Vancouver-based $4.95 menu restaurant coming to London

The Warehouse Group, a restau­rant company that originated in B.C., is now coming to London.

It will be replacing the Mongo­lian Grill on Richmond Row at 645 Richmond Street.

The bar-restaurant originally opened in 2001 and now has 15 restaurants across the country.

“We have been waiting to open in London for several years. When this spot opened up, we jumped on it,” said Sean Young, one of the partners in the Warehouse Group in a London Free Press article.

The restaurant had its big break in 2001 when they opened the Moose in Vancouver, B.C., which resulted in lineups extending down the street.

Its menu includes specialties such as stacked burgers, soft tacos and healthy salads. An added bonus is that the entire menu is $4.95.

This menu was made by the team’s culinary team in 2009 whose aim was to deliver quality food without breaking the bank.

Derek Grant, a student in the mu­sic industry arts (MIA) program at Fanshawe believes that it is conve­nient that the meals are so cheap.

“Everything else is pretty expen­sive. Every single thing is $7 or $8 for food,” Grant said.

Niki Westlake, a student in the graphic design program at Fan­shawe, said that with student ex­penses, a meal on a budget is hard to come by.

“The majority of us are broke. It’s hard to have a job in college and try to save money. For my program, I’m always spending it on prints and boards and stuff and even grocery shopping is insanely expensive, so it’s easier to have that option to go out for $5,” Westlake said.

Joseph Flint, a student in the MIA program at Fanshawe, also said the main reason he would go is because the meals are so inexpensive.

“It’s really cheap. When you’re in college the quality of the food doesn’t really matter. It’s nourish­ment so if it’s semi-decent food then it sounds like a good deal,” Flint said.

The Warehouse has already been a success in its three locations in Ontario: Toronto on Bloor Street and Queen Street and Ottawa in the Byward Market. Other locations in­clude Quebec and Montreal.

The restaurant is not called the “Warehouse” at every location, some are called the Factory or the Dime.

While the exact date for the restaurant to open in London is yet to be determined, an article in the London Free Press said to expect the opening to be within the next few months.