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Warning: Will cause laughter to take over

Peter W | Interrobang | Lifestyles | September 26th, 2005

Hey y'all! I'm back with some more web surfing fun. Here are the guilty sites this week:

Dumb Warnings ( — If you're one of those people who love reading labels just to see if there's something really stupid explained, then this site is for you. You have your choice of sections to explore such as appliances and toys. Here's an example from a McDonald's Power Ranger's toy; “Caution: bag is not a toy.” Thanks for the tip, Skippy!

Lightness Demonstrations ( - Let's say that you don't drink, but you like to get messed up and watch things in a different kind of way. If so, this site may be the place for you to go. Actually, anyone can go here and see how simple changes of shading can alter your perception when viewing different objects. The animations/lessons on this site are really cool. Check it out!

So You Wanna ( — Have you ever thought of doing something but just didn't know where to start? This site has many listings from creating furniture to converting to a different religion. If you're stumped on how to take that next step in your life or doing something worthwhile, go to this site to get your feet off the ground. You can even find out on how to get a sex change or donate sperm! FUN!

Amazing Bargains! ( - I like to shop on the net for toys and CDs because I can actually find good deals (other than the ones that I can find on Ebay). Check out this site if you're a web shopper as well because I bet most of the time you can find a coupon or a deal for something that you're looking for. And if you find a deal on some classic He-Man figures mint in package, let me know, eh?

Find A Grave ( — I don't know how many people in the world want to know where someone was buried or has arguments about where somebody's decaying corpse is located, but if you find yourself needing that information then this is the site for you. Maybe this may be a good educational resource, right? Nah…

3-D Pong ( — Holy crap! This game is f'n hard. You think that you're good at Pong? Try this 3-D edition out for size. Bragging rights is yours if you can beat your buddy's high score. If you're looking for mindless fun and aren't scared to lose a game of Pong, check this one out!

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