your risk for disease and other physical ailments, increase energy and overall feel good every day. However, if you are not eating properly (or sleeping properl... Read more


Fun and Fitness: Plan to achieve
I want you to be healthy and I want to help you stay healthy. I'm going to tell you how to do this in a few steps. I will not promise you amazing results; you need to do that for yourself. If you choose to follow my advice, amazing results ... Read more


Fun and Fitness: Looking for a job in fitness?
WANTED: Qualified Fitness Staff!Where? Every fitness centre. What jobs are available? This week, I will give you a list of common careers or jobs in the fitness industry, a brief explanation of each and the credentials required (however this v... Read more


Fun and Fitness: New year, new resolutions
The word “resolution” means “a formal expression of opinion or intention made, usually after voting,” according to Therefore, if you are one of the many people who make New Year's resolutions, do you ... Read more


Fun and Fitness: It's beginning to look a lot like fitness!
While some may be waiting to rejuvenate their routines after the holiday season, I think it's time to get started now! Did you know that December is typically the slowest month of the year at most gyms? It's also the time when many are ... Read more


Fun and Fitness: Test yourself at the Strength Challenge
In real life, he is a geeky news reporter; but when the Man of Steel hears a cry for help, he busts out of the office attire and lets his muscles ripple and shine in that tight blue suit. Clark Kent becomes the fearless Superman, letting nothi... Read more

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